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Prostate infection, polyuria, or interstitial cystitis? Please reply!!

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revolutionex HB User
Prostate infection, polyuria, or interstitial cystitis? Please reply!!

For the past year, I've been wondering why I have to pee so much, and it's gotten worse. I've lived with this for about a year and a half now and its very draining, both emotionally and physically.

It started off that I would have to go very often and have urges to go, and then alternate between periods of being healthy for a week or so and then it started up again. I think it all started with my fear of having to go to the bathroom while I was in a car or driving.

Now its at the point where I can barely function normally without having to pee at the very least every hour.

I often get very strong urges and run to the toilet only to get there and have difficulty starting the stream, and only a little bit comes out. I stand there waiting for it to come out and I'm just thinking "come on, come on!!" and when it starts there's this burning feeling, almost like I have to try my hardest to force it out.

Other times, it comes out easily but that's usually only when I have to go about every 10 minutes and it comes out clear or only slightly yellowish.

I periodically have pain in my perineum, but not too often. I don't have bleeding and there's not always a burning feeling, either.

When I went to the family clinic since I don't have insurance, I was told that the protein content both in my blood and in my urine was unusually high, so I was told that from what I was describing, its probably a prostate infection.

I was put on Bactrim, which nearly killed me with the side-effects and I had awful night sweats, I could sleep but I had to pee even more on it so I resigned myself to only taking one dose a day instead of the prescribed 2 pills a day.

I went off that and the doctor said the effects I was having were worse than usual, so now she diagnosed me as probably having polyuria and saying its probably a muscular thing and I should see a urologist.

Doing my own research, I believe it might be interstitial cystitis and that the signals my brain is sending off is confusing my body into thinking I have to go all the time. Sometimes its after eating certain foods or drinking caffeine, I have to go a lot. I'm also a smoker as well, and I doubt that helps matters either.

Also, I find that after I defecate, I usually feel very shaky and like my body is pulsing like I've been electrocuted, and I have stronger and more frequent urges to go following a bowel movement.

So I'm wondering if the doctor is right or not?? I'm currently on Oxybutynin/Ditropan, which doesn't seem to be helping and I only get the drowsiness and dry mouth, then again I've only been taking it 2 days so I don't know how long it takes to start working.

Also, I lost 15 pounds over the past year and I can't seem to gain any weight, I'm 23 years old and I weigh about 110, and I'm a male, so I have NO clue how this happened to me.

My energy is always low and I feel so drained, I just want my life back....

Please, if anyone can give me any advice or if you have any other ideas of what this might be or what's causing it, PLEASE reply, I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: <b>Prostate infection, polyuria, or interstitial cystitis? Please reply!!</b>

Sounds very much like IC. If you want to troubleshoot this yourself, Stop all the foods with acid in them - that means most juices, soda, coffee and tea. I would diet down for a week and see if you start feeling better. Look up the IC diet and stick to it for at least a week and then you'll know if it is or isn't IC. I think you are on the right tract - try this out!


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bhoward73 HB User
Re: Prostate infection, polyuria, or interstitial cystitis? Please reply!!

I think I may have the same problem. For some time I have had
intestinal problems - an feeling of unease and discomfort in my lower abdomen, and erratic defecation - in fact, intermittently I have the stringy
bowel movements, and sometimes diarrhea. The area around my anus
is also always irritated - I now use Desitin (this is often used for babies
for diaper rash) and that helps but doesn't fix the problem.
I'm a male in my mid thirties (but I'm not thin like you say you are).

This has been going on
for over two years. I do have health insurance, and last year my doctor
agreed to send me for a colonoscopy but they found nothing wrong with me.
My doctor said maybe I just have "irritable bowel syndrome". I can say that after the colonoscopy, for a while things got better, probably because
of the preparation for it, where you take laxatives that completely clean you out first. But after a few weeks the same problems popped up again, but itermittently, so I didn't go back to the doctor. I also take fiber therapy (cereals and also powdered stuff) and that probably helps a bit but not so much. I am also chronically tired, and have been since this all got started.
Could be that the "irritable bowel syndrome" is indeed what I have, but I'm
not sure there's anything that can be done about it. Very little is known
what causes it, really. Stress probably doesn't help.

About 6 weeks ago, I developed the exact same peeing problem/symptoms that you say you are having. This is perhaps not surprising, because it
is another symptom sometimes related to irritable bowel syndrome.
I frequent need to pee, sometimes very little comes out with much effort. Slight burning feeling sometimes. Some nights I get very little sleep because of the constant urge to pee. Some nights, I can not sleep at all and go to the bathroom upwards of 20 times; other nights, in the best cases, I'll get up 2 or 3 times during the night.

I went back to the doctor - and he now has me taking
Cipro predicting that I might have a prostate infection. He also gave me some drug called "Flomax" which is meant to help you completely empty your bladder when you pee. However, after the fourth day of taking the medications, I've noticed absolutely no difference. In fact, last night I
had one of the worst nights ever. I must have got up to pee 20 times or more. No sleep!

I will go back to my doctor if the Cipro doesn't help (i.e. if it's not an infection). He said in that case, he would send me to a urologist.
I will let you know how this all pans out.

Old 03-15-2010, 03:54 PM   #4
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Re: Prostate infection, polyuria, or interstitial cystitis? Please reply!!

Your Irritable bowl, IC and prostate problems are all related. First, with IB, you need to stay away from the milk products and fiber - these cause the runs. Keeping calm has the most impact on those conditions. Eat bland and stay away from the lactose intolerant items and see what happens. The IB has an impact on your on everything and the reason you feel better after-wards is because you are eliminating the causes for it. Think about what you are eating and the results afterward - you probably have allergic reactions to some foods. That is what flares both the IC and IB!


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