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Brooklet 05-23-2003 02:43 PM

Chiropractic Treatment for Labyrinthitis?
I am a 24 yr old female with labyrinthitis, which I have been dealing with for 3 months. I have tried various remedies to ease my symptoms including naturopathy, acupuncture, chinese medicine, cold and sinus medication, as well as extra vitamins and quitting smoking and coffee. Recently, I visited a chiropractor who said that my symptoms are more likely due to serious spinal alignment problems, and that aggressive chiropractic treament would aleviate my problem. Before I invest a good chunk of my hard-earned cash into this treatment, does anybody think I'm being taken for a ride? Has anyone tried chiropractic healing (with success)?

Also, do the majority of people suffering from labyrinthitis generally improve in a set amount of time? Are there any diets/vitamins/activities anyone can recommend in speeding up the process? I will do ANYTHING to feel normal again.


Gwen151 05-23-2003 07:06 PM

Hi Brooklet,

I am assuming that you have viral lab...they say you shouldn't take sinus meds and things like that because it makes the brain compensation process take a lot longer. I have also been taking vitamens for the past 4 months (multi, C, and E) everyday...and about 3 weeks ago I started eating garlic can take the tablets but they must have Allicin in them. Drink plenty of water eat healthy, and get as much rest as you takes a while for any kind of vitamen supplement to have any effect. I have been dealing with this for a little over 9 months and its been quite a ride...I would investigate more about the chiropractic thing before just splurging for it...what are your symptoms? Try and compare them to others on the board and read up as much as you can - Gwen

Emsybobs 05-24-2003 03:57 AM

I would personally be wary of Chiropractics, I have had bad experiences with them. I went for my dizziness, he said he though it was my spine, I KNOW it's not as my ears are greatly affected, he adjusted me and no improvement, but instead an aching jaw because the abrupt adjustment had made my muscles in my face spasm. It went after a cranial osteopathy treatment luckily. From my experience, Chiropractors always say they can help and it's not an ear problem etc but they are bound to say that. Just my advice. Vitamins are a good idea, other than that, it seems the passage of time is the only cure for this horrible thing. xxx

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