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  • Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)

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    Smile Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)

    Hello Board,

    Happy belated July 4th, and I hope all is well despite the woozies.

    Update on me: I continue to be out on Disability for my head symptoms. I have been having physical therapy on my neck.

    As I have stated in previous posts, since I cannot lie flat (or I spin most times), I have taken to sleeping with my head elevated (prior to head symptoms, I always slept completely flat). Changing my sleeping position was a huge adjustment for my body, and as a result, that, PLUS STRESS (I carry my stress in my neck and shoulder area), I have developed some very tight shoulder and neck muscles. Think baseballs-under-my-skin-tight.

    In addition, I have developed a neck tilt, that makes me want to tilt my head and neck to the left whenever I sit or stand.

    I always thought my neck tilt was my way of compensating for my woozies/dizziness/feeling off-balance all the time.

    However, when I went to a new neurologist, he felt it may have been part of that as well as a condition called Cervical Dystonia.

    So, I have begun Physical therapy treatments for my neck, which consists of wet heat, ultrasound, a form of TENS, and stretching exercises. The physical therapist stated that my trapezius muscle on my left was extremely swollen and warm (a sign of poor blood circulation in that area from the muscles being so constricted).

    I have also started trigger point therapy, which is a form of massage. I located a holistic masseuse in my area.

    This has been interesting and informative:
    The masseuse stated that I have approximately 50 trigger points in my neck and shoulder area alone that needed to be worked on.

    She touched spots on me that I didn't even realize hurt.

    She also suggested that Fibromyalgia is a possibility for me (Fibromyalgia also causes forms of vertigo/off-balance, headaches, and muscle soreness), and went on to explain how a trigger point could be causing my vertigo. She defined a trigger point as a muscle contraction, and described how a trigger point could have been aggrivated by the cold (on the day that my symptoms started), which started my vertigo.

    She also stated that as a result, a chain reaction (my word) started between how I began to hold myself to prevent more dizziness, other muscle tightness resulting from how I began to hold myself and the initial trigger, and add to that the fact that my skeletal system is shorter on one side than on the other from a hip problem that I was born with (NOT caused by triggers) - all this could set off in motion a chain of uneven muscle contractions throughout my body that could be causing my imbalance/vertigo. Basically, one trigger point starts, and others soon follow - leading to all these sore spots and uneven muscle contracting.

    She stated too that what can help in loosening these contractions is Magnesium and Vitamin B. Which I find interesting, because these two vitamins have also been recommended as aiding in relief of vertigo.

    When I explained to her that I tried Vitamin B for my dizziness but all it did was cause my urine to turn an orange color, she asked to look at my foot.

    She stated that everyone has a foot-type, and my foot type (I forgot the name of my foot-type even though she told me) suggested that I do not absorb Vitamin B, which is why I was excreting it through my urine instead of storing it. She provided me the name of the type of Vitamin B that I should buy that will be maintained in my body better.

    She also suggested that I drink Nettle or Loose Leaf tea, as that provides some of the minerals that have been known to help in alleviating trigger point looseness.

    The ratio of Calcium and Magnesium that should be taken is usually Calcium: Magnesium, 2:1.

    Also, some people are Calcium deficient. A standard CBC blood test to test for Magensium deficiency is not always accurate (called Serum Magnesium blood test) - you should ask to have an Ionic Magnesium blood test instead.

    In addition, most people take Vitamin B12 in this form: Pyroxidal Hydrochloride. What we should be taking is Pyroxidine-5-Phosphate.

    I thought what I learned might be beneficial to someone else.

    Take care! xo

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    Re: Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)

    Hi Woweee,

    Have you considered that your neck pain is simply a result of migraine? That's what it is in my case. I thought for years I needed endless physio on my neck and then chiro. All it was after wasting thousands of dollars was migraine and nothing more. By avoiding trigger foods etc, the neck problems are no longer an ongoing problem and are nearly negligible. For example, on Saturday night I was out at a party and broke the boundaries - I had a slab of chocolate cake and a couple of vodka and tonics. On Sunday morning my neck was a disaster, so bad I couldn't turn it to the right. This morning the whole thing is gone - just like that. No massage/ physio/ chiro required. The migraine died and the neck pain/tension went with it. It's exactly as Buccholtz describes it in Heal Your Headache.

    >>> She stated that everyone has a foot-type, and my foot type (I forgot the name of my foot-type even though she told me) suggested that I do not absorb Vitamin B, which is why I was excreting it through my urine instead of storing it.

    That is complete rubbish. The change in urine colour is a completely normal reaction and a by-product of the breakdown. There's nobody alive who wouldn't be peeing fluorescent urine after a dose of B2 with or without club feet. I'd be taking this person's advice with a boulder of salt Woweee. Honestly, some of these practioners can leave people feeling more stressed out when you leave than before you arrived! I'd love to know where he/she got the foot type/B2 story from. When someone tells you something like this in the future, the first thing to ask is this: "Is there a shred of real scientific evidence to back up the claim?" Usually you'll find there is absolutely none.

    Why not go where the real results lie and consider a different tricyclic Wow? That's what I'd be doing if I were you. You may find that another one will not cause the SEs that you got with amitriptyline ... or maybe playing around with the dose will do the trick not to mention saving you a fortune on physio. I know of a few that couldn't handle 60 mg of nori for example but at 40 mg, no problems and no MAV. There's also protriptyline which I know is available in the US. I'd eat charcoal if I knew it would stop this nonsense.

    Best ... Scott

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    Re: Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)

    I'd like to agree with Scott 100%. He nailed this to the "T"


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    Re: Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)

    Hi Wowwwweeee,

    I'm glad you are seeking some help and taking some time off work after so long with these symptoms.

    As you are aware vitamin B and Mag are very good for brain health as well as the magnesium for muscle health. I do recommend taking them. I have to say that I agree with Scott on the discoloration of the urine having absolutely nothing to do with your foot shape. A believer myself in natural healing I have seen far too many quacks in this field that go far beyond. Most magnesium and B supplements contain vitamin C because studies have shown the vit and minerals to be absorbs better with viatamin C. Vitamin C will turn your urine yellow/orange but is absolutely harmless. You will not over absorb vitamin C either like with other vitamins mainly vitamin A that can be harmful in too high of doses.

    The fibromialgia is very likely to have developed. I was diagnosed with it this past year. Mine extends down my neck into my shoulders and arms. It usually accompinies tender points (like when you push on a bruise) in your neck and arms. When all other blood work and neurological testing came back negative this is the diagnosis I was given. I've been researching it and it seems that it can come on after an illness, traumic stress syndrome, depression and anxiety as well as it is associated with MIGRAINE too. I believe mine started from severe depression/anxiety and the remaining results of this long term illness I battled the past few years. I have also come across vertigo being a symptom too. I still would continue on with the massage therapy as I do find it beneficial to relax those neck and shoulder muscles. Something I have found to help me greatly has been learning biofeedback. I have been doing it since October of last year and it has been so helpful with this condition.

    I also wanted to mention to you because I know you don't want to take meds. I was the same way especially since I got to this almost 4 year ordeal from an antibiotic I had a reaction to, but I can tell you, I have had much success this year on a low dose of an SSRI. This is after I tried zoloft back in December 2004 and could not hack it after 4 days. Both an SSRI, but success with one and not the other. I remember my audiologist in Philly that I go to for TRT telling me during one of my counseling session with her that she could see how distraught and worn out I was from having dealt with this illness so long. I remember her telling me it was ok to get some extra help to get me past this stage in my life. It was the best advice I have followed up with my neurologist on. He had wanted me to try a very low dose of an SSRI a year prior, but I refussed. It has helped me so much and everything my neurologist has told me would happen over time is happening. I just got back from vacation and had the time of my life. I have not had such a good time in 4 years. I even consumed one alcoholic beverage at the pool with absolutely no problems. I went into shop after shop on the boardwalk not because I wanted to, but because I could. I contribute it all to two things: my SSRI and my biofeedback. I don't think I would be where I am finally at today with out them.

    Take care and keep following through with getting your neck problems sorted out. A good magazine to look into if you are indeed dealing with a bit of fibromyalgia is put out by the American Fibromyalgia Association called Fibromyalgia. It has a lot of good tips and they do a lot of research on fibro. This quarter's issue had a good article in it on how they are linking it to changes in the brain's chemisty including migraine. It is well worth picking up a copy. I read it from front to back.


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