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IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

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Old 12-24-2004, 10:11 AM   #1
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minded HB User
IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Hi Ppl .

I need someones help desperately . Let me first explain the full story so this can help someone give me advice .

I am a 20 year old male .

I used to go to the toilet often as long as i can remember - it used to be about 3 times a day . This was when i used to eat meat / sweets / chocolates / chips / veg - cooked food . My stomach was ok but i used to be this irritated / depressed / tired / fatigued / not in the mood type of person . I tried every exercise / reading books / took every vitamin / tried everything possible just to make my life normal but nothing worked until i experimented with my food . I was this type of person all my high school / etc ...& my toilet visiting increased to 4 - 5 times a day . In between this i visited doctors & went for indo / colon scopics / full blood tests / stool / urine tests ... etc ...
all doctors told me i was normal . I cudnt take all that i was going through so i started experimenting with my food . I completly took out rice / bread / & only ate steamed food / grilled meat . The same feeling & the same thing happend . My toilet visiting now increased to 6 - 8 times a day . So i stopped eating any cooked food & now only eat raw food which is fruit / vegetable . My toilet visiting is now 8 - 10 times a day . I prefer eating fruits / veg because its light & goes down well . But i still go to the toilet often . Everyday i wake up feeling like i have not eaten in a couple of days because there is nothing in my stomach . I know my bowels are working even at night while im sleeping because i wake up early & run to the toilet & i dont even know whats comes out of me but its alot . My stools are medium to hard & not watery or runny . Before i go to sleep i go to the toilet again . I luv the diet i am on but its not helping because whatever i eat comes out so nothing stays inside me . I do not even know how im writing this . I have losted alot of weight & i am very thin at the moment . My brother tried a raw food diet & he told me that it was really nice but this doesnt show in me because everything i eat comes out the next 10 minutes . I have visited other doctors & they prescribed anti depressants which i do not want to take .

I have taken every medicine / herbal remedy & nothing is helping me . I am begging to someone who can help me - my life is so hard at the moment - i dont even know how i do it - i feel like im floating on air - i have been on this raw food diet for 3 months now & i feel much better than cooked food but i still go to the toilet & nothing stays inside me .

People tell me to go back eating cooked food again but nobody understands what cooked food does to me - i go mad / my stomach hurts / i run to the toilet - i sleep wherever i am - etc ...

Some people may say this is in my head but its not - i truly want a normal life .

I am currently practising yoga to help calm my down . That seems to help because if i do not do that - my day goes really bad .

If you dont understand - please ask me anything .

I am so desperate if someone can help me .


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Old 12-24-2004, 12:49 PM   #2
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bulletinboard25 HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Hey hows it going man? Im the same age as you... So I know what it's like to be going through it, it sucks man!

First let me ask you a couple questions so I can become more knowledgeable on a few things..

1. What do you have against taking anti-depressants? Typically, these meds are safe, with minimal side effects, and any side effects experienced, generally subside within the first week. Are you embarrased to take them? There are so many other uses for anti-depressants than for "depression". One of the reasons is because the gut-mind correlation. 90% of the seretonin in our body is in our gut, not our brain. The trycyclic anti-depressants like Tofranil help with diarrhea. I used to go upwards of 10 times a day, now I'm about 1-2 a day, at most 3, and the rare occassion I'll get a flare up when I eat some crap like fried, greasy food. But what I am saying is they do help. I was also not wanting to take this type of medicine, or any medicine for that matter, because I had some pretty bad anxiety/panic problems to accompany my IBS issues, and the thought of side effects from medicines scared the crap outta me, no pun intended! But, I now have no problem taking these meds, I have experienced no side effects while taking Tofranil, none at all. I tried Zoloft and Lexapro too, but I did not find these beneficial at all for diarrhea, mainly because Zoloft can cause diarrhea. The SSRI anti-depressants like Zoloft are better for the constipation side of IBS.

2. Have you ever been prescribed an anti-spasmadic, like Donnatal, Bentyl, or Librax? These medicines help with the contractions in the intestines, and help slow you up. Librax has been my anti-spasmadic of choice, because it combines an anti-spasmadic with a small dose of Lithium(an anti-anxiety med) which helps a lot with the "what if" parts of IBS. What if there is no bathroom? What if I have to go here?

3. Have you tried any natural supplements besides changing your diet? There are many useful natural remedies that people combine with the medicine they take. I take aloe vera softgels once a day with a meal, as well as papaya enzymes with the biggest meal of the day. Many people on here have found success by supplementing with Caltrate+D. Caltrate is a calcium, and they actually have a Caltrate Colon Health brand.

4. You mentioned this, "I am currently practising yoga to help calm my down". Well, this must mean you are either really stressed out, or have some anxiety problems. I know it's not in your head, trust me. Even though I delt w/ anxiety/panic problems, my IBS issues are entirely not "all in my head". Basically because I would wake up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom, and other things like that, when I'm completely relaxed. So with that said, if that was the case, the whole anti-depressant thing might work for you.

These are just my suggestions, basically because I am the same age as you, and have experienced similar things with my IBS, especially the weight loss, 45 lbs to be exact. Slowly gaining it back now that I am on meds. Bye

Old 12-24-2004, 10:07 PM   #3
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angelia101 HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Hi Minded,
Just a real quick question for ya have you tried Soy milk or organic foods of that sort?
Hope you get better soon and have a merry christmas

Old 12-24-2004, 10:24 PM   #4
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ppfla HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

YOur raw diet would kill most of us with IBS as the amount of insoluble fiber is so high and hard to digest. The "Diet for IBS" book that is referred to on this site suggests just those foods you have eliminated like rice, pasta and bread--they are easy to digest and do not cause gas.
If you are eating dairy, hard to digest veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, carbonated drinks, egg yolks and other foods, they may be what is called "triggers" that cause your digestive system to revolt!! Avoid trigger foods.

I now use Probiotics which are healthy bacteria-it is a powder mixed with water or juice--it really has helped me so much--I got it at Whole Foods Market, a large health food store. The brand is "New Chapter, All Flora"
Just a thought you might check it out online- hope you feel better.

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Old 12-25-2004, 04:50 AM   #5
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minded HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Thank you Everyone .

Bulletinboard 25 - I have tried Tofranil & it did not wrk very well . I used to eat normal food while taking tofranil & the reactions were the same . Actually Tofranil gave me more anxiety that i actually went back to smoking . No offense to brand tofranil ...

I did take Anti-spasmadic medications when i used to get stomach cramps / pain gas / bloated but going to the toilet did not stop .

I have taken alot of herbal / natural products like . Rhodiola Rosea / Ginseng / Fibre / Potassium / Physillium / etc ... I have visited the health shop very often .

Whats stresses me out is my stomach that i go very often to the toilet & nothing stays inside me . I can take the most potent supplement in the world & it will come out in the next few minutes .

Everytime i go to the toilet - i have to eat the fruits i ate before just to make sure im ok & then i go again - this process carries on the whole day .

Im this walking person who has no / energy / concentration / thinking .

Angelia - i have tried soya milk / soya products / soya food / - the same reaction .

PPFLA - thank you for the site & i am going to visit it now .

I am replying to everyones reply on XMAS day & my whole famaly is out but i cant go because of my stomach / the toilet / my mood / etc ... I am all alone at home right now .

I practise yoga exercises because this is the only thing that makes my stomach ok . It makes me calm - not so calm but just enough to live through the day . If i do not do my yoga exercises - i start to get irritated / angry .

Basically - everything that is cooked & not natural is something that does not work very well with me .

I am not saying that i have tried everything possible coz theres no such thing & i am not trying to say nothing works for me when something should .

Before my raw food diet - i used to fight with everyone - be this angry person - feel bloated the whole day - always feel uneasy - feel uncomfortable everywhere - i could never read - study - work - anything .

Now that i am on the raw food diet - i have made so many friends - people who now love to be around me - i am working well that i am making sufficient money to make a living ( before i was broke ) i am more open - more strong willed - more determined - more fun loving - always smiling .

The only thing that troubles me now is my stomach & going to the toilet so often .

I was really bad at one stage - i was becomming this hard / angry / stupid person & i feel it was because of all the processed / cooked food i used to eat . I have experimented with everything possible & the raw food works with me being a person but i do not know what works with my stomach & the toilet .

I have experimented with normal diets including meat / vegeterian diets / vegan diets now raw diets which works .

Post your comments & advice .

I have tried the IBS recipes people prescribe but that did not help.

Posting web sites that sell products on Healthboards is not allowed as per posting rules!!

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Old 12-25-2004, 05:25 PM   #6
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NodiGoiterGirl HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Have you been tested for food allergies?

Old 12-28-2004, 04:21 PM   #7
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Mehtab HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

I don't know why I'm replying to this. I want to let you know that it is completely normal to go to the bathroom as much as you do on a raw food diet. Most people lose a lot of weight on raw food diets because it is very difficult if not impossible to get the amount of calories you need. Likewise you also eat more of the foods you eat than other people to get the energy you need in a day. This causes more bowel movements. More food= more poop. I know raw fooders who have 8 bowel movements a day. It's almost disabling for a lot of raw foodists. Of course you feel like nothing stays in you because it is a lot different than eating cooked foods. A lot of what you eat is fiber. Your body will take more time digesting meat or cooked grains, vegetables etc and you will feel like these things stay in you. If your stools are normal you are fine. Vitamin supplements are liquid and are going to go right through you on this diet, especially if you are following other dietary advice along with the raw foodism such as not mixing liquids and solids. Coming from a standard cooked/processed food diet to a raw diet can make you feel a lot better. You are probably getting more nutrients in and not eating junk along with other changes in lifestyle that people often make when adopting a more healthy diet. However, eventually this diet will wear you down and maybe that is what you are feeling now. If you do some research you will find out that it is almost impossible to thrive on a raw food diet for a long period of time. I'm not arguing that it helps short term just that most raw foodists fail to thrive and switch back eventually. Experts that claim otherwise are probably getting along on binges, "exceptions", and "cheating" and are in denial of the reality of their eating habits. We've been cooking our food for hundreds of thousands of years. The advent of and use of fire is a very important factor in our biological evolution. I think you will find that incorperating some cooked foods can make you feel better in the stomach, as long as they are whole natural foods. I don't think they will do the same thing to you psychologically as the diet you were on before raw food. There were probably many other factors involved in that diet/lifestyle besides the cooking of the foods that depleted your nutrients or impaired your ability to absorb nutrients.

Old 12-31-2004, 12:17 AM   #8
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minded HB User
Re: IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad

Mehtab .

Your reply was very informative . I have a normal ( meat / veg ) / vegetarian / vegan now raw food person . There are pros / cons to my situation & having IBS makes it a lot worse .

When i used to eat meat / vegetable / cooked / processed food - i used to be -

hot tempered
weak on mind
always sleeping
could never work coz i was tired / weak or sleepy
i used to throw everything out of my life & go to sleep
etc ...

These factors happend everytime i ate anything - be it small / be it big .

Now - i have been like this for as long as i can remember & it affected alot in my life . Namely my studies / school / my personal life / my family life / my friends & i missed out on alot of opportunities in my life . I have tried everything possible from buying the most expensive / cheapest vitamins / supplements in hopes to sort my life out . I was mentally unstable due to majority of the foods i ate . Look at my nickname on this forum ( minded ) I was going of my head & the poor people close to me always saw my angry side .

I tried steaming my food / baking my food / grilling / using / not using oil / eating soya / cooking food / vegan diets / vegan recepes - the same effect .

Now that i have been on a raw food diet - i have changed the person i am - I am more outgoing - more social-able - more happy - always smiling - always laughing - can work more harder - im getting on with the people i could never get on with .
More good things ...

The bad thing with this diet is that i am not full - i go to the toilet more often - i am always hungry - i feel weak after i come out of the toilet - its embarresing to go out - it was also embarresing to go out before . I am losing alot of weight & becomming extremely thin which i dont mind because im happy inside .

Now - which would you chose ? The before / or after ?

I am not trying to say that cooked food is the devil or heat is the devil [ which is true coz when you see the devil you find fire LOL im joking ] I am just trying to say what i have experienced / seen in my whole life & experimenting with foods .

I have just tried barleygreen & its ok so far . I am just waiting to see the true results in about 2 more days . The information & ingredients what i have read is really amazing . Bareleygreen seems good because instead of eating all the vegetable / cleaning / cuting / buying - you can have barleygreen which has a more concentrated source of vitamins / nutrients / acids / etc ... than raw fruit / veg . I am just worried this is not totally raw as fruits / veg . I have just got to wait & see .

If the barleygreen does not work out - you will a another reply from me about how sick i am .

I have been to alot of doctors & i am going to try an endocrin. doctor who treats hormones / thyroids . Its a bit expensive here so i am waiting coz im moving to London next week in hopes of more help . I am also going to try accupuncture as this also helps IBS ' ers .

Thanks everyone for your help & thanks everyone for reading this .


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