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zaad 07-16-2010 01:02 PM

Dizziness, which doctor should i go?

Im want to discover what really cause my dizziness.. the first time in my life that i had dizziness, was when i took during two days Zoloft (Anti depressant) last year (also had severe headaches)...from that day i had a lot of dizziness (and severe weakness/body very heavy). I went to different doctors..all said different things:

-Anxiety .. last year i had a lot of anxiety, but now im 100% controlled :) and only took anxiety pills during 4months..very light dosage. Only took Zoloft for two days.

-Innear ear problems. i have many times rigging (ppiiiiii), my ears sometimes are very sensitive to noise (brrrr), and in this year i felt for 2 times, my ear become full (almost cant hear anything from that ear).

-Lazy eye, my ophthalmologist said that my lazy eye can make dizziness from reading books / computer.

-Back problems??

Exams in past year
-Ear Scan (MRI or CT Scan cant say which one)..OK
-2x Blood tests (Tyroid, etc)..OK

My health problems confirmed
-Sinusitis (sometimes is severe, but only 3/4 times a year)
-Asthma (very light symptoms)
-Allergies (severe in spring)
-Lazy eye (you can only see that i have one lazy eye, when im drunk:D )
-not a health problem, but im very sensitive to caffeine, if i drink a Cola/Pepsi in the night...i cant sleep.

PS: Before i did the Ear Scan, that doctor was 100% certain that i had a inner ear problem, so he gave me Betaserc (Meniere Desiease pill),which work very well! During 2/3 months i only had very light dizziness. But after the Ear scan, the doctor said it was not a inner ear problem, but he didint explain why Betaserc worked. I stopped taking the pills, but after half year, im having again dizziness (looks like that im in a ship, cant walk straight, cant stand straight, its not the same during all day, looks like that i peaks of dizziness).

What problem do you think i have?
What doctor (specialty) can anyone recommend?


Sorry for the bad english, Europe user writing :)

braveheart226 07-16-2010 02:00 PM

Re: Dizziness, which doctor should i go?
Your English is actually great, so no worries!
If I were you I would go to an ENT doctor. That specialty should cover most of your bases.

zaad 07-18-2010 06:56 PM

Re: Dizziness, which doctor should i go?

I will follow your advice and go to a ENT doctor. Even if dizziness is not a ear problem, i want to check my ears (due to be very sensitive to some sounds, my ears start bbrrr)

My difficulty is to understand what causes the dizziness, sometimes is at home eating, or being in the computer, or wachting tv..or in work, in the street, etc. It comes from nowhere..but its not very aggresive. But when i have dizziness it affects a lot my work.

I cant find a situation to recreate dizziness..its like a random event.

Sometimes i ask my girlfriend to see how dizzy i am, i close my eyes with strength.. all straight up..with open arms, she says that i make circularly movements.

Ill post what the ENT doctor said..

Thanks again.

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