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dmbfan 05-27-2003 08:03 PM

Can ANYONE share a SUCCESS story about IBS???? Please!!
I've becomed so discouraged lately. I suffered with IBS for almost 10 years I know many of you all have too. I've read oodles of advice and I've tried four hundred different RXs, OTCs, herbal remedies and this and that and the other...again as all of you have too. I thought I could actually share a success story about 3 weeks ago...I had a good combo of meds and fiber going on and things were so good for about a month! with no obvious reason whatsoever things are absolutley awful again....and nothing seems to change it or make it better or have any effect at all!

HAS ANYONE EVER CONQUERED IBS? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? Has anyone tried something and honostly been able to say, "that really worked!"

The thought of living this way for the rest of my life makes me sick to my makes me want to break down and bawl my eyes out.

I'm sorry that I sound so negative...but I'm so tired of false hopes. It's hard not to get into an emotional "funk" when your body is in a constant physical "funk"-it's just so hard to stay optimistic (of course I realize that IBS is directly related to your emotions and your I'm not helping my self by being so upset- but I figure I feel physically awful anyway...I might as well take this opportunity to feel mentally awful)

I'm sure I'll have a brighter outlook tomorrow....thanks for letting me vent. I'd appreciate any responses-(even if you want to tell me to shut up and stop feeling sorry for myself!)

Sarah68 05-28-2003 03:56 AM

Yes. Just to give you some hope and an uplift while you are feeling so down, I could be one of the success stories. I am symptom free if that counts and what I used really worked for me, although it may not for everyone.

Also, a good cry now and again can do you a lot of good and it is a lot better to let your emotions out than to suppress them, as this can lead to lots more problems. If you swallow your anger and grief rather than letting them out, they can in themselves cause stomach problems.

I had stomach problems myself for a long time and went to see my doc and was given Colofac, and various other meds for stomach cramps, with Codeine for very severe stomach pains with diarrhea and also Amytryptylline for depression. I did ok on this for a little while, but felt very drugged most of the time. About 18 months ago, I hit a crisis when I returned from France and was really sick with a very bad stomach and hives. I then started to look at my diet and did a full detox after this and then radically changed it and I slowly began to feel better. I had also had acupuncture before, so went to see my acupuncturist for treatment and this really helped with my stomach pain. I then decided to try some herbs, but unfortunately, these did nothing for me whatsoever. It was not until I started treatment with homeopathy that I finally noticed an improvement. Lots of people confuse herbal medicine and homeopathy, however, homeopathy is different and is not the same as herbs at all - they are totally different and work on different principles. The homeopathy had a profound effect on me and allowed me to let go of a lot of anger and grief that I had stored up and never let out from years ago. It was a slow process with a lot of layers needing to be unravelled, but now, I am well, with no stomach pains or diarrhea and I feel better than I have done in years. I am still careful with my diet though and eat sensibly and I still have regular top ups with either homepathy or acupuncture.

So, this is true and homeopathy and acupuncture do work, so it is well worth looking into the alternatives generally. Even if herbs do not work for you there are lots more alternatives out there that might, you just need to find one and experiement a little until you find one that does.

Also, if you have been unwell for 10 years, then don't expect to feel better and wonderful overnight, because it just aint going to happen that way. It will take time.

Anyway, don't give up hope. There is something out there for you that will work, however, you just have to find it. In the meantime though, go and have a good cry and let everything out and I think that you may begin to feel a lot better.

Take care and good luck

Katie G 05-28-2003 07:57 AM

I agree with what Sarah says. However, I know nothing about homeopathy, so I'm one of those ignorants who was confusing it with herbal medicine/New Age stuff. Sorry about that Sarah.

Hey dmbfan - vent all you want. Venting on this board and sharing my stories with others and having them share with me has been so comforting to me, and really helped me a lot. IBS is no picnic, and it's important to know that you have support here.

Do I believe that IBS can be cured? No - but I tend to be a pessimist. Do I think symptoms can be controlled? Yes, I'm a success story in that. I still have IBS-D, but since starting Colestid my life is so much better now. Before I found this board, I was close to suicidal because I felt I couldn't live with IBS and the frustration of it for the next 40+ years. But with this board and reading others' stories similar to mine, I started to take control. Because of this board, I started taking calcium supplements, increased my fiber, and started taking acidophilus. Did it help? Somewhat, but I still needed the Colestid.

I still get cramps, bloating, and gas from IBS, but I can live with that. I'm sure there are others out there who may think I'm whacked, but everyone has the right to their opinion here. Just like I don't think my fibromyalgia will ever go away entirely, I don't believe my IBS will either. But I accept who I am, and the chronic pain I live with, and still try to find the positives in every day.

I write this now with significant pain and stiffness today, wishing I could have stayed in bed, taken my muscle relaxers and slept a beautiful day away. But I won't - I think with a chronic condition like IBS and FM, you have to get up every day and go on. Some days will just be harder to deal with than others. It makes the good days that much better.

Don't let IBS defeat you - you are not IBS; you are much more than that. Chronic conditions can be depressing and aggrevating, but please know that we all care about you, and that in itself should give you the strength to hang in there. Maybe someday, a "cure" for IBS will be found; in the meantime, find something good every day to be thankful for, and don't beat yourself up if you get down. We all have our burdens to bear, and just by posting on this board, you're helping others to bear theirs.

I send good wishes for you today and every day,
Katie G

Sarah68 05-29-2003 05:37 AM

In so far as IBS is not a disease, then I disagree. It can be cured. It is not a true disease with pathological changes, but rather a syndrome, which most certainly can be cured.

Basically, you really need to get away from looking at health and disease from a purely medical model, which focusses more on trying to cure a specific ailment within the body and thereby bypassing the person attached.

The mind and the body are a whole unit and what happens in the mind also has a profound impact on the body and vice versa. The two cannot be separated.

What homeopathy and alternative therapies do generally is to try and treat the person with the disease picture. You treat the person with the symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms themselves and sometimes missing out the person. What happens with homeopathy is that you take a full case and you then give a remedy that fits the whole person and by treating the whole person you can achieve a cure and homeopathy also stimulates the body in the self healing process.

Just to say that I believe that a mixture of the conventional and the alternative is good and I don't believe that homeopathy can cure everything, but IBS is a case in point when it can. If pathological changes have taken place in a disease process, then homeopathy or any form of medicine cannot aleviate that, but it can help to reduce pain and anxiety and can work well in a supportive process. However, it is unlikely that pathological changes have taken place in IBS, so in that case, then homeopathy can have extremely good results and can be curative. It is all to do with boosting your immunity too and homeopathy can do this.

I hope this helps, but maybe you have to alter your thinking slightly and come round to the point of view that you are treating a person and not just a set of symptoms and that if you treat the person rather than just the symptoms, then full cure is perfectly possible.

6th_sense 05-29-2003 07:39 PM

Hi Dmbfan,

My success story is alternative. I use meditative cures entirely of my own making that help me conquer IBS to a very great extent. If I had found a complete cure, I probably wouldn't visit this site in the hopes that someone has come up with an easier way out - I am also pretty sure that is the case for most people here.

Nevertheless, I can say I am quite satisfied with the outcome of my endeavours, and I hope that you too will find your way out of this miserable disease/condition/etc... (BTW: I couldn't explain the basis/methods here, it would just be too much to explain - I could give a full year course on meditation - before you'd fully comprehend the methods)

Cheers, Raju.

lil red chevy 05-29-2003 08:26 PM


Could you tell me which detox you used. I am considering doing a detox and I would love more info. I would also like any info on what else has worked for you. Do you use yoga or meditation at all? Thanks in advance.

lil red chevy

Sarah68 05-30-2003 12:32 AM

When I say detox, I suppose I mean I did a detox diet first of all. I cut all dairy and wheat and went on a virtually gluten free diet. I just ate fresh fruit and veg and plenty of protein, cutting down on carbs a lot and this seemed to take the pressure off my system for a little so that I did not react to anything.

After that, I went to see an ND (Naturopathic Doc) and he gave me a homeopathic detox which consists of three remedies in tincture form that helps to detox your stomach/bowels, lymph system and kidneys and I also had a few sessions of colonic hydrotherapy which I found helpful, but not everyone does. I then started on the homeopathic treatment following this detox and because I had detoxed my system, this allowed the remedies to work at a deeper level and have a more profound effect.

I have also had acupuncture treatment in the past that I have found helpful and yes, I do use Qi Gong meditative techniques that I have found useful. I learnt all these whilst studying acupuncture. It sort of helps you to let go, ground all your energy and focus on what is really important and gives you a real inner sense and feeling of calm afterwards. It seems to have a great effect on the mind and if you then have a quiet mind, this then has an effect on the rest of your body.

The one concession I make to herbs is taking Milk Thistle, which is good for the liver. It helps it to detox more effectively and can help hepatocyte regeneration. As your liver is the largest eliminative organ within the body, if it gets backed up, it can cause stomach problems such as IBS and allergic reactions in conjunction with the immune system. Milk Thistle can really help this and is safe to take on a regular basis.

I hope this helps and that out of all this, you find something that works for you.

Good luck

dmbfan 05-31-2003 06:48 AM

Thank you to all who are responding...your words have been very kind and have given me a little hope. Again...I was venting that evening and I was a little "down-in-the-dumps" Although my gut is still in turmoil..I've settled my mind a little since then.

Sarah...I started reading about homeopathy and the suggested remedies for IBS the day after I read your response. Of the suggestions I've found, the symptoms they list with the respective remedy are all symptoms I have-I just don't have them all everyday.-but probably within a course of a week I will experience do you take the remedy for that symptom only when you're going through those symptoms-thereby switching remedies constantly..or take all of them all the time? I've found about 4 remedies that I feel most target my symptoms, but I'm not clear on what the suggestion is for mixing these remedies...I realize that the point of homeopathy is safe healing and none of the remedies will harm you if they don't help...but should you take a whole gammet of remedies at the same time?

Also, in the symptoms list...if they have 6 symptoms (for example) with the suggested remedy, and let's say I have 3 of those symptoms. However, the other three are completely opposite of my I still take the remedy based on those first three? If so, then I could probably take about 6 or 7 of them. I understand that it's very important to nail down the most specific symptoms and use a very targeted remedy to get the greatest benefit....but I'm finding it difficult to do when my symptoms are so varied so often. Can you give me any advice? (I already know need to read alot more about this)

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Sarah68 06-01-2003 02:36 AM

Ok. The purpose of homeopathy is to treat you as a whole person and basically, very little store is actually put onto physical symptoms, but more mental/emotional and general symptoms. You never take all eight remedies at one time. That is certainly not the way to do it.

What you need is one remedy that fits the totality of you as a person and if that remedy fits you as a person, then it will help you. This is what true Classical Homeopathy is all about.

Unfortunately, your case is chronic rather than acute and it would be very unwise of you to try and prescribe remedies for yourself. You just can't do it. You actually need to go and see a fully qualified homeopath who will take your case properly and will then analyse it fully and then come up with a remedy that fits you. There are lists of classical homeopaths and you can look them up. Either that or ND's (Naturopathic Docs) practice homeopathy too and you can look them up on the internet or in the phone book.

This is what I had to do and I was lucky that I found an extremely good ND that I still stick with now.

I would guess that the remedies that you found that fitted were things such as Lycopodium and Nux Vomica? These are good liver remedies and in the interim, if you found that your stomach was very bad, you could take one of them to see if it helped the symptoms. You could try Nux if you were constipated and had stomach pains with headaches. However, if you had diarrhea, belly pain and a bloated belly that is better for warmth, rubbing it and warm drinks and food, then Lycopodium would be your best bet. Also, Lycopodium is one of those remedies that you can take for stomach troubles and it will help, even if you do not fit a fully Lycopodium constitutional picture.

Anway, if you need any more info. I am quite happy to help, but I would suggest seeing a homeopath and never take 8 remedies all at once. You are asking for trouble doing that.

If you want to use a remedy for pathological treatment, then I would suggest trying the one that most matches your symptoms at the time and then just taking it when you have the symptoms. However, this is not the best method and is not how homeopathy was meant to be used. It is meant to be used to treat the whole person rather than just symptoms.

Hope this helps and good luck?

alex36 06-01-2003 08:09 AM

i've been symptom from for about 8 months now. i suffered for years and tried all sorts of medications and lab tests. i finally had a food intolerance test done from York labs that identified 7 foods i was allergic to. about a week after removing the foods from my diet i began to feel much better. who knew? after living almost my entire adult life in misery it turned out it was something i was eating. so hang in there. your solution could be right around to corner.


sammy4 06-02-2003 09:18 PM

I went to an allergist for food intolerance testing and he refused to do it! He said he didn't beleive that allergies were causing my bowel problems as they were not indictive of and allergic reaction... It took for ever to find him and get an appointment so I was , understandably, quite upset to learn that he would not test me.... I guess I need to find some one else? has any one else run into this problem?

Harry 06-02-2003 10:06 PM


There is alot of differences between food allergies and food intolerances.

I suggest you get a book "Food Allergies and Food Intolerances" The Complete Guide To Their Identification And Treatment, by Jonathan Brostoff,MD

Most allergy Doctors don't test for food intolerances because the process can be delayed reactions, expensive, many don't believe in it and does not fit in with their training.

I have found you have to do it yourself with hopefully some help from an Alternative Care Doctor. It is not as black and white like allergy testing. It is a challenge type testing. My Doctor calls it a Stone Age Diet program.


Sarah68 06-03-2003 04:35 AM

Yes, Harry is quite correct that there is a huge difference between food allergies and intolerances. Basically, it is the difference between a true classical allergy reaction that causes itching and hives and the like and the delayed food intolerance reaction that mainly causes gut problems. It is the delayed reaction with intolerances that you are testing for. Also, the reactions are caused by two different antibodies. IgE is what causes the classic allergy response that causes hives. However, lots of food intolerances cause stomach problems without causing hives, so you have to use an IgG test to detect this. IgE does not work in the gut whereas IgG does, so it is this that you have to test for.

Your doc is incorrect and unfortunately, food intolerances can cause a lot of stomach problems and sometimes it is just by a process of elimination that you find this out. If you want to get proper intolerance testing done, you would have to approach an ND (Naturopathic Doc) to do this, as as Harry said, a lot of MD's do not believe in it becasue it does not fit with their conventional training. However, to my mind it does exist and can cause a lot of stomach problems and misery for lots of people.

Hope this helps and good luck with your search?

mikeralph 06-07-2003 01:17 PM

I suffered for 17 years straight --no break. Finally there is a breakthrough, but it comes and goes. I started getting treated for yeast back on jan 10 2003. after being ill for awhile I finally started to get better around the 25th day. My symptoms started leaving me from the top down (to my bowels). I also have multiple food intolerances. I can not touch sugar or fruit. My diet is limited to about 7 or 8 foods. I had to add and create this big herbal concoction of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herbs plus garlic to my diet (I make a tea from the herbs--every other day).

This is the only way that I was able to maintain perfect stool formation, zero cramping, minimal gas, zero bloating, very low odor.

If I leave out or gat lax on anything ----- I suffer bad. Going off the antifungal medication-diflucan-- has set me back twice.

I recently did a 17 day fleet enema cleaning and some unbelievable stuff came out of me. No waste matter --just-- fungus type matter. Also, I had roots that were firmly enbedded in the tissue. Some of it is being analyzed at a lab right now. Also the bowel tissue looked very diseased and striated with fungus-like striations. The last few days everything returned to normal.

I do not know if fungus is my entire problem because I also have a bad case of dysbiosis. My CDSA states that I have no bifidum and no healthy e. coli.

I also wonder if i might have some type of mycobacterium that is causing some of these food intolerances???

This problem has all but destroyed my life; I hope I am finally getting to the bottom of it.

Does homeopathy work? I am skeptical. I have tried it without any luck. I guess it all depends on what the problem is. I am convinced that it could never solve my problems.

zip2play 06-07-2003 03:01 PM


After MANY years of my suffering with irritable bowel, a friend was diagnosed with colon cancer and started after surgery on daily psyllium (Metamucil or generic).

To this point I had gotten only relief by frequent cleansing retention enemas...A CHORE!
Anyhoo, I joined him in the daily psyllium and got relief after a couple weeks. A few months later I started making and consuming kefir daily.

What I've found over the last 4ish years is that either or both (psyllium, kefir) will keep the IBS at need for the enemas (except for FUN--LOL) so I consider myself "cured" or at least "desyndromed."

I did find that lactose was an irritant...but that kefir (complexly fermented milk-little lactose) was an aide.

(I also had a colonoscopy to rule out diverticulae, polyps, Crohn's Disease, or the big C....all negative. The test is a good idea if you haven't had one and suffer pain- or even don't)

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