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  • Clogged ears, Head fullness, Problem swallowing

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    Old 10-12-2002, 08:50 AM   #1
    technofly's Avatar
    Join Date: Oct 2002
    Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
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    technofly HB User
    Post Clogged ears, Head fullness, Problem swallowing

    Does anyone have most or all of these symptoms?
    - Fullness in the head, like head tension/pressure all over.
    - Clogged/stuffed ears, seems to be getting worse and worse, like the hearing canal is slowly shutting down (over a period of 6 months), and loss of hearing
    - Problem swallowing and an overall tightness in the throat area
    - Tensions/pressure in the neck muscles
    - lately also have a difficulty breathing, tightness
    in the chest/lung area, especially when physically active, like running

    I've already seen several ENTs, neurologists, 2 gastros, a psychiatrist, and a pulmonologist.
    All the found from various MRI, CTs, and other tests
    is that I have chronic sinusitis. That may (or may not)explain the ears clogging, but all other symptoms seem
    unrelated. Please, if you answer this post, it would be very helpful if you list the symptoms you are suffering from. This has been a gradual downhill battle
    for well over half a year.
    Thanks a lot guys, this board is a great place.

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    Old 10-16-2002, 05:42 PM   #2
    iceprincess777's Avatar
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    iceprincess777 HB User

    A question: do you have TMJ? I have both TMJ and inner ear disorder, but your symptoms sound a lot like my TMJ symptoms. Any clicking or popping in your jaw when you open your mouth?

    Old 10-17-2002, 07:41 AM   #3
    Dolly Mondelli
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    Location: Ridgewood, NJ, USA
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    Dolly Mondelli HB User

    See an allergist. The symptoms that you're describing are the same that I've had except for the tightening of the chest. The tightening of the chest is also indicative of an allergy. I had the same symptoms as you're experiencing and it was allergies. My allergist began giving me immunization shots for my allergies, plus prescribed a combination of nose sprays such as Astelin and Rhinocort. I am also on Allegra. It took four months for the shots to work, but now I'm feeling healthy again. Check out an allergist, it can't hurt, he may be able to help you.

    Old 10-30-2002, 10:05 AM   #4
    Senior Veteran
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    Location: Ontario, Canada
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    crystalll HB User

    I agree with Iceprincess. You may want to look up the symptoms of TMJD. I suffer from TMJ disorder and when my muscles are in spasm I feel that constant tension around my head and neck.

    I hope you're able to find some help.


    Old 11-18-2002, 09:02 PM   #5
    Kamden's Avatar
    Join Date: Jan 2002
    Location: Northrop, Mn.
    Posts: 490
    Kamden HB User

    This is about how I felt the entire summer, from allergies. The tightness in the neck is most likely tension, from all the stress you have been under from dealing with this, which is what I have too. Get checked for allergies, and try physical therapy or a massage therapist for your back and neck. This may also help with the pressure and fullness because the neck muscles pull and put pressure on the skull when they are tensed up. Good luck

    Old 12-17-2002, 08:03 PM   #6
    Junior Member
    BeckiA's Avatar
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    BeckiA HB User

    Hi Iam definitly suffering from this right now. I have the tightning in the throat pressure up to the ears, tightness in the chest and neck and my head feels tons of pressure and just like I am almost running a fever right in my head. I was going to post this on here but I couldnt figure out how to put a post in under a topic (Im New). I am going to the Nose, troat and ear doc monday and Im hoping he will help me out because I have had this now for 4 months. And it is wearing on my mental health I hate feeling bad. By the way could someone please tell me what TMJ is?

    Old 12-28-2002, 06:09 PM   #7
    Senior Member
    angel444's Avatar
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    Location: australia
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    angel444 HB User

    Hi i too suffer from ear symptoms that are driving me crazy
    I get real blocked and buzzing ears and a pulling sensation from ears all the way down my throat this seems to tighten the throat area which in turns seems to tighten my chest muscles and then i have trouble breathing.This buzzing full pressure feelimng in my ears causes me to fel closed off in my own body and it affects my balance .i have also found that when i have ear problems the top of my tummy seems to tighten also,Its strange but true and i gasp and gulp for air or feel air hungry
    It is part of an ear disorder and i hate it
    i also suffer from anxiety and this goes hand in hand with ear and balance problems
    love to chat
    helen hutton

    Old 12-29-2002, 09:17 PM   #8
    Senior Member
    angel444's Avatar
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    Location: australia
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    angel444 HB User

    I too suffer from TIGHT sensation from ears to throat and clogged blocked ears
    sometimes my ears are so full and i get a pulled parched feeling leading from ears to throat then it seems to affect my chest muscles too they tighten and i get to feeling like i have asthma
    my balance goes and i feel trapped and scared
    i dont know if its the nerves that make it worse or if it makes my anxiety escalate but either way there is a connection between anxiety and your ears
    another thing i have noticed is if my ears are real blocked and my throat is tight my tummy seems to tighten and i feel like dry heaving and i know my ears and the pressure they are causing is making me feel this way
    i know it sounds silly but it is true ears cause you to feel trapped sick and vunerable
    thanks for reading this
    helen hutton

    Old 01-05-2003, 06:11 AM   #9
    Join Date: Dec 2002
    Location: Connecticut, USA
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    Bonney669 HB User

    I have almost all the same symptoms too. Clogged and popping ears for almost 6 months now. Difficulty swalling, sore neck muscles, probably from constantly trying to pop my ears. I also get itchy ear canals and itchy pallet and mouth at times. I have begun allergy shots for mold allergy and am praying this helps. The doctor had also mentioned to me it could be TMJ but he is trying to treat the allergy 1st to see if this helps.

    Old 07-31-2003, 07:46 AM   #10
    Florida 17
    Junior Member
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    Florida 17 HB User

    Has anybody gotten any resolution to their problems since these posts?

    I've had the clogged "airplane" feeling in my ear on and off for the past two months. I went to an ENT and received some anti-biotics and soon thereafter, the feeling/noise went away. BUT, it's back again.

    Old 07-31-2003, 08:37 AM   #11
    Senior Member
    Join Date: Jul 2003
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    Posts: 141

    Hi I also have these symptoms! My list goes like this:
    tightness & pressure in my head like a big vice around my head,
    fullness in ears with pain going down my neck.
    My nose always feels clogged.
    My throat alwys feels closed.
    I have tightness in my neck,back of head, shoulders, down to my shoulder blades.
    pressure behind my eyes
    anxiety: fast heart rate with chest discomfort, panic
    clicking & popping in my jaw area TMJ
    pulling force in my head: like my head is being pushed to one side.
    floating sensation/direalization
    trouble to focus on one thing with my eyes
    tired ALL THE TIME! and mostly frustrated!

    Old 08-11-2003, 10:35 AM   #12
    schatzy's Avatar
    Join Date: Aug 2003
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    schatzy HB User

    I have some of the same symptoms. My neck and back of the head is sore almost all of the time. My physician said it was arthritis and I try to control that with aspirin or naproxen sodium. My head feels like it is in a vice. I think this is from the arthritis. For the last 4 months I have had swelling in the glands under my chin and itchy popping ears. I also wake up coughing every night from a scratchy throat. My throat feels clogged all the time, like my soft palate is swollen. I am seeing an ENT specialist tomorrow.

    Old 08-11-2003, 12:45 PM   #13
    jumperclown's Avatar
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    jumperclown HB User

    i too have been experiencing ear issues. it started about 4 months ago. i have the feeling of fullness in my head, it sometimes gets too much that when i close my eyes a noise rushes through my head that sounds like im yawning. i have been feeling dizzy at random times in random places. i sometimes get tingles running through my head too. after explaining my symptoms to the doc i was referred for a ct scan (still awaiting results). i explained to my doc that it seems to be an ear issue but he says everything looks fine in my ears, my workplace nurse also checked my ears and siad they were fine. yesterday i was in a mates car and he was thumping the tunes out and my right ear was really vibrating hard, causing pain and fullness that has only just eased of 24 hours later.

    this is really beginning to get me down. ive never suffered depression before but i can feel myself slipping down. i believe im now suffering anxiety from this and will need to seek help for that

    i am on a course this week and i nearly collapsed in class. i just feel distant from myself, kind of withdrawn. i hope somebody can help identify what is going wrong in my head!!

    cheers.....and good luck all!!

    Old 08-13-2003, 06:23 AM   #14
    schatzy's Avatar
    Join Date: Aug 2003
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    schatzy HB User

    I went to the ENT specialist yesterday and he said I have thick post nasal drip which causes my throat to swell and ears to pop. He prescribed Astelin, a nasal spray. I also bought an over the counter expectorant to thin the secretions (not suggested by the doctor, I just thought it would help). I took extra strength excedrin every three hours to control the arthritis in my neck. I too was having the anxiety attacks from not being able to breathe properly. It's a little soon to tell, but last night I could sleep without coughing and I could breathe. Hope this helps both you and me.

    Old 08-21-2003, 12:51 PM   #15
    Junior Member
    gregonzola's Avatar
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    Location: seattle, WA USA
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    gregonzola HB User

    I've got a very similar plysical reaction, but it's really brought on by too much outside stimulus/social contact. Once I've had too much stimulation - if I've been around peolpe to much, or I've been around loud noise, or sometimes when I've been on the computer too long, my brain "overheats". I get the same tightness in the head, stuffines in the ears and what feels like a sore tonsil/swollen gland in my throat. I used to be able to maintain it by getting away (laying in the dark, meditation, exercise), but it got worse and worse until I crashed a month ago.

    I was in bed for two days, and since then have been in this state where the head/ear/throut thing only goes away when I'm in the dark and the quiet.

    It feels like my brain is constantly trying to shut me off fronm the world - it feels tight, and stuffy and claustrophobic, and gets worse the more I try to have conversations, listen to music, etc, until I cant stand it and need to leave. I've also been increasingly fatigued. I can exercise fine, but afterwards, I'm so wiped out that I can't talk to anyone for an hour or so.

    I'm seeing a bunch of doctors and no one's got much of an idea yet. If any of you find something in your own treatments that has worked, PLEASE let me know. I really want to get my life back.


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