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  • What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

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    Old 05-22-2007, 12:20 AM   #1
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    Unhappy What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    Here is my long story over the last 3 1/2 to 4 years...please be patient as I really need some answers and feedback. I will give you my full story leading up to the idea I have an ear disorder. I have two beautiful little girls that I want to see grow up, but I really don't know how much longer I can take this.

    Since 2003 I have taken:
    Prilosec, Nexium and Zantac for Acid Reflux disease
    Celexa, Xanax, Paxil, Cymbalta, Buspirone, Clomipramine (had to go to ER on this stuff after first dose), Clonazepan, Mitrazipine substitute for Remeron, Zoloft (numerous times), Zyprexa, Seroquel, Lexapro, Prozac, Welbutrin, Risperdal, Toprol XL
    Lunesta, Ambien, Tylenol simply sleep and tylenol PM for sleep
    Amoxicillin for infections and Hydrocodone/APAP for torn miniscus (sp).
    Currently taking 20 mg of Lexapro, 0.5 mg of Risperdal, 20 mg of Prilosec and 10 mg of Ambien for sleep.

    Every doctor I have seen has diagnosed me with anxiety, depression and OCD tendencies.

    Medical History:
    Double Hernia Surgery
    Throat Dialations
    Tonsils Removed
    Heart Murmur
    Broken Nose
    Gall Bladder Surgery
    Lymphnodes biopsyed (sp)

    My problem all started after a night of drinking. I woke up the next day and couldn't remembered what happened, so I thought worse case scenario...maybe I murdered someone or something like that (Not capable and never would do that) and that is when the OCD tendencies kicked in. After about a week of being debilitated by this worry, I went and got placed on Zoloft. I had your tipickle everyday worries like bills and work, but nothing like this. Only when I would drink (very rarely) would I get like this. When I wasn't on medicine I would be fine, but then I would drink and something else like this would happen. Needless to say, I have been on about everything there is out there and nothing has helped.

    Since getting the broken nose, I complained to my wife that I thought everyone was looking at me funny, my left ear hurt and I felt dizzy/drunk the majority of the time. I can look at myself in the mirror and understand I don't look any different, but that doesn't change anything. I feel everyone is looking at me like I'm crazy or something, because that is the way my eyes feel. I have a lot of pain in my left ear and it makes me have a sore throat, I also sometimes get ringing in that ear, as well as being able to really hear and feel what I'm drinking. My right ear feels like it's a blown speaker. My nose still bleeds to this day (nothing major) and this was 2 or 3 years ago.

    Here are my symptoms:
    Frequently feeling dizzy, off balance, slow (like I'm really thick or something). My eyelids feel heavy, yet they feel like they are wide open (as if you were to hold your eyelids open all day. I sometime get sharp pains above and below each ear and the glands or whatever they are right in between my jaw bone and bottom lobe of ear are constantly huge. Feeling this way has lowered my self esteem and made it hard to go into public places. I have the brain fog, poor memory, forgetfullness, I can sleep when I take a sleeping pill, but I wake several times a night, get up early and when I stand up I am shaky. When I take a nap laying on my left ear, I wake up trembling. Very sensitive to light and to noise...sometimes a needle being dropped will startle me. I have glasses, but even driving I feel like my eyes are wide open and by the time I'm done, I'm exhausted, nervous. Very irratible. I feel like all the anxiety and depression stems from me not knowing what is going on with my body. I thought I had schizophrenia or something, but I'm sure it would be full blown by now.

    Nobody understands any of this. I sometimes feel like I am talking slow or jumbling things up (which nobody apparantley notices but me). I think it's the way I perceive it, as I feel all off. Some people have mentioned an ear disorder to me, parasitic infection, thyroid (I had checked and it came out fine). I've never seen an ENT, Neuorologist or had an MRI. My Cat scan stated I had mild chronic sinus faceitus (sp), but I was never put on anything). I had tubes in my ears when I was little after many ear infections and my tonsils removed. Last year I was scheduled to have gall bladder surgery twice, but they had to cancel them as my carbon dioxide levels were too high. They sent me to a cardiologist who ruled my heart was okay, so they proceeded with the surgery. However; most of my bloodwork I have had done since 1988 shows a high carbon dioxide level.

    Can anybody relate, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I think the medicines they have been prescribing me have actually made my anxiety, depression worse. I also started having panic attacks after starting the Lexapro. My eyes feel like they are crossed or something like that and I also sometimes have like a ticking sound in my left ear with a throbbing pain. My family doc states she doesn't see a problem with my ears and the puff test was fine for both my ears and eyes. Please Help!!!! I hope others can relate and we can work together to figure this stuff out. Thanks for your time and's greatly appreciated by myself and my family.

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    Re: What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    I'm not an expert in this field, but many of your symptoms sound similar to those with inner ear problems. You may want to have a few tests run just to make sure. Your practicioner may want you to have an ENG or an MRI. It's worth a try. Good luck!

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    lib HB Userlib HB User
    Re: What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    the ticking sound and blown speaker effect i can relate to, this is muscular. i have middle ear and e tube myoclonus. the middle ear tendons can cause all sorts of symptoms.
    search middle ear myoclonus, tensor tympani syndrome, stapedial myoclonus and even palatal everything you can on these, it is not uncommon for these disorders to go hand in hand.

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    hopetofeelwell1 HB User
    Re: What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    Hi Red! Do you think you might be what they call "OTOTOXIC"? Which means basically medication poisoning you and affecting your balance and inner ear. I had it after taking Tegretol as a mood stabilizer about 9 years ago and was so sick that I ended up on the floor throwing up and couldn't stand up because the med was poisoning me. I had to take Meclizine(either known as Bonine or Dramamine--both over the counter) for over 24 hours to reverse the effects. Brother was I sick ! I wonder if this might be happening to you. Check with your PCP and mention it. Hope this helps--Hopeto--

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    Re: What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    None of the medications listed are ototoxic. Ototoxicity also generally causes bilateral vestibular loss very rapidly (within days).

    Gentamicin is the most common cause of ototoxicity.

    Ototoxicity is also irreversible.. the damage is permanent.

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    Re: What is wrong with me?? Could I have an inner ear disorder? Please help!!!

    I have been taking the Lexapro since 2/11/07 and have been almost always on an SSRI since 2003. I was wondering if I could just not be able to tolerate SSRI medication and could have the side effects throughout? Thanks for all your help!

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