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lbbjoax 08-08-2011 12:01 PM

popping sound deep in ear
When I am sitting still in a quiet room and I hear a high pitched shrill sound (bird chirping outside my window) I hear a distinct pop with the onset of the sound. I can hear the bird chip just fine, it's just that I also hear a pop deep within my ear, as if the eardrum was responding poorly. I would classify this as annoying but not debilitating (i.e. I can live with it), but obviously since I am posting here, I am looking for a solution.

It has been like this since I was about fourteen years old. The pop is only in my right ear. I also have tense jaw muscles, so it could be a TMJ thing. My doctor has looked in there with a scope but seen nothing obvious. I also have irritation in my right eye and my right eye has worse vision than my left. I only mention this because my ear problem is only in my right ear. Left side good, right side bad. Okay, any ideas?

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