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Fiddlesrus 05-02-2020 05:09 PM

Ibs question

I have had IBS for many years and I'm wanting to know a little anatomy on it. Does the colon sit right in front of the hip bone? I have had a spasm type feeling on the right side off and on and just wandered if that is a part of IBS? I just don't know what's on the right side. I had a normal colonoscopy this last August and the Dr said everything was good and to come back in 10 years. I told them that I've had these spasms for years which for a long time, I thought it was my hip flexor tightning up but now that I think about it, I'm thinking it's a part of IBS because I have the constipation. It almost feels like when it spasms, that whatever is in my colon is moving VERY SLOWLY. I guess it can be a gas bubble too but I'm thinking it's more ibs related or maybe Osteoarthritis on that side.

MSNik 05-03-2020 09:28 AM

Re: Ibs question
I just replied to your other post before reading this one- sounds like hip flexors..and not IBS related. IBS cannot affect your hip area. Even if you have gas, its not going to appear in the hip area.

When you had your colonoscopy, they are looking for polyps- precursors to cancer...the fact that they said you didnt need another one for ten years means they found nothing (good) and that you have no family history of colon cancer. If you did have a family history, you should be checked no more than every 5 years, but this would have to be a father, mother or sibling.

Fiddlesrus 05-03-2020 11:18 AM

Re: Ibs question
Ok. If you touch the top of the right hip bone...go slightly to the left a little bit and press in while still touching the hip bone, that's where the spasm happens and the tenderness is when I walk.

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