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Gene123 04-27-2004 01:41 PM

Question about fiber
I have some questios about fiber.

1. I know that fiber is suppose to help with IBS, but can eating fiber sometimes trigger IBS?

2. Are all fruits and vegetables sources of Soluble fiber(Oranges, apples, bananas, raisins, carrots, lettuce are all what i eat).

3. Should i be eating more soluble fiber than Insoluble fiber to have a complete and satisfying bowel movement? If so what ratio of Insoluble fiber to soluble fiber should i be eating?

4. I read that you shouldnt eat soluble fiber and insoluble fiber at the same time, Is this true?

5. Is it possible to get used to going from a lower fiber diet (say less than 6 grams) to a high fiber diets (say over 30 grams) ( meaning will the initial period of bloating, constipation, diarreah, Stomach cramping go away) ? If so upto how long can it take?

6. If you cannot get used to going from a lower fiber diet (say less than 6 grams) to a high fiber diets (say over 30 grams), how should you gradually increase your fiber intake over time?

7. Are there people who cannot each much fiber because it triggers IBS or other stomach discomforts for them whereas if they didnt eat much fiber they would be fine and have complete bowel movements?

8. Is there a limit to how mcuh fiber you can eat in one meal?

9. Are there times of a day where you should eat more fiber and times where you shouldnt eat much or no fiber?

10. Is eating too much fiber bad for you? like over 40 grams?

These are questions that i have about fiber. Any advice, suggestions ,or answers would be apprciated.

It would be nice to here some personal experiences, if you would like to add them.

Thank you

Harry 04-29-2004 11:00 PM

Re: Question about fiber
You need fiber for your intestine to function properly both soluble and insoluble types. That is just the way the intestines work to move digested food through your intestines. Without fiber the muscles in your intestines just don't contract enough (peristalis) .

To make sure I get enough fiber daily I take Metamucil or Equate from Wal Mart --- about 7 grams along with my regular diet. It use to be called a "bowel regulator" -- now It's a "natrual fiber laxative" but it works the same as a stool bulking agent. It works as well for diarrhea as it does for constipation.

I have used it for 21 years-- daily and it is safe to use that way. Most people don't get enough fiber in their diets--- the way food is processed these days!!

I think you should gradually increase the fiber intake--- some types causes alot of gas until your system get use to it.

I wish you well---Harry

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