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nicumom2 11-14-2011 08:07 PM

IC Diet question
Just curious what foods work or don't work for you? I know there is an IC diet, and some foods on the "bad" list don't bother coke and chocolate. I avoid fruits like crazy but I really miss them. I know pears and blueberries are suppossed to be good - but just curious if anyone does a special diet?

bbrazilian 12-15-2011 03:14 PM

Re: IC Diet question
I have IC (diagnosed via cystoscopy in June 2011) and I think the IC diet is a bit ridiculous. It is very restrictive and unproven. In my case, there are no good and bad foods. I have tried all the alternative therapies, diets, etc, etc. I had IC for 5 years prior to my diagnosis and believe me, I tried everything. Elmiron is the magic bullet for me.


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