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IBS Newbie

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Old 08-12-2003, 07:32 AM   #1
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Post IBS Newbie

I just found this board and think it is great!! I am a 20-year-old female, who has been recently diagnosed with IBS. I had been experiencing stomach troubles for over a year, and as they got increasingly worse I finally went to see a doctor about them. At first it was thought I had and ulcer (the doctor I saw at school did not send me for the scope or Barium test) and was put on Pantoloc for a month. It seemed to have helped in the beginning but after a while I was back to the same old problems.

My family doctor diagnosed IBS based on my symptoms (he also did no tests to rule out other illnesses). After much personal research (and not much guidance or help from the three doctors I have seen so far), my symptoms do sound much like IBS with constipation:

Nausea/sore tummy – after almost every meal (and sometimes in the middle of night or upon waking), and not triggered by any particular foods as I have kept a food journal and noticed no particular culprits. It also seems to be relieved by burping/flatulence (as gross as that may sound).

Bloating – after eating

General abdominal discomfort – Almost a soreness in the intestinal area after eating or a BM.

General Malaise – Feeling “yucky”, run down and tired.

Avoiding food – Would rather not eat than have to feel sick.

Weight Loss – Most likely because I have been avoiding food.

Abnormal BMs – I may go every day for three days and then not again for four. Very irregular schedule, and I may sit there for upwards of 15 minutes, even though I felt the urge to go. Also, occasionally what looks like mucous in the stool.

There are however, there are symptoms that I have not seen mentioned. Namely:

Feeling sick/nauseous after a BM, from what I understand most people feel better after a BM.

I have been so worried/scared about all of this. It helps to see that there are others who feel the way I do. I also developed panic attacks around the same time as the IBS symptoms, and think I may suffer from general anxiety disorder and/or social anxiety disorder (I am awaiting a diagnosis from my doctor as the panic attacks have also gotten increasingly worse). I am definitely surprised to see how many IBS sufferers also suffer from depression/anxiety disorders. The brain/gut connection is much stronger than I thought.

Do these symptoms sound normal for IBS sufferers? And help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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Old 08-12-2003, 06:01 PM   #2
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chronic HB User

They sound like my symptoms except maybe the nausea. I definitely have anxiety, although my IBS can happen whether I feel relaxed or not.

Old 08-12-2003, 06:17 PM   #3
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Frustrated1 HB User

You sound like you do a lot of personal searching on your own and good luck on finding out what triggers your symptoms.
Many of the symptoms you have I have also experienced. Depending on the severity of the IBS episode, I can feel better, but still have a general feeling a fatigue that can last for up to 2 days.

My humble opinion is that the IBS can generate its own anxiety for the following reasons:
1) In the beginning, you do not know what will trigger an episode and therefore avoid social situations and foods.
2) When you do eat you are sometimes scared that something will happen and what you wonder how bad it will be. Will there be enough time to get to a bathroom to relieve yourself?
3) Not receiving any positive feedback on your problem.

I am a proponent, especially of a food related IBS attack, of documenting the foods one has eaten over time. This is especially good when you eat out.
Then documenting any symptoms, and condition of BM when one occurs. This helped me figure out a lot and this can be taken to a doctor to help out on diet.

Good luck in your quest

Old 08-13-2003, 05:20 AM   #4
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Is nausea a common symptom for many? And it seems as though many of you are talking about "attacks". I generally feel sick most of the time...Where a bout of feeling good is more of a rarity. Also it seems that diarrhea is more common than constipation (which is what I suffer from)....I sympathize with those who do suffer from diarrhea though, I can't imagine what it must be like to be constantly worried about the closest washroom.

Old 08-28-2003, 09:12 PM   #5
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suzyshop1 HB User

Do you have any heartburn?Im constantly keeping an eye out for a bathroom.What a way to live.Really sounds like ibs too me.Especially the feeling that you have to go and then you dont when you try.

Old 09-03-2003, 06:17 PM   #6
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tygr HB User

Hi there all.

Wilslau - Im a 24 yr male, going through this stuff. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. When waking up I feel ICKY, to say the least. I feel as though I need to go to the bathroom, and cant. Ive been taking Benefiber, which is helping.

I havnt had ANY tests to see if its something worse. Should I get some? Im wondering if you've been doing better? There are just days that I dont want to do anything as well. Working out seems to make me feel a little better.

Also, there was mention of a connection between anxiety and IBS. I honestly think there can be. I used to take Celexa for Anxiety. Before Celexa, I worried about the slightest crap. I quit taking them because I felt I didnt need them after awhile. But, Ive started to reconsider Celexa. Because it may help these IBS symptoms.

Just a few quick things...

Old 09-04-2003, 07:36 AM   #7
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adso HB User

- You wont gross any of us out dont worry!

- Flatulence is a definite relief of pain, everytime there is a bowel-movement, the pressure drops, and then the pressure begins to build with the next movement.

- Dont give up on the food diary, keep it on every major attack, in the end its not much effort and there is a lot to be gained....

- I understand the Nausea you experience, it does happen after food, and (for me anyway) is the lead-in to an IBS attack later that night. Im going to try in the future to take time out when in this state... I tried running when I was nauseus once and I was sick, followed by IBS. Also as Frustrated1 says, the body can be run-down for a few days as it recovers...

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