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Thoughts on My Symptoms

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Old 08-22-2007, 05:03 AM   #1
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LadyKeylon HB User
Thoughts on My Symptoms

Hello one and all!

I have been wandering around this board reading for a while now but have just now gotten around to registering so that I can actually participate. I have read and read and read about all different kinds of things that bare many of the symptoms that I have been experiencing but the only thing they all seem to have in common is a lot of people suffering without much relief or explanation for why they are suffering. Its kind of scary! At least here there seems to be much life after the fact, and recoveries in process which is good to know!

I am stubborn I will openly admit that so going to the doctor is left until I can tolerate no more as you can imagine. About a year ago the noise in my left ear began. I was a little puzzled by it but didn't think much of it in the beginning. It came and went and not with any particular pattern or persistance. It just sounded like for some reason or another I had managed to plug into my heart's audio system and was just listening to the blood pumping through my head. Other times especially when bending or rising it would just sound like a strong gail wind passing over my ear. Months passed and as I said some days it was worse and other days it was better, sometimes I went weeks without any noise. So I shook it off. Then a couple of months ago it began to happen with much more frequency especially when I was trying to go to sleep! As the persistance grew so did the aggrivation!

Again I shook it off, grumbling as I went of course until about 2 months ago on top of the noise came a fullness of the ear I can only explain as feeling like somebody inflated a balloon in there! A few days later that fullness was followed by a stabbing fire in my ear. THAT WAS IT! To the doctor I went. Not much surprise he had a peek and said EWWWW nasty little ear infection going on in there! My thoughts 'YAY!' the solution has been found, 500 mg amoxicillan and 10 days later pain had disappeared fullness had lessened and the noise had all but disappeared. RELIEF!

Two weeks later, the noise begins again here and there. I think 'ok, hmmmm' then a dull ache and fullness increases to the point of pressure I swore at the time would surely blow my ear off the side of my HEAD, and as if that weren't enough suddenly as if a hot poker had been applied to my ear canal PAIN to boot. Couldn't move, couldn't chew, couldn't even swallow without the ear reminding me is was very much THERE! I was ****** to say the very least and back to the doctor I went. Another look later, another 'EWWWW' things are getting ugly in there! He says 'hmmm, I think we should be a little more aggressive this time and make sure we knock this out' and I agreed. So this time 875 mg amoxicillan twice daily for 14 days (talk about horse pills!). Within a few days of beginning this round of medication the nausea set in (oh I was so GREEN!) doc says 'its the meds make sure to take them with food' so I did and it continues. I decided well if a little stomach upset gets me through this nonsense in my ear, I will deal. A week into the meds I start having this sensation that the world is spinning around my head or that my legs weren't under my body like they are supposed to be, an overall brain in the mud experience. Again I assume meds at work, deal.

The 14 days comes to an end, meds all done doc says come back want to make sure we kicked that stuff so back I go. He has another look says 'FABULOUS' the infection is gone! The puzzled look on my face follows and he asks 'whats up?'. I explain symptoms that have continued since I finished my meds. Overwhelming fullness in the ear (still feels like inflated balloon), nausea, and the brain in mud sensation. He asks a few more questions and I went on to explain I drive for a living and this is really messing with me and ask what gives doc? This time his turn for puzzled look. At that time he decides he can do no more so off to the ENT I must go.

My appointment with the ENT is still almost a week away and my symptoms have only increased in intensity. Some days I just want to crawl in the nearest corner and growl at anyone that dare wander near. It makes no difference sitting, standing, or moving about this whole sensation of the world moving about me just a little faster than I am moving through it is unnerving! My eyes feel like they are bouncing off the sides of my eye sockets and sometimes following a spell I get halos and it seems forever before everything is crisp again. My stomach does a flip every time, and I quickly have gotten sick of feeling queezy! The noise hasn't been around much but the fullness seems to come and go like the pressure in a plane. Sometimes there is a dull nagging ache to boot that will radiate out from the ear sometimes it makes my teeth hurt and other times it just makes my head hurt either just in front of the ear or directly behind it. Sometimes there is a pressure at the base of my skull that just makes me want to say "UNCLE!" and I have noticed a great deal of difficulty in hearing specifically others talking when there is any kind of background noise about while other times if the noise get to loud I want to cover my ear and run as it is almost painful! (if almost painful makes sense)

Needless to say, I feel very alone in my suffering especially since all of it is going on inside my head. I keep thinking it will just go away but I keep waking up to find it still there or there are those days when I awake and all is good till about the time I think 'cool its gonna be a good day!' NOT! I have this underlying fear that the ENT doc will get that same puzzled look on his face and not be able to offer much as well. I don't know what is going on but I do know it is making me crazy in its own special way. I can't stand to stand about complaining about feeling ill which leads me to separate myself from others and suffer in silence. But I have to tell you this silent suffering makes me want to beat my head against the wall most days!

Anyway, any thoughts are most certainly welcome and by the way, thanks for listening!

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tummy2 HB User
Re: Thoughts on My Symptoms

Hopefully the ENT can shed some light on the problem. I had an ear infection 4 months ago.. It was quite an ordeal, and it made me dizzy.. maybe because I have this underlying condition... but nevertheless.

It took me a while for the ear to get back to normal... It was completely clogged for a while and I just felt strange. It takes some time for the fluid which is usally trapped behind the ear drum to drain naturally through the eustacion tubes... sometimes they will give anti-histamines and prednisolone to help drain the fluid. Ask them to do a tympanogram (checks the pressure in your ear), will usually give you a clue if there si somethign remaining. It may not be labs or VN or MAV.. There is still a possibility that you have Effusion which is causing your symptoms. Also, ear infections can cause vertigo...

Wait and see... Did you have a cold before the ear infection?? Labs/VN caused by bacterial infection is very rare, and usually is more severe.


Old 08-22-2007, 12:46 PM   #3
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Wichita, KS
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LadyKeylon HB User
Re: Thoughts on My Symptoms

No cold not even stuffiness prior to the original infection it was just one of those one day it wasn't there and the next it was type things. Thanks for the reply btw and yes I go to the ENT doc on Monday so I will see what he has to say. I will admit I am extremely leary in so many ways about this visit except for in the respect of them telling me what is going on. My GP doc told me not to be surprised if they want to do an MRI to make sure all is clear around the effected ear but I have to tell you...being a person with piercings my only thought on that are YIKES! Mind you if it will get some answers I am all for it but I am still leary!

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