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time and again 06-22-2011 01:03 PM

Pain down below.
I have just been diagnosed with IC. I had a cystoscopy, and biopsy and was told that I had bladder inflamation. I was quite poorly after the cystoscopy as I started bleeding the day after, and was in hospital for 5 days. Anyway, what I wanted to ask was, does anyone else get a terrible pain down below. I dont get a pain in the bladder, but between the legs, its unbearable. Ive been given 0xybutynin patches, but will these cure this pain. I dont have it all the time, but mostly when I need the loo, which I do very frequently. I would appreciate any advice.

pianokeys 06-23-2011 12:18 PM

Re: Pain down below.
time and again,

Is the pain in your perineum (the area between your vulva and anus)? From the info and readings my OB-GYN gave me on IC, I know pain there is pretty common for IC patients. I remember one pamphlet recommended filling a balloon with a small amount of cold water and placing it on the perineum for a while to ease the pain. Hopefully your medication will also kick in.

time and again 06-23-2011 03:02 PM

Re: Pain down below.
Hi Pianokeys. Yes thats where the pain is, and its really terrible at times. Im glad to know that pain in this area is common. I will certainly try what you suggest. IC is a horrible thing, but it does help to know youre not alone. Thanks for replying. Take care.

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