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DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!

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Old 12-18-2009, 11:26 AM   #1
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angel880 HB User
DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!

Hi I am a 28 year old female I am 5 ft 10 and around 220 lbs. I have been posting on here since march when my symptoms start. I finally saw a gastro last week after waiting months and after a few pokes to my belly he said IBS. I think he is full of s***. Heres why....

In March I awoke with stomach and side pain so bad I could not get out of bed for a week!!!!! I was bloated to the point of looking pregnant and had severe right side rib pain and it feels like there is a lump near my belly button that is poking out and painful. Went to doc they found blook and wbc in my urine. Found lump in stomach and one more on right rib. Doc said probably lypomas because I was overweight. he did a ct which just showed normal calcifications (so he said). I was told to go home and wait for gastro. After almost 9 months of waiting to see a gastro later.........(oik back up symtoms worsened whle waiting)

I have developed many lumps under my skin. I have a golf ball in my right elbow joint. I can barely feel the rib bones on the right side because it feels like there are grapes between my ribs and skin. It hurts if I lay on that side....lean to that side, or lean forward over ANYTHING ie a counter to reach something. I wake up all the time in pain. The lump I feel in my stomach is a stabbing pain when bad but mostly just a tender spot. I have4 constant acid reflux, I began choking alot when I eat (feels like I just can't swallow). O do not realy have urgency with the bathroom like I would expect with ibs. I do have alot of loose bm's but only go once a day or so. I do go back and forth with loose, and difficulty pushing it out (sorry tmi) and have developed what I think are hemerhoids during this time. (don't itch but purple and bleed). I also have a lot of clear mucus with BM I mean alot!! Sometimes I feel like I need to go and that is all I pass!! Pain is much worse around my periods.

Ok so finally see the gastro so happy I am almost in tears..........He comes in pushes a few times on my stomach (of course I was not that bloated this one day I saw him sigh) but what floored me is he said he cannot feel alot of the lumps that I can......But my significant other can feel them and my mother swears she can....and I know I can because it feels like something is trying to bust out and it HURTS!!!!!!!!! He said you have ibs, take more fiber and an ant acid. Says swallowing prob from burn out of esophogus due to acid. I was so angry with the qick DX and asked if he was going to do any tests. He said he would do a blood test to test thyroid...but nothing else was needed. I asked how the hell is fiber going to help pain and loose bm's doesn't fiber make it worse? He said no and sent me on my way very upset and crying...... I have been taking the fiber and as suspected now on top of pain I am having constant diahrea and NOW GAS GREAT. He had no explanation for lumps said unrelated but in march I had none.....he felt three I had but not the big one in stomach........Now I can feel one in arm, two under right breast, one big in stomach and about 6-10 on right ribs. Why the heck are they growing so fast and why to they hurt so much. I have reasearched and researched on line and No I am not a crazy who pokes them all the time or whatever they grow and they *ing hurt!!!! Doc was an old man gastro and refused to feel ones in my chest/ breast. My sig other can feel them and so can't I ( I mean I am only a B cup so they stand out for sure).

Whew ok if your still with me I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am reaching out to people with IBS to see if in their experience any of this makes sense. I have really bad ins and a really bad primary who hates the sight of me because I usually leave crying or angry....He is awful I needed back surgery a year ago said a surgeon but when consulted he told me to "ask god" that he could not tell me if I needed it or not. I had the surgery no thanks to him! Tells me "if I were you I would be disgusted with myself) because I have put on 25lbs since surgery etc etc.. THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL INFO!!!!!! I can't work can't sleep etc I need some advice!!!! thank you -Jen

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SleepAllDay HB User
Re: DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!

I have some of your symptoms, but not the lumps. I think this is something else. See a regular dr. and ask about possible cycts or some other possible diagnosis. This could be acid reflux, ibs AND something else. You went to a tummy dr, so try another kind of dr. It is frustrating to deal with drs who know it all and who do not take you seriously, believe me, I know. Keep us posted as that is how we learn.

Good luck.

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angel880 HB User
Re: DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!

ok so out of the blue on monday the gastro doc called and shceduled me for an endoscopy tomorrow. I am not really sure why since he so quickly said ibs and no other tests were necessary besides blood sample. But he is out of the office and his pa can only tell me its because of my symptoms that he ordered it. I wonder if something showed up in the blood tests. He is not even performing it the office said he does not do any procedures (he is an old man). Kinda stressed because I don't know why he changed his mind and ordered this test, but at least they are doing something. I am kinda freaked about the test itself but oh well, Thank you for listening and I will post as soon as I know something, hope you all are feeling well today! -Jen

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zombiecupcake HB User
Re: DX IBS, Lumps under skin/on ribs, pain THINK DOCS are quacks! Help appreciated!!!

I know you posted this a while ago, but I was wondering if you found any answers. I found this thread from google and I have a lot of your same symptoms and my doctor is also ******* me off saying it's just me being fat & my fat is hardening. But when I have lumps they hurt so much I'm usually in tears, and of course the doctor, just like yours, said he couldn't feel them even though my boyfriend and I clearly can. I just racked up a huge ER bill but I figured better safe than sorry & everything came back "normal" and he told me I probably had something wrong with my intestines & then sent me on my way...without offering any more explanations. /sigh. Any help you could give me would be absolutely wonderful.

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