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    Old 02-03-2015, 04:40 PM   #1
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    Inner Ear/Labrynthitis

    Hello Everyone I'm new and looking for some comfort.. around 3.5 months ago I woke up with what looked like the room tilting a little. Since then I have been off balance and unsteady feeling. I am getting very aggravated that my symptoms will not go away!! I have very bad anxiety and just started a new job so I am hoping someone can give me advice on how to get better or just comfort to know there is an end to this.. My doctor diagnosed me with labrynthitis.. the only test that was done was an MRI without contrast that reviled nothing at all. my symptoms include a constant feeling of swaying , very sensitive to light , lightheadedness sometimes, like a ball is rolling in my head. Ive never had the spinning sensation just the tilting the first night. Do these symptoms sound like labrynthitis to anyone.. I have had no ear symptoms besides when someone rolls the window down in the car my left ear is really sensitive to pressure change. also a week after my symptoms started the doctor found a middle ear infection but it went away after a week of antibiotics. I am constantly thinking this is something worse than inner ear like a blood supply problem or something. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Inner Ear/ Labrynthitis

    Hi Abbylane34,

    I'm not an expert in the ear, But I have educated myself enough to what's going on mechanically. Coming from a Chemical Engineering background and having an ear problem myself, I can fit together pieces - not perfectly.

    I won't bore you on paragraphs. However, you may find the bullet points below useful and/or interesting.

    * Mostly all chronic vertigo comes from the inner ear.
    I say chronic because other conditions not related to inner ear could give rise to vertigo as well, like a stroke - However, this is not usually chronic.
    There are many inner ear problems. Here are some: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Meniere's disease, labyrinthitis.
    you use the word "tilting" - I am honestly not sure if this falls under vertigo.
    My opinion is that it does.

    * balance and unsteadiness on their own, are very vague and confusing symptoms for both Patient and Doctor.
    There can literally be over 100 causes ranging from a snake bite (acute) to a perilymph fistula (chronic) (Some ENT's don't even acknowledge this as a real disorder).

    * labrynthitis is the irritation and swelling of the inner ear. The cause will most likely be idiopathic. If you were sick, especially with an upper respiratory infection close to the time you had these symptoms - That cold may be a likely culprit ! labrynthitis usually goes away on it's own in a few weeks to months, once the inflammation clears up. However, if the virus (or bacteria (rare) ) damages the vestibular nerve - these symptoms might become chronic.
    Current MRI procedures cannot diagnose inner ear problems. I have recently read a publication of extremely magnet MRI's who are able to distinguish the perilymph fluid from the endolymph fluid ( Great progress in diagnosing Meniers / hydrops ! ) ). However, it is not done in the mass medical world yet.

    * Sensitivity to Pressure changes again, can have multiple causes depending on your other symptoms.

    Do you have ear fullness? Tinnitus? or hearing loss?
    If you do, these are red flags.

    You have mentioned a blood supply problem. This indeed can cause a mini-stroke in the inner ear. I know nothing about this accept for the fact that it's possible.

    I don't want to (and cannot!!) diagnose you.

    I hope you find the above information useful.

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    Re: Inner Ear/Labrynthitis

    Looking for help and reassurance here, I have been having balance problems for some time, It starts with a strange feeling in the side of the jaw like my ear has lost equilibrium and then I walk like I am going to fall .I feel this quick fall to the side sensation and I jerk myself back, other times I sit on the floor real quick until the feeling goes away, The last 10 days I have been having these feelings everyday all day. I went to three Doctors in 2 days I was petrified, One Doctor said I had a ruptured ear drum on one side and fluid on the other ear, the other Doctor said I had no fluid in one ear and a slight swelling in the other. The third Doctor said my ears were clear. aand that I was suffering a flare up of PTSD and Panic that I have suffered from since I was 21 I am now 60 .Now today I feel like I may have an abscess in the jaw or Eustachian tubes as it is stinging slightly under the ear. I am so scared My tonsil does feel sore(right one) and I do get tonsils stones
    Even sitting here I get a rocking off balance sensation .What could this be
    Anyone else experience this
    I did have a strange thing happen the night before I went to the second Doctor, I was panicking and pacing lifted my head up and this strange bitter taste came flowing from the back of my nose into my throat and for a little while my balance improved. Could the fluid in my ear have drained out the back of my nose, That would explain why the second Doctor did not see fluid in the ear canal. I am deaf or frequency deafness although I have not been tested in years >the Doctor has made me an appointment to have a hearing test, I did have a throat virus that took my voice away about 5 weeks ago could this be related, my jaw is hurting and I am scared. I HAVE DONE ALL THE NEUROLOGICAL TESTS INCLUDING THE BABINKSI REFLEX test and can stand on my tippy toes and walk up and downstairs holding on each step for 10 seconds
    Regards Helen"

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    inner ear disorder, labrynthitis

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