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franniej 01-23-2013 08:55 AM

Pulsatile Tinnitus help please
Hi All
For about 8 months I have had my heartbeat in my left ear. I also have a blocked feeling. This is driving me crazy and has started to severely impact on my life. I cannot hear conversations over the noise and have to block the artery in my neck to hear. When I do this there seems to be no hearing loss and everything is nice and clear. I am sick of asking people to repeat themselves ( I'm sure they are too).
I saw an ENT who ordered a CT scan of my head but the incompetent xray centre didn't scan my ears and only did the sinus's. I was told to live with it and there was nothing That could be done. I had an MRI of the brain which was normal apart from an arachnoid cyst in the frontal lobe that I have had for a long time and widening of the cortical sulci.
Over the past three months I have had a constant dull headache on the same side at the back of my head. Sometimes this gets severe and I have trouble concentrating enough to even talk. The pain never goes away just varies in severity. If I exercise even a little the pressure in my head is terrible and the same happens when I cough or sneeze. The headache gets bad and the tinnitus gets so loud I can't hear anything at all except my own heart beat.

I don't have high blood pressure so it isn't that.
Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what to do or what this is ? I'm not even sure if it is an ENT problem or a neurological problem.

Any information or ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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