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Rzarector7 01-18-2013 10:01 PM

Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
I have had bad anxiety lately and multiple symptoms from pins and needles sensations, dizziness, panic attacks, pressure in my head near my ears and up front! I suspect an inner ear infection from a few months! I had the beginning I thought of swollen tonsils a few months back and it hurt badly from the ear down to the tonsil area! I hated swallowing that night lol. I kicked it very fast I thought with hydrogen Peroxide in ear and Grapefruit Seed extract gargling to kill the virus! Needless to say anything I take antifungal since I react to! I also did better for a week or less when I used Olive Oil in my ear for 5 days, symptoms got better and Anxiety alot less.

I originally though this was from a tooth I had which cracked and causing this, but Dentist said he will remove it for me but it is not infected he said! I swore that was the answser. Ever since then panic attacks which I have not had on and off! I had them for hours today practically and remembered the Olive Oil and used that again, cleared it up alot and went out and got Garlic Oil for the ear as well and put it in, the symptoms got alot worse but it feels that is just die off from killing it? It appears I get pressure and it kills something when I put the Olive Oil or Garlic in the ear! I get pressure but it bubbles like it is killing some virus that is still there! Infact symptoms get worse and that is a sign of killing infection alot of times (Die offs if you guys have ever had them, suck).

There might be a virus or ear infection lingering causing this MASSIVE anxiety among body feelings of dizziness and tinnitus bouts? I Look forward to answers from the people in here and if they have had this too I will appreciate info. I know this is not just an anxiety disorder as I have had those before, this is something physical and something up near the head or inner ear or sinus doing this and making it ten times worse! It is not all in my head.

Thanks in advance, Rz.

JPE004 01-23-2013 10:23 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)

I can so relate to this! I am in the same situation as you. I have anxiety but today I woke up with really bad dizziness and I'm convinced its an inner ear issue because I have recently had a head MRI and seen a neurologist and got no explanation as to my dizziness. I have an appt with and ENT on the 9th. When the dizziness happens my anxiety sky rockets. Best of luck to you. Your not alone!

Rzarector7 01-24-2013 09:50 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
Yep, when the dizziness or any head sensation came ANXIETY was horrible! It still is at times but not as bad as that one day. Try to look into a ear infection if you can? You might not have pain but get some drops of something like Mullein Garlic Oil or Nutribiotic Ear Drops and try them and see if you get a reaction! It could be a silent ear infection. I went to a doctor and he said it is an ear infection but in the right ear! Funny the drops kill something in both ears and they both react to the drops. I don't now fully if the anxiety is from the ear infection, but it gets less and less when you are treating it.

I would love to know what yours is? I still believe all that anxiety and reacting to antifungals is from an ear infection, hopefully with the drops it will be gone soon.

Earissue 05-29-2013 01:55 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
I have had and ear problem for 10 months now with out a real answer or cure. I have had some recurrence of ear infections. Last July 1 2012 came home about 11 pm and went to the bed room and ended up on the floor, crawled to the bathroom and threw up and other things. Couldn't stand up, Ended up in the hospital for two days. Could walk on my own for a week. Had Scans and everything is seems done to me and no answers. The ENT concluded I had a 48% imbalance, problem with left inner ear. Did steroid injection into the inner ear
with no results. This was threw dec of last year. I still have dull pains that come and go from my ears to eye and other areas of my scull. I still have a pressure in my head and a floaty feeling once i and on my feet and get going in the morning after a few hours and then through out the day, I have to take a break and lie down during the day. I am going out of my mind don't know where to turn next. I don't know if this is a virus or bacterial infection recurring can't seam to make sense of it. Hope you found your answer and maybe have one for me.

Earissue 05-29-2013 02:00 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
Have you found any answer to your issue. Your case is simular to what i have been going thru, good luck.

donnaisdizzy 06-09-2013 05:48 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
[QUOTE=Earissue;5180965]Have you found any answer to your issue. Your case is simular to what i have been going thru, good luck.[/QUOTE]

I sure hope you are feeling better. If not, have you considered Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy? That's assuming your ENT has given you a definitive diagnosis for what is causing this nightmare. Could be Vestibular Neuritis (as I have), or Labrynthitis--hard to tell and you're so right that the answers are not clear. But I wonder if you've had the full run of testing on your balance system and if they think therapy might help? I went to a couple of sessions and I think it did help some. I would keep seeking answers and not give up. Sometimes these doctors really don't have a clue--they may mean well, but they just don't always know. Find a good doctor that you like and that is as frustrated with your situtation as you are. It's so easy for them to say thing will get better when it's not them feeling like they're on a boat all day long in a violent storm! Just know that you are not alone in this. We've all had some form of this horror, and it's just a terrible way to live, but we are dealing with it and it will get better. Not on our timeline, but in time... Hang in there!!!

donnaisdizzy 06-09-2013 05:56 PM

Re: Anxiety inner ear infection (Might have)
To the OP: The anxiety is almost worse than the stupid infection, isn't it? I can't believe how panic and anxiety have taken over my life since I've been diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis! I am getting better physically--no more nausea, thank heavens, but I do still have some trouble--just tingly-headed when I have to be in conversations with people or there's just a lot of stimuli. And some slight imbalance lingers. But the anxiety is through the roof! It's what's got me scared to drive--not the symptoms anymore. Just the fear of the symptoms! And the minute I feel the slighest "off" sensation, I panic behind the wheel. So, I haven't been doing too much driving--not until I can get this anxiety under control. But I'm hesistant to take anything to relieve the anxiety because those meds delay overall recovery of this damn vestibular disorder! So sick and tired of being offered "solutions" that cause more problems! What a sad club we're in, but we're not alone and the good news is that every week, things get just a tiny. tiny. bit better. :)

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