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2B Normal Again 02-02-2015 11:43 AM

Constant Ear Pain & Dizziness
My ear problem started in February 2014 with my ears hurting and feeling completely clogged. I also felt dizzy and off balanced. I went to my primary car doctor to see what could be the issue. He said it was a sinus infection. I questioned how this could be since I had no congestion or other symptoms of a sinus infection. He said sometimes people have no other congestion symptoms. He gave me an antibiotic which I took and it seemed to go away. It seemed to go away for a couple of months. However, in July my ears started bothering me again and every time I swallow it crackles, crunches and sometimes pops. What was even more concerning is that the dizziness/off balance feeling had returned. I went back to my primary care doctor and they looked inside my ears and saw no fluid so they thought it might be allergies. They did blood work and suggested I start on a regiment of Claritin and Flonase (I have never really had allergies before). My blood work came back normal and the allergy medicine did not improve anything. I went back again, but this proved a waste of time. I decided to go to an ENT to see if they noticed anything. They said there was no fluid in my ears. I did a hearing test and my hearing came back perfect. After making me feel like I was crazy since I passed the balance exercises (closing my eyes and touching my finger to his finger and other similar tests) they said that it might be vertigo. They did a vertigo test and thought some of the crystals in my ears might be out of wack. Did not help.

At this point my jaw started bothering me a little. I have been known to clench my teeth at night so I thought it might be TMJ after it was suggested to me by a co-worker. I was desperate at this point to try anything to make me feel better since this really impacts my everyday life. It seemed like I had all the common symptoms of TMJ. I went to a TMJ specialist and they said it sounded like I had all the symptoms of TMJ. They made me a mouth piece (which I have been wearing for about a month and a half). I still have no relief in my ears and they seem to be hurting worse and the feeling of dizziness is really impacting my life which makes me wondering if it is something more than TMJ. I feel tired all the time (even when I get a good night sleep) and when I am dizzy I find it hard to do anything (work, exercise, focus on a conversation). I also have pains down into my shoulders and sometimes my arms. Perhaps I need to take some time to see if the mouthpiece works, but at this point I want to rule out anything else it might be. I don’t think it is normal for your ears to hurt all the time and I think this is what is radiating the pain elsewhere. I feel you should normally not even feel your ears! If anyone has any helpful tips I am more than willing to hear it! I do not feel like I have anxiety or am overly stressed either….probably more just the stress of figuring out what this is! I am tired of wasting all my time & money at the doctor’s and having them brush me aside like I am some sort of hypochondriac!

starlight294 03-21-2015 07:24 PM

Re: Constant Ear Pain & Dizziness
Did you have trouble walking and did you feel weak and shaky
Thank you

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