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seigert 08-16-2008 09:47 AM

Vascular Loop Hereditary?
Does anyone have any idea if a vascular loop is hereditary?

My father (at about my same age of 40) had surgery for a vascular loop........which was interfering with his 7th cranial nerve. The 7th nerve, if I remember right, controls twitching in the head.

The nerve which would get disturbed in my situation , apparently, is the[B] 8th nerve.[/B]

There is probably no tie in whatsoever.........I just found it interesting , as I just learned this info. from my father.

It just seems WAY TOO COINCIDENTAL that at the same age, my father would develop a veinous anomaly. However, after talking with peers of mine at the hospital, apparently...........vascular loops and problematic veins are definetly handed down from generation to generation.

My MRA should be within a week, so I guess I will know more then. (In terms of definitive diagnosis)

I believe the treatment is a teflon sponge is inserted in between the vessel and nerve? Or , if the blood vessel is not necessary........I believe they snip it and "cap" it.

Just curious if anyone knows of any hereditary link ?

My ENT doctor suggested the MRA (prior to knowing about my family history) because he said my symptoms suggested some sort of vascular loop/veinous anomaly.

I am probably reaching here.........but it just seems real suspicious that my father developed something at the same age:confused:

Thanks to all,


Subs30 08-16-2008 05:40 PM

Re: Vascular Loop Hereditary?

There is some mention of it on Dr Hain's web site at Northwestern Univ--(Sticky) 1st post on board.

If u do a search once you get to the web site---one of the first posts should be:


Then if u search on his site for "vascular loop" should get some more..

Good Luck!

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