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rush_rulz 07-28-2004 11:49 AM

Bad Pain and alternating between...
Constipation and D??? Help! I've got these flare ups that happen over and over--today's been very bad, as well as yesterday and about 2 weeks ago I started taking caltrate for colon health. Didn't take it today, because I've got "almost diarea" going on! :yawn: I'm so confused because I ate black beans for dinner last night, thought that kind of food would be good, because of the fiber...but today the pain in my colon is unberable! I had this happen over the weekend on Sunday, and then on Monday, Tues, and today is even worse! :confused:

My Ob-Gyn, who was in Internal Medicine/General Practice before he specialized in fertility, says that I have IBS, but I have not had any real tests done to confirm this, he says it isn't really neccessary. What I describe to him, according to him, is definately IBS, but he didn't give a "C" or "D" type. I know something's definately not right. Usually, these "flare ups" include being constipated for a day, then I take a stool softner or something (since taking the caltrate I've been much better w/ regularity, which i've never experienced before). then, after the constipation, I get terrible pains, then I can't STOP going...and going till it eventually turns into D. Anyone else have anything like this going on or experienced it before? I am wondering if I need to see a specialist, but $$ is VERY tight and I don't have health insurance. Should I maybe ask my regular Dr or Ob-Gyn about Zelnorm? the pain is just too bad to keep on like this--I used to only get this way once about every 3 months or so, now it's more often, three times this week only!!!

Harry 07-30-2004 11:15 PM

Re: Bad Pain and alternating between...
Sorry about your problems!!
I think if you take a water soluble fiber supplement daily it would make you regular w/o straining. It is safe and it works for diarrhea as well as constipatiion.
Just start off slow because it does breakdown by intestinal bacteria --- ferments and causes GAS but the gas will go away with continued use.
Make sure you drink enough water with each dose. I use the less costly type from Wal Mart Equate --like Metamucil.

Isn't Caltrate mostly calcium and I think it does slow your system down but you also need a magnesium supplement to help with the cramping and spasms. ---400mgms daily.

rush_rulz 07-31-2004 08:09 AM

Re: Bad Pain and alternating between...
Hi Harry.

Thanks for answering my post! Well, I haven't heard about the magnesium supplements, so I need to try them. I know I've had Metamucil before, and it does keep me regular, yet if I continue taking them say every day, I end up w/ diareaha quite often. While it does reduce the straining, as you suggested, it seems that the stools become too loose after some time.

It's just so frustrating, as I've had to avoid lots of foods lately.....Dairy seems to do OK w. me, but certain foods cause pain in the stomach/intestine area, where it connects to the intestine. Not sure what the heck that could be caused by!! Anyway, thanks the info I may just try the magnesium.

Harry 07-31-2004 10:38 PM

Re: Bad Pain and alternating between...
Psyllium is a water soluble fiber-- the active stuff in Metamucil. It absorbs fluid and bulks up the stool. The worse person that I have ever known with explosive diarrhea was cured using Metamucil. That was 21 years ago and every since then I have taken psyllium and my wife takes it in a capasule form -- I use Equate from Wal Mart twice daily and my wife takes 880mg caps from the Vitamin Shoppe.

I know everyone responses differently but your loose stools could have been caused by intolerances to one or more trigger foods. Evryone that has IBS -- I read somewhere has 1 or more foods.
I have found that the doseage has to be right for each of us because we all have different daily diets with various amounts of fiber in them!!

God Bless---Harry

rush_rulz 08-08-2004 06:52 PM

Re: Bad Pain and alternating between...
Question for Harry:

taking the magnesium you only take them when your taking a Calcium supplement or every day? ( I don't take the Caltrate every day)

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