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Irmie 05-15-2013 06:29 PM

Ciprofloxican for Mastoiditis
Anyone have experience with taking long term Cipro for mastoiditis? Or any of the fluoroquinolone drugs? I am nervous about this drug class and am hoping to talk my ENT into letting me try a month of doxycyclin first, before the next CT scan. Any info that I can use to convince him would be helpful.

Irmie 05-16-2013 05:14 AM

Re: Ciprofloxican for Mastoiditis
Thanks for the reply. I had done some searching on the side effects and was shocked by what I was finding. I will search for the information with the search terms you recommended. I was uncomfortable enough with my cursory findings to not take any of the tablets yet, and will call the ENT and see if I can talk him into another course of action.

Irmie 05-17-2013 05:46 PM

Re: Ciprofloxican for Mastoiditis
Receptionist at the ENT said she would speak to the Dr and get a new antibiotic sent to the pharmacy. Haven't heard anything by end of day and it's a long weekend for us, so it looks like I get one week off of antibiotics. Hope to have news by middle of next week. At least they are aware that I'm not taking anything and declined the fluoroquinolones.

Sorry to hear about your cat! Amazingly, I used to work as a vet tech years ago, and I remember us occasionally using Baytril, however I worked with an awesome vet and we cultured and grew everything ourselves in the clinic, so you knew you were getting an appropriate antibiotic. Very rare that vets (or human docs for that matter) culture anything - I still think they should have tried to culture my ear. Ah well.

Irmie 05-22-2013 01:34 PM

Re: Ciprofloxican for Mastoiditis
I've been off of any medication, no antibiotics, for eight days now. ENT office (receptionist) calls me today to say that Cipro is the best choice and the Dr really wants me to take it, so could I tell them what side effects I am experiencing that are bothering me? I was shocked. I said the same thing that I told them 8 days ago - I am NOT taking them, and have no intention of taking them, due to the seriousness of potential side effects. She reminded me how effective they are, and I reminded her that they stop ALL your DNA from replicating and I wasn't going to take them. She says fine, the Dr will fax a prescription for something else in.

Five minutes later the pharmacy calls me to say he ordered clindamycin again. Which I was already on for a month and from the research I have been able to access will not do anything for the mastoid. I am pretty frustrated that they can't even do 5 minutes of research to see that a safer choice, and commonly used for these medical conditions are either doxycycline or cephalosporin (3rd generation). The need to fight the medical system is starting to get me down and we haven't even gotten to the point where we reach a final first diagnosis.

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