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cathy1 07-31-2008 10:48 AM

95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
This probiotic WORKS. It really has changed my life and I was amazed at how fast it worked. It sounds too good to be true but is working wonders for me. The research that has been done at Cedar's and the Mayo Clinic as well as other major research centers is all so Positive. This is from Cedars Sinai :"There is evidence that probiotics such as VSL#3 have a role in the management of inflammatory intestinal disorders such as pouchitis, and increasing evidence that they may alleviate some of the symptoms associated with IBS," said Jay W. Marks, M.D. a board certified internist and gastroenterologist from UCLA/Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. "Recent studies have demonstrated that probiotics, including VSL#3, are safe and have a promising therapeutic benefit for IBS patients."

This is a probiotic that I found after searching online for SOMETHING,... anything that would help with this. I had been taking probiotics that I thought were heavy duty but nothing that came close to the amounts in VSL3, which along with the "type" of strain has worked wonders for me. It's about $40 per bottle which lasts about a month if you take 2 per day (you can go to 4 if 2 doesn't work)... but it works, at least for me where nothing has worked. But it has improved my IBS, which I've had for 25 years so dramatically, it's like I have a new life. My IBS was getting to the point that leaving for work in the morning was a nightmare, going out to eat was a nightmare...I tried the VSL3 at one pill for a week and noticed a 50% improvement and after a couple weeks I upped it to 2 pills per day and what a change. All I can say is I'm having regular movements and I'm confident when I leave the house that I'm going to make it to where I'm going which before was an anxiety riddled ride. I will still have trouble if I go several days without eating regular meals, ie. eating next to nothing for a few days and then having a huge meal, but it's NOT even close to the problem I would have if I did this before going on these pills.

I tried another probiotic that I got online but it caused massive constipation and it helped but not like this one. This is also for Ulcerative Colitis at the higher doses. I never thought something could help so much but it has. I've gone from daily problems to maybe once every couple of months and much milder problems if I have them. I have so many other medical problems and the IBS was getting so much worse, and I was getting severely depressed. This probiotic has VERY HIGH doses of several probiotics and I did goo*gle some research done on it that were very encouraging. It is so worth trying if someone is about to give up on this damn disorder. I also notice when I cut back or forget, after about a week, things start to get a little "off" so it's not a cure but sometimes it feels like one to me.

I wanted to add this for folks that are getting it from their doctors. The prescribed dose is double strength from what I take and if you're experiencing bloating, nausea etc then cut the doseages back and start off slower.

Harry 08-01-2008 05:50 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3

I am glad to hear it works. I think you are the first person to post and share your experience with this product.


cathy1 08-01-2008 06:35 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
Harry,,, I was surprised to see nothing on VSL3. I don't know if people haven't tried it or I'm just lucky and it worked for me. I had to post something on it because it's SUCH a dramatic change for me and it's given me my life back.

Gram4 08-01-2008 07:54 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
I'm just wondering if a probiotic like acidophilus would work too. I just bought that one.

Harry 08-01-2008 07:56 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
I think the reason people that have IBS, colitis and other Gastro problems have not used it is that they have never heard of it.

With IBS I certainly think it is worth trying. As you well know IBS can really control your life as well make it a real Pain.

Thanks--- Harry

Harry 08-01-2008 08:09 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
Acidophilus is a very well known probiotic supplement that is even added to most brands of yogurt. And, It helps some but it is not a probiotic that is made especially for IBS.
Also, acidophilus is destroyed by heat and stomach acids so unless you get 1 like Pearls that have a protected coating they don't work as good as they could work for IBS.

And I have read here that they don't work for some people-- IBS is not the same for everone.


cathy1 08-01-2008 08:19 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
[QUOTE=Gram4;3672223]I'm just wondering if a probiotic like acidophilus would work too. I just bought that one.[/QUOTE]

Gram... I took many probiotics for years. It wasn't until I took the VSL#3 that I saw any major changes at all. VSL3 has very high doses of specific strains that target the intestines. From what I've read, you need a large amount and apprarently certain strains to make a difference. I hope that people just try at least a months worth because you'll know within 2 weeks if its going to work for you. And.. I don't work for these people.. I'd just hate for people not to at least take a look at this simply because it's worked so well for me. And this disease or whatever it is... sucks.

Gram4 08-02-2008 10:32 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
I would love to try it but can't seem to get it anywhere in my town in fla

cathy1 08-02-2008 10:47 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
Gram, You can order it online. You can order it online or call them on the phone. ( removed ) Since I've been "hacked" I don't do anything online anymore so I called them. It takes only about 3-4 days to get it. Keep it refrigerated if you get it.

Gram4 08-02-2008 11:14 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
Thanks I'll try that.

cathy1 08-04-2008 08:08 AM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
I'd love to know if anyone tries VSL3 and has success with it (or if it doesn't work either). I also heard that some Dr.'s are prescribing a higher dose formula and it's covered by some insurances. If anyone has heard of that please let me know.

ThankfulCOLO 08-15-2008 08:27 PM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3 Probiotic
This was not posted at the end where I intended so Cathy would see it.
Here it is again.

Originally Posted by cathy1 View Post
I'd love to know if anyone tries VSL3 and has success with it.....

Cathy, I am sitting here in my comfortable home writing to you in answer to your question. 3 weeks ago I was bleeding 22 tiimes a day, neighbors and parents all gone, 24 days streak of 90+ temps in colorado. I was dying, organized my house and signed over my bank accounts. I finally got the on call GI doc to realize I had been on 60mg prednisone and 12 asacol for over 2 weeks not 2 days. He said to go to emergency room and they would call him. I ran around town paying my $800.00 cobra bill and finishing up matters and then shut my life down. The single-dad with new high stress job and child family investigation underway over child custody that I paid 10k for. Now I parked my truck at the new hospital and walked in not knowing if I would ever walk out. I was down to 140 lbs from 175. Cat scan showed bleeding ulceration throughout my lower GI.

I sat in the emergency room awaiting the cat scan melllowing out from detachment from my high stress life. Great people and great hosptital, got a top floor unit at end of wing with big window viewing are looking at Flatirions of the Rockies and my own suite and bathroom. They put my in IV 120mg prednisone and said to eat liquides, bunch of sugar junk and I was worse than the day I came in. I got depressed again because the next drug can also give you cancer. I decided to take charge. I had them spend 2 hours trying to re-input the needle into my super vascular arms only to require a 2nd nurse. This was done so I could sit up and use my work laptop to get researching. I demanded solid food and ate only salmon and plain yogurt unti they were out of plain yogurt. This reduced my frequency and blood and they saw this as 'improvement' so in monday at noon I was out at 2:00 PM on friday.

Now I saw your thread and asked repeatedly for VSL#3 after researching the studies including 54% remission, 24% improvement and no help with DSS induced UC in rats however even in that study the VSL#3 showed up in the stools and so this talk of lacking enteric coating in other forums is bunk.

Within an hour of exiting the hospital I had VSL#3 in my system. I never bleed again.

Work saw my condition and told me to work from home for 1 more week.

This week I was in the office with a backpack of food that works and my VSL#3 and tapering to 4mg prednisone next week and off that as soon as able.

My elimination diet is basically no milk,no grains, salmon with canola, chicken, eggs, pure peanut butter, plain yogurt only 11 grams sugar with Optimum Nutrition pure protein and only sweetener is fructose. This allows me to eat and have no gas in the office while I am still healing. I was even on nite pager this week so I have hardly slept. My goal over the weekend is to continue weightlifting and see if I can get the weight to move up. My heart does not seem ready for intense rollerblading or weights so I need to work up to it.

Regardless I got my life back, sadness from divorce is GONE I am thrilled I am not bleeding, dont need red shorts to walk my daughter to the park, go 1 or 2 times a day, not perfect yet but healthy and feeling DAMN GLAD TO BE ALIVE.

You said it changed your life, its changing mine.

Thanks for posting it where I could find it.

cathy1 08-24-2008 06:32 PM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
Thankful.... Im so glad to hear that you've had such success with VSL3. I know how much it helped me and had to share that success. I hope that others read this post and at least give it a try. Did you Doctor give you this via pill or ?

ThankfulCOLO 08-24-2008 09:22 PM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
Well the hospital was great except they never heard of it so when I showed improvement on salmon and plain yogurt only they let me out after 5 days, still bleeding and got the DS prescription variation right away and some samples from the GI office. I immediately stopped bleeding and have not had any blood since. I went from 22 times per day and mostly blood ( lost 35 lbs on a 175 lb frame ) to 1-2 times per day and normal.

I am off city water as I noticed it has a lot of chlorine in it and 2 neighbors have UC.

My diet is whole food with a few cheats.

I finished 1st box of VSL#3DS today and have 2 more. I only need to bust open one packet per day and use it twice and between food as much as possible.

More than that seems to be too much of a good thing. ( gas ).

I choppped my prednisone from 45 to 12.5 and the used more today since It looked like cold turkey was not going to workout comfortably and took around 25 today to zoom around get a lot done but I want off this stuff so I can sleep deep like last night and put the weight back on. I am up 10-15 lbs from the 140 bottom. Less pred = more weight gain.

cathy1 08-26-2008 05:33 PM

Re: 95% Improvement with VSL3
Colo... you must be thrilled. I'm glad you found this post. I hope others read it as VSL3 is for both UC and IB and the word doesn't seem to be out there on how much this can help so drastically. Keep me posted on your recovery!

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