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Boslee2008 07-20-2008 10:30 AM

Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Guys, my condition came on SUDDENLY, on January 24th 2008. Before that, I had only some labrynthitis in the right ear almost a year earlier, which I recovered from perfectly with just some minor hearing loss and tinnitus as a result.

However, I woke up January 24th with the following symptoms. I'm getting to a point here so just follow me lol:

1. Light sensitivity
2. Noise sensitivity
3. Pressure sensitivity causing dizzy "attacks" - feels like floor is rushing up at me, neck vibrates, head motions make worse, I have to lay down, cannot walk, and takes 5-8 hours for dizziness to go away.
4. Dizziness - feels MOSTLY like the environment is moving, gets better when driving or moving, worse when standing still. I feel "minor" dizziness inside my head all the time as well, but it's very minor.
5. Vibrating sensations in the head
6. Fullness in both ears, most notably the left
7. Slight nausea on occasion
8. Hazy vision, inability to focus eyes
9. Head motion intolerance (yes/no) motions make me dizzier
10. Neck stiffness and pain
11. Headaches
12. Sensory overload - inability to handle crowded places, grocery stores - increases dizziness

Ok, I have the luxury of the fact that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS has been with me SINCE DAY ONE!! They didn't come on gradually, lending to the idea that perhaps I started with one condition months or years ago, and then progressed to another. This ALL hit me on the same day. Here's where it gets interesting. I have some diagnosis's such as superior canal dehisence but it isn't felt that this could explain all my symptoms, mal de debarkment (because of the appearane that the environment is moving around) and migraine right now. I have no FIRM 100% diagnosis, but I'd like to rule out as many things as possible. I have a VERY large base of symptoms, much larger than the average person, so I don't want to miss the boat because of assumptions. I have spoken to quite a large base of doctors, of which many have said that it's possible to have both a brain condition AND an inner ear condition at the same time, or simply more than one condition at the same time. I understand that, and I'm sure that has happened to people. But do you mean to tell me that I woke up one morning,....spontaneously mind you, because I didn't have any accidents or anything, with MULTIPLE MEDICAL CONDITIONS???? It just seems unlikely!! I would think that the odds are that ALL of these symptoms are part of ONE medical condition, and perhaps the key for me to figure out what I have, is to find out what all of these symptoms have in common. The tricky part is that none of the medical conditions below seem to have all of the symptoms in common which makes no sense. I refuse to accept that I woke up with multiple medical conditions on the same day, with no accidents. The factors which I have that pre-dispose me in the days leading up to the event are as follows (which pre-dispose me to ANY of the basic dizzy conditions!!!:

1. Anxiety
2. Cracking my own neck and sleeping wrong
3. Exposure to very cold and windy weather
4. Weight lifting (pressure fluctuations)See below...

I could certainly list all of the conditions that are associated with each symptom, but I think it's easiest to narrow down the conditions based on symptoms which don't fit any other diagnosis. several doctors have said that migraneous vertigo should have NO pressure-induced symptoms, which I DO have. Even cervical vertigo and Verterbal artery problems would not respond to pressure-induced symptoms so those diagnosis's are probably out as well. That leaves the following below:

[B]1. Pressure-induced dizziness[/B]
a. Superior canal dehisence
b. Fistula
c. CFS leak
d. Heart Problem (IHCC)

Basically, I think I am mis-diagnosed! I can't possibly see how I could have woken up spontaneousy with more than one condition on the same day, so the only explaination is that I have a problem that could cause ALL of my symptoms. Superior Canal Dehisence or Fistula seems to the be the likely culprits as they can cause all of the other symptoms of sensory overload as well. I'm curious what others think of my logic here. That's why I wrote this out. Sure. If you look at my symptom list above, there are symptoms of migraine, mal debarkment, heck there even symptoms of stroke if you want to isolate just one factor but I am trying to put ALL of the symptoms together to get a greater picture. The second possible cause for MOST of the symptoms would be migraine or mal/debarkment but it doesn't account of the pressure-induced symptoms at all. Anyway, that's the analysis. what do you think?


violet6 07-20-2008 10:49 AM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions?? Scotsman??

It's always hard to say, but in my unprofessional opinion, it sounds like migraine possibly on top of previous inner ear damage (are you positive it was labs before and not a migraine attack? Did they do testing back then? Migraine can cause sudden onset of spinning dizziness just like inner ear).

I'm not sure what you mean by pressure-induced dizziness. If you get dizzier when you lift things, then I think that just happens with these dizzy problems. I have that as well. But maybe you mean something else..not sure..?

I'm not really familiar with the other diagnoses you mentioned, so maybe they are a factor, but it seems to me that Dr. Hain would have a great handle on many of these conditions and would know what to look for in you.

I don't think a heart problem would cause the majority of your symptoms. I also don't think the cold would cause an inner ear infection or any other illness to my knowledge.

Most of your symptoms sound like what others have experienced on this board, so hopefully the migraine meds will start to work soon. It's not unusual to have to try different kinds to find the right one(s) for you.

Hang in there & good luck!


Boslee2008 07-20-2008 05:38 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Thanks Violet. :-) I had a rough day searching things on line. By the time I was done today, I convinced myself into having a connective tissue disorder of some kind, dysautonomia, a heart condtion, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome -Vascular Type, and a couple of other things!! I'm really in freak-out mode and it's all because of this 24/7 stuff. I thought to myself, well,....perhaps I have an underlying connective tissue disorder and I tore an artery somewhere that is causing these neurological symptoms, but I was just lucky enough not to have a stroke. There would be no findings on CT/MRI scan. My MRA WAS negative, but then again, MRA is not 100% accurate in finding these types of problems. Bottom line is, I'm NEVER going to be satisfied about what's going on with me until someone steps in and can PROVE to me that "this" is what the problem is. I have set myself up with appointments with all sorts of doctors and will now be adding a geneticist to the picture, to rule out any possible connective tissue problem. I am getting more ridiculous by the day!

I am finding myself more and more dizzy upon standing, I am feeling these head vibrations on sensations with head movements, as if something is about to "happen", and I just feel on the verge of a crisis, and I feel like the only way this is going to get diagnosed, is through a catestrophic event like a stroke. After researching most of these connective tissue disorders, I don't display 95% of the clinical features, but hypermobile/elastic skin, and "funnel chest" are part of my picture". I'm just going further and further down the path to "uncertainty", and each path leads to more and more serious problems. I can't let go, THAT'S my problem!!!

oh, the pressure thing I am talking about is a problem of increased dizziness during straining in the bathroom, valsalva maneouvers, head colds and trying to clear my ears,....things like that. The attacks last no less than 5 hours and upwards of 8-10 hours in total. Thes attacks are TRUE dizziness where I feel woozy, and have to lay down. During my "normal" dizzies, it's more of the environment moving, visual sensitivity and overload, strange head sensations and "minor" dizziness. I'm so lost it's not even funny!!!


violet6 07-20-2008 06:48 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??

I'm so sorry that things are getting fuzzier! I also find it hard to know and/or accept what might be wrong. There are so many things that can go wrong with the human body...just look at any medical textbook! But they can't all go wrong at once, as you pointed out; nor can they all affect one person. Thank goodness! I still think migraine can probably account for most of your symptoms, so don't lose sight of that :). I totally understand your feelings of wanting to rule out the dangerous things, though. Hopefully the docs can set your mind at rest about everything and the meds will start working even better very soon.

Take care,

Boslee2008 07-23-2008 10:26 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
thanks violet! I couldn't reply because I was banned for a short while. I sure hope that's right. Now i'm scared about a new problem.....i'm getting stabbing pains in my left ear. The neuro-otologist did a myringotomy (controlled perforation of my ear drum) to see if it would help with the dizziness and it didn't. But since it healed (took 2 weeks), I have a sharp stabbing pain every time I beltch or when I blow my nose or clear my ears. My neuro said that as long as there is no dis-charge or as long as it doesn't hurt ALL THE TIME, it shouldn't be a problem. Well, the pressure is much worse than it was BEFORE the myringotomy, so not sure what to think of there, but other than that, it seems ok. I'm nervous. It says on-line that ocassionally, that proceedure can force the growth of a cholesteatoma, something that could cause major problems and require surgery. But I had it done less than one month ago. Could that thing grow that quickly?? Looked for info online but couldn't find any. I have turned into a raging hypochondriac and it HAS to be affecting my health AND this condition. thanks for listening!


Jaxzilla 07-23-2008 11:12 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
I just to let you know that I had just about every symptom you listed. The noise sensitivity drove me NUTS. Its completely gone now. The only one I didnt have was the pressure sensitivity.

violet6 07-24-2008 09:48 AM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Hi, Rich--I would suspect migraine for the stabbing pains, except for when it occurs...hopefully doc can figure that out...Also, I wonder if taking a break from researching stuff on the computer might be helpful (I know, easier said than done--I'm the same way), as computers tend to make us dizzy folks feel worse, not to mention what we dredge up online. My best days have been when my computer was unavailable to me. Knowledge is power, and research is great, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Also, don't forget that migraine may well be the cause of it all....I'm not sure anything else can account for all the weird sensations--I was told heart problems would cause far different symptoms, for example.

Good luck on the continued quest!

:) Violet

Boslee2008 07-24-2008 10:38 AM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Thanks to both of you for your responses.

I think my intense worry over this has only made matters worse. With my getting the myringotomy done, I hope I didn't make things worse and make a breading ground for a cholesteatoma. Of course, just having constantly blocked eustachian tubes can cause a cholesteatoma which requires significan surgery and can cause hearing loss. The unfortunate thing is that these symptoms are in my GOOD ear (I have some hearing loss in my right ear from labrynthitis, and can't afford anything to happen to my good, left ear). I'm going to go into my ENT tomorrow to have him look, and to ask questions. Maybe taking some sudafed will decrease some of the pressure and will decrease my risk for a cholesteatoma. Anxiety can be a powerful thing too I suppose. I swear, the pressure is worse since having that procedure done. Thanks again. I'll TRY to take a break from the researching lol. it's hard!


lamalvina 08-16-2008 03:04 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Hi Richard. I just want you to know I a lot of the symptoms you have described and doctors can't give me an answer. It truly makes you more paranoid. Everyday I find myself doing research and I am frankly driving myself insane. I can't be in crowded areas because my dizziness gets worse. I feel like I am going to pass out but fortunitely I never do. I do have POTS and syndrome of dysautonomia and mitral valve prolapse. I also have some nerve damage in my inner ear. I don't understand what is going on. I keep telling the doctors all my symptoms started at the same time so I think something is causing all my already diagnosed problems. It just began over night. I'm turning 26 now and been suffering this for 2 years and my dizziness has gotten worse.

kdny6 08-16-2008 06:30 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
Hi Rich,
I've been suffering from most of the symptoms you mention for 6 weeks now.
Yesterday I went to an [B]acupuncturist[/B] for the first time in my life.
I'm not sure if it is 'mind over matter', but I feel excellent today (no dizziness and I feel like my old self).
It might just be a coincidence, or perhaps I was on my way to recovery anyway . . but I am happy regardless,:)
I'll keep you posted . . you may want to give it a try!

Boslee2008 08-16-2008 09:35 PM

Re: Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
THanks for your follow-up. I gave accupunture a full month. It didn't do anything for me unfortunately. I'm still suffering pretty badly, all my tests are normal, and so it doesn't appear to be anything dangerous. The topamax I'm on has caused me to have a LOT of problems breathing, so I have to go off it. I have to go down the same way I came up, so I have to go down by only 1/4 a tab at a time every 7-10 days which stinks! BUT, I have no choice but to do it. Hopefully, each time I go down will help more and more with the breathing. The topamax WAS helping so I think that answers as to what this is.....migraine! Thanks again


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