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DaveinCt 11-15-2003 12:40 PM

IBS Newbie With Questions
Hi All:

I have a preliminary dx of IBS-D after Upper GI/small bowel , Colonoscopy and all lab and stool analysis. My Question concerns the attacks I have. For a few days I'll feel quite good and then WHAM I'll have quite the attack. Starts with lower abdominal cramps with somewhat normal stools then leads to upper and lower cramps with looser and looser stools. Eventually just passing what looks like mucous strands. Along the way I'll get some significant nausea and queasiness. This whole process seems to last from 24 to 36 hours and then subsides. Seems to happen every few days. My diet follows fairlyclosely to most of the conservative approachs I've read about concerning IBS. Any of you with IBS-D have similar experiences to this and is there any way that you've had success aborting (or at least coping with) the attack. Any info would be helpful.


AngelGlow 11-15-2003 01:14 PM

Hi Dave,

Your symptoms and mine are very similar. I have been dealing with IBS-D for over 25 years. It sounds like you are doing the right things diet-wise. Has your doctor given you any meds? Right now I am taking Donnatal, which helps the cramping significantly. It does make me very groggy, so I only take it if I am staying at home. I have found that less cramping results in less D... and less queasiness and nausea. I started out with Bentyl, but it ceased to be effective after a few years. I was then put on Levsin, but I fund the side effects bothered me more than a flare up did. Many people find relief from Calcium, although that did not work for me. Immodium is another thing that has given a lot of people relief.

Take care, and enjoy your good days :wave:

DaveinCt 11-16-2003 10:46 AM

Hi AngelGlow:

Thanks for your reply. WOW! 25 years. You must be one tough person. I've been only dealing with this (in this capacity) for about 3 months and I'm about to go crazy! I go back to see my GI in about 8 days. The only med so far has been Levsin but, I haven't seen any benefit from that. I've been just trying to survive the attacks the best I can. Occassionally, I'll take a Klonopin that I have in case of a panic attack, which I used to get, and that seems to help the nausea, also some pepto seems to calm the cramping and D, but only a little. I've actually been to the ER twice because of the symptoms. Yuk. Lord willing, the doctor will come up with something to help. Good luck to you.


want_to_be_free 11-16-2003 02:57 PM

Just a suggestion.....
Hello Dave. I'm sorry to hear of your condition. When I first started having my ibs problems, I found myself going to the hospital a few times too. And I suffered a lot of bad stomach aches. I dont know if the cramps your are feeling are like mine are, but most of the time if I take GAS-X, it will take my tummy ache away. I know cramps and tummy ache are two different things, but I wish I would have known about it when I was a newbie ibs sufferer. Good luck. :D

AngelGlow 11-17-2003 08:58 AM

Panic attacks, stress and anxiety play a HUGE role in IBS. I am currently in a stress management group and the relaxation/cognitive behavioral therapy techniques help me somewhat when I am having a bad day of it. These techniques don't make my IBS disappear, but it helps to try and be relaxed and realize this is not life-threatening (although it sure feels that way sometimes).

I am thinking good thoughts for you... take care!

mthead4 11-19-2003 03:15 PM

hang in there
well my symptoms seem to be similar. if i get realy bad D i usually take one immodium tablet and i clears that up pretty quickly, pepto didnt help at all for me. one thing i do is using ginger, peppermint, chamomile, and a tea called "stomach ease" that i get at the health food store. these are realy good digestive aids and help with the cramping and gas. the ginger and tea expecially. if im realy suffering ill eat a small baked potato with ground ginger on it. it adds an awesome flavor and helps with the pain. good luck!!

Smooch 11-29-2003 01:18 AM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
First off, I really glad I found this info ! I too think that I have IBS ... last year I used to get pains in my stomach and I always felt like I had to #2 all the time , and when I tried ...nothing ... I used to take Gas-x like crazy .. along with pepto chews ..I still keep them in my wallet all the time ... since then my diet has changed quite abit ... I was a vegitarian ... not eating meat often at all ... but sometimes ... ( my girl at the time was Veg, so I tried it ) since then I haven't really had the stomach pain but I often lose stool and I don't go as often ... or if I eat something ... I have to go soon after. Now more than those problems, I find that I have to #1 all the time .. or think I do .. to the point where I think about where I'm goin just to know that I can pee nearby ... believe me I thought it was all in my head ... no way .. I was sayin to myself... don't worry , I can just go in the alley .. or use the Gatoraide bottle in the car ... but still I would get all tense. I really think the stress factor pushes this x10 , as once I was on a plane in my seat ready to back away from the gate , and I just felt like I just had to go ... ringing the bell and tried to get up .. but the flight att. told me no to sit back down ... man my hands got soo sweaty and I felt soo terrible ... once in the air I was able to go... which I did ...and I did free better .. but I would have that feeling like I had to go again. I had a similiar experience at a play that I tried to attend ... I just couldn't sit there , the anxitey was killin me ... Lately, if I have to fly somewhere ... I won't even eat barely anything for more than 24hrs before I have to go .... the more I read about this the more I remember times where I felt like I had to go before I did anything .... I know I should prob. see a doctor ... but I have no insurance and I don't really have to much $ .... someone tell me how to deal with this ....


nightangel00 11-30-2003 04:11 PM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
I was also diagnosed with the ibs-d several months back and I agree on how stress/anxiety makes things 10x worse. Here is what helps me when I have an attack now. One zantac and one inmodium together. I get a relief in hours after taking these two together. The ibs has gone better however Im still working on discovering what cause the attacks dietwise. I really dont see a pattern cause sometimes I have eated fatty foods with absolutetly no symptoms so I have my doubts whether or not fat aggravates or not. I will keep searching.

AngelGlow 12-01-2003 08:38 AM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
Urinary problems have nothing to do with IBS. IBS is a colon motility problem. The symptoms of IBS mimic many other diseases and disorders, and can not be self-diagnosed. It is diagnosed after having tests to rule out other possible problems. You really should see a doctor regarding your symptoms.

Take care.

FluffySockers 12-02-2003 12:29 PM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
I have the exact same problemo, so were both newbies to IBS.. Hehe, that sucks but its kinda cool to find someone who experiencing everything I am and was just diagnosed too :P

It's hellish ain't it!! PM me sometime, since wre new n' all we can recall our hellish events :P

I have majorly bad anxiety problemos, I used to have the worst anxiety attacks where I wouldn't come out of the house for days!!

Good to know that things over, did you know that 1 in 5 people has IBS, amasing eh, i'm amazed that these boards aren't totally swamped

Everyone here is my security, hehe... it's nice!!

DaveinCt 12-02-2003 03:20 PM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
Hey Fluffy:

Nice hearing from you. Sorry you have to deal with this too. I actually have been doing pretty good for the last week or two until today. Attack started late last night and hasn't subsided yet. Although, there's been no D! Just cramping and nausea and the feeling like I gotta go. I did eat a big salad with dinner last night. So I'm wondering if all the lettuce may have been a problem. Trying to find something that will consistantly relieve the symptoms when they flare up. The search goes on.

Dave :confused:

AngelGlow 12-04-2003 08:45 AM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
****************{hugs}}}}}}} Dave....
Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky again. Lettuce is a problem for me, too... and I LOVE salads! I guess misery loves company... I was up almost all night last night with cramping. Take care... and I hope you start feeling better.

DaveinCt 12-04-2003 10:52 AM

Re: IBS Newbie With Questions
Hi AngelGlow:

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your episode last night. Ironically, I had cramps too. Seems to be somewhat of a pattern with me. After a relatively good day, I started with late night 'bowel movement' cramps. Sometimes I'll go and sometimes I can't. this will stay with me thru the night and into the next AM. Usually after a few Bm's in the morning that are fairly consistant, the cramps subside but, then queasyness and nausea stick with me for most of the day. This is exactly what happened last night and I'm dealing with the nausea, etc. today. The crazy thing is it's not an everyday thing! Really trying to eat right and be careful but, i must be missing something. I go for a CT scan tomorrow (abdomen & pelvis). If that shows nothing, I think the Dr. is ready to officially diagnose IBS. At that point I guess I'll start taking fiber supplements and some probiotics along with whatever he can give me. Already using Ginger tea which does help a little. Klonopin also helps if the nausea, etc. get too bad and start up my anxiety. Oh well. Hope you're feeling better. :wave:


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