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Is it VN or Meniere's or MAV? I'm scared...

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Old 03-17-2013, 11:51 AM   #1
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shell683 HB User
Question Is it VN or Meniere's or MAV? I'm scared...


I am brand new here. I did a search on Google and ended up here. I am specifically wanting to ask Ginger some questions since you know your stuff. I hope you read this soon. I apologize for how long it will be....I'm so SCARED

I am 45 yrs old. I have Fibromyalgia, GERD and iron-related anemia and some back issues. Other than that, I eat pretty healthy and exercise as much as my fibro lets me. All that changed on Feb 18th. I'd just got off a long phone call..and the room started spinning--not violently..I could walk--I even thought I was just hungry so I went and ate a banana and a few bites of yogurt. I then took Benadryl because I thought it must be my allergies- fluid in my ear. My parents both have had short episodes of BPPV and it was allergy related- they always took either antivert or Benadryl and were fine the next day. I barely had any nausea at all. I do remember an awful headache and my heart was pounding, face was flushed and I felt hot. I yelled for my hubby after it went on for almost an hour because I was scared. I went to bed, still spinning some..and fell asleep. I woke later and felt drugged from the benadryl ( I sedate easily).

I texted my nurse practitioner and she told me to get some meclizene OTC. Hubby did and I took it--it zonked me out. I slept til the next day and had the dizzies but no more vertigo. Head still hurt, even my neck. My face would occasionally flush..I felt shaky on my insides. The next thing that hit me was I couldnt stand sound- even my soft spoken hubby was too loud, my eyes wouldn't focus and at times neither would my brain. Over the next couple days my ears started to ring (like crickets?) and they'd feel full. I had pain in my left ear. I went to Dr office and put me on Zpak. It did nothing. Referred to ENT on 3/6, all tests were normal. Referred me to VRT. I've been once and she did the epley- it stirred the vertigo for a few moments. After the therapy, my right ear felt full of water- sounded awful while chewing but it stopped by bedtime.

Now all of the symptoms above come and go (no more face flushing) but havent had any vertigo--but dizzy every single day. I do think the VRT helped- I go 2x this week. I am in my final semester of college and feeling like I cannot do it. The PT thinks I have VN and also BPPV. Can you have VN and all the ear symptoms? I thought that was just Meniere's?? She doesn't think it sounds like Meniere's. That is my biggest fear--that it is MD--sounds like a life sentence to me instead of a dx. I've studied alot about it and I know one attack wouldnt give me a dx.

So.....I said all that to ask this--do I have to *wait* to see if I have another attack or 2 to see if it *is* MD? It's got me all torn up-- I cry off and on everyday. My hubby is the BEST and I have lots of ppl praying for me. If I have the VNG(?) test will that help me to know? I live in a rural area without much to go on. I'm going to continue with VRT because it did help my dizziness a lot. Thank you to you and to anyone who reads this and will care to reply. I need some hope.


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Ginger16 HB User
Re: Meniere's

Michele: I of course cannot be 100% sure, but based off of the symptoms and events that you report, it does not sound like MD to me. I know this is easy for me to say, since I am not experiencing what you have been going through, but try to relax. Stress can cause your symptoms to be worse. Yes you have some of the symptoms of MD, but I still don't believe that is what you have. Typically te tinnitus does not sound like crickets, instead it is a low-frequency roaring tinnitus that typically occurs right before, during and/or immediately after an episode of vertigo. Same with aural fullness, which is a pressure or full feeling in your ear. Also you typically only have the tinnitus and/or the fullness in one year and they occur in the same ear along with fluctuating hearing in that same ear. In terms of the vertigo and dizziness...I'm glad you can tell the difference. A lot of people go to the ER because they are dizzy and the doc at the ER diagnoses the person with "vertigo". First off vertigo is not a is a symptom of something else. Secondly vertigo is a true spinning sensation. So it sounds to me like you had some vertigo during the first episode, but since then it has been dizziness only? If that's the case that is fantastic. If you had MD you would continue to have periodic episodes of violent spinning that causes nausea and vomiting. I agree with whoever is doing your VRT that is sounds more like VN....however I'm not sure if I agree with the BPPV. I guess I need a little more history on you before I can say that. With BPPV you typically do experience vertigo that lasts anywhere from a few seconds to one minute. If the vertigo lasts longer than that then it is not classic BPPV. Also it only occurs with head and/or body movements like looking up, bending over, rolling over in bed, etc. If you are sitting still and haven't moved lately and you experience a sudden onset of vertigo then it is not BPPV.

Were you ill at all prior to the initial onset? Upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, cold or flu-like symptoms? If so I would say for sure VN or labrynthitis. Do you get dizzy when there is extra movement around you like when riding in a car, walking down a grocery store aisle, in a crowded area with lots of people around, while reading a book or watching tv? Can you walk in a straight line or do you find yourself veering off in one direction or feeling like you are being pulled? Do you still have a sensitivity to loud sounds? How about bright lights? Do you have a history of migraines? How about a family history of migraines? If you look at a stationary object like a light switch, does it look like its bouncing on you or swaying? Do you feel like you are ever rocking on a boat? Do your symptoms change if you go up or down in elevation or with changes in barometric pressure? Have you ruled out other possible causes for dizziness, such as heart or blood pressure related issues?

I hope this helps...sorry if there are a lot of typos.

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shell683 (03-28-2013)
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Wallbasher HB User
Re: Is it VN or Meniere's or MAV? I'm scared...


Just looking for an update on you, see if anything has changed

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shell683 HB User
Re: Is it VN or Meniere's or MAV? I'm scared...

HI there,
I'm sorry it's taken awhile to write back. Life got in the way..and "this" illness..whatever IT is! Still no answers here..but I can give an update..

I'm going for a CT scan on Tues, just in case. I have an appt with ENT again on 4/9 and a neurologist can't see me til 5/14!
My symptoms are about the same. I still haven't had any vertigo since that one day in Feb. I do still have dizziness, it was really bad when I wrote that post, but it's eased some now (hallelujah!) but it's worse in the mornings. My ear symptoms fluctuate during the day. Fullness, tinnitus (still like high pitch fast crickets), --both symptoms seem to be in both ears at times, but mostly my left. Also the ear pain fluctuates-sometimes it's sharp but it feels like my tube/canal is aching. I constantly try to clear my ears when they feel clogged. I also still haven't had a day without a headache- it moves around- top of head, back of head, base of skull. Sometimes it's bad sometimes it's just "there". It's weird that sometimes when I move around more it seems to ease? My heart still races at times (mostly morning too -I'm probably anxious though- I've been taking 2.5 Ativan almost every day around noonish but I'm trying not to) I've only been to VRT twice, it seemed to make me worse the last time- so I cancelled. Im scheduled to go tomorrow morn.
I've been on forum a LOT and I'm beginning to believe I have it. I do have a history of migraine--though vestibular migraine is different in how it presents- I've been learning alot! I know I'm not out of the woods for Meniere's and I also no VM is a nightmare too. Either way, I won't stop til I figure something out to make my life more manageable. I still cry everyday..but I'm also hopeful. I have stuck to the low salt diet, and also trying to avoid any migraine triggers....just in case.
I still think this is a wait and see situation..... it's so hard to suffer in silence, with no answers, and not much relief...yet.
Thank you for reading all of this.
I will try to check back although I'm on mvertigo more now.
Take Care,

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