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Kstarr11 06-16-2006 10:22 PM

Whole body symptons and IBS?
Hello all. I am being treated for symptons of IBS with bentyl with no sucess, I am not sure if that is what I really have. Either way I have lost 40lbs in nearly a year. I think the symptons have been gradually getting worse over the past 3-5 years. I am a very stressfull person and cant seem to control my nervous stomach. I cant eat in the morning before I have a movement, however all food tends to be a trigger for me. Everyone is different. I will have occasionally spells of gas and cramps, but mostly i just have to go. I am waiting to see a GI doctor. Recently I have found out I have dysplasia, HPV and HSV, I am worried my problems could be larger and more systematic. Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

JodiAnn 06-16-2006 10:28 PM

Re: Whole body symptons and IBS?
Hang in there. I noticed at the end of your thread you said you just found out you have dysplasia, HPV and HSV. I am currently have bowel issues and I too had dysplasia and HPV. My dysplasia was at the level of carcinoma in situ therefore I chose a hysterectomy (already have 2 kids and don't want any more). I'm not sure what HSV is. But I tested positive for HPV. My dr. also found a lesion on my small bowel and now I'm trying to get an appt. with the surgeon that said it's only a diverticulum and nothing to worry about. I want to be 100% sure it's nothing more.
I can't stand the stress of trying to get answers. Hang in there and good luck with everything.

Kstarr11 06-16-2006 11:40 PM

Re: Whole body symptons and IBS?
Thanks Jodie Anne, HSV-2 is actually herpes. I know there are many causes of chronic diarehha. I have a weak immune system in general and I am worried my problems could be larger and more systematic. The pre-cancerous dyspasia bothers me, and both HPV & HSV2 are viral making my immune system suseptible.

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