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Mica09 04-04-2013 11:30 AM

Update on update
Hi everyone,

I first became a member on this board in 2002 and last posted an update in 2009. (Can find my last thread "Update after many years ") Don't feel like writing the list of things I have tried and did again LOL!!!

I see all the posts and know how you feel :(

Well here is an update : I don't remember the exact year I started taking 20mg a day of Paxil (maybe around 2006) -after 5 years of struggling - and it is still helping to minimize some of my symptoms although I'm not 100% percent. If this condition keeps up I know in my old age I will probably need a walker or something to help prevent me from falling. :( But at the moment I've been VERY functional.

The last time I wrote, I was starting to take courses for a BA to eventually become a teacher. Well I did it. It took me 5 years, but last year I officially became a certified teacher :). (I'm 50 years old by the way) At the moment I'm a day to day stubstitute teacher but want to try long term contracts.

I haven't tried to find anything new to cure my diziness problem since the Paxil. I was fed up with trying (and found myself for the past 6 years without a doctor :( ) But it would be nice to find something that would help me 100%. For the long term sufferers, anything new out there?

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