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kasannshep 08-12-2006 08:47 AM

Hi Newbie here in need of help
Hi Everyone

i have had the symptoms of ibs for many years now, but it has never been very bad, untill 6 months ago,, when the pain started this time , i took my colafax tablets that usually work but this time they made no difference what so ever, i went to the doctors and she prescribed buscapon, they to did no good, finally i was sent for tests, one to look to see if my womb ovaries were ok, which they were, and another to look inside the bowel, which came back okay, when i saw the consultant before i had these tests he gave me spasmonol tablets, and they worked really good, that is untill i had the bowel camera test, and the pain has returned, apart from the test it's self being very painful, though i do know people who have had the same test with no pain at all, but i have come to the conclusion, that this would have been due to the doctore who did the test, by the information given by the staff on that day, i have bought some psyllium husk capsuls, has a friend of a friend has ibs and she swears by them she said she has been free from pain and the bloating has gone since she started taking them, but i am weary of taking these has it says in the directions that they can cause you to choke, has any one got any info on these capsules or taken them their selves, i would appreciate if you would let me know how you were with them, at this time i am in terrible pain, and nothing i have tried is taking it away, supping pepperment tea, pain killers, etc all to no effect. any help at all would be much appreciated

many thanks

kate :)

SRMom 08-12-2006 11:31 AM

Re: Hi Newbie here in need of help
Do you have Zelnorm in the UK? That seems to be the new drug of choice for IBS-C. I just started taking it, so I can't tell you how effective it is yet. Other people here may be able to.

You should try the psyllium. You can take capsules or get it in a drink mix. Metamucil is probably the most famous brand. Just be sure to drink it down with plenty of water. It tends to swell up into a gel when it comes in contact with water, and it's possible to get stuck in your throat if you don't "wash" it down with plenty of water.

mcclis_bev 08-28-2006 02:53 AM

Re: Hi Newbie here in need of help

Hi Newbie, I have had severe IBS, with severe diarrhea and severe weight loss for about 3 1/2 yrs now. It got so bad that I had to file for disability social security and I can't work now after nearly 40 yrs. of working. I lost 58 lbs. in 2 yrs. I went from a size 8 for 30 yrs. to a size 2. I have to wear children's clothing because petite and juniors sizes don't fit anymore! I was referred to the Mayo Clinic Hospital at Scottsdale, Arizonia, and they did all of the testings that your normal clinics and hosptials don't provide. They couldn't explain why my large colon had 5 feet of inflamation and that I had 5fragments of inflamation in the stomach. The radiologists told me that with the IBS I had rapid transit of the stomach and the small bowel. The food that I eat will not stay and digest in my stomach for the 90-120 minutes that it's suppose to digest. I eat and the system spasems immediatley within 10-20 minutes and I rush to the toliet. I ended up with malnutrician of the intestines, hair loss, memory loss, and severe high blood pressure. You will also get severe anxiety attacks, because your nervous system can't take being so ill. Check with your doctor to make sure that your not taking medications that cause horrible side-effects that resemble IBS. These medications can make for a horrible cocktail and the side-effects are dangerous. The Mayo Clinic said that I had to check with a pharmocoligists to check out the different med's. They can cause peptic ulcers, diverticulums in the esphogus also, with acid reflex diease.If your symptoms get so severe that food will not stay in your stomach and digest properly, they will end up putting you in a hospital and tube feed you through the main large vein artery in the area of the chest area. They have to get weight on you and feed your body. This procedure is called TNP---(Total Parenteral Nutritition--with an IV-Catheter. It contains protiens and nutrition that your body needs to survive, which your body would get with eating normal food containing protein, crbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. You normally would IV feed during the night when sleeping and during the day you would drink lots of liquids and maybe snack on crackers since your intestines and stomach isn't working properly to digest food. A home care nurse must check you daily for blood clots and infections, so I hope that you have insurance to cover this if you have to go this route. The sterile form of nutrients that feeds thru the IV is very expensive for each month supply. Drink lots of water to flush your system clean daily, and don't drink and carbinated drinks like pop--it cause severe gas and bloating and pain!

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I bought a great cook book that's called "Eating for IBS". It gives you the good and the bad things to eat that will actifate your guts really fast! The flare-ups are the worse. They attacks have sent me to the hospital 12-times within 2 1/2 yrs.

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