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chrisso 09-10-2005 11:40 PM

I need help to stop Nausea
I have servere arthritis and back problems and suffer depression and am taking valium to combat this. Now I have been diagnosed with IBS and am taking Endep - 10 mgs to help with the symptoms, with moderate success. It seems to help most symptoms but the nausea is still very strong.
My question to ANYONE out there is: How do you cope or stop it? I would welcome any suggestions.

Harry 09-11-2005 10:16 AM

Re: I need help to stop Nausea
Nausea can be very sicken and borders on vomiting. Alot of times some medications that you take slows the stomach down from empting food -- if this is happening talk your Doctor about the medications you are taking. One could be causing it and he may be able to change it???
Also, you can try eating smaller meals-- it may help.

IBS symptoms are problems with the lower bowels and don't include nausea. I know that doesn't help.

These foods cause some people to get nauseated:
Citrus and highly seetened drinks, Creamy and milk based liquids. You may try going on a liquid diet for awhile since since the stomach emties liquids faster than it does solids.

I wish you well---Harry

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