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kingsea3 06-30-2010 01:26 AM

Would this be IBS, or something worse...?
Hi, I am new to this board, but after lack of response on my other board I decided to post here.

Anyways, I have been having strange symptoms for the past 3 days and beginning to get worried. However, being a poor college kid with no health insurance I have few options.

I am a sufferer of Panic Disorder and it is usually prompted by my hypochondriassm quite often which confuses my symptoms and often exaggerates them quite a bit.

A few days ago after a typical night out, which in college involves quite a few drinks, I woke up dehydrated and queezy, but dismissed it as a bad hangover. After drinking a ton of grape juice I began to get lightheaded and sick and ended up vomitting. Afterwards I felt pretty normal besides a pain in my right side which became increasingly bothersome throughout the night. I had an exam in two days and ended up staying up throughout the night studying and drinking quite a few red bulls. On top of this I was stressed over breaking up with my girlfriend a few days prior, which led to my night out, and on top of this stress these symptoms were freaking me out. The next day I had severe abdominal cramps on the upper and lower right side, a feeling of pressure/bloating, a loud gurgling stomach, burping, and constipation. I freaked out and laid in bed for two days thinking I was on my death bed with colon cancer or something. However, after googling my symptoms for hours on end and reading every type of stomach disease ever I finally came across IBS.

It seemed like a good enough match, especially given my weekend of substance abuse, tons of caffeine, stress, and multiple panic attacks. Now today I feel pretty good, was able to eat, sleep, and move. However, I keep cramping up occasionally and am having the runs accompanied with a burning sensation. I don't really know how to identify blood, but they are a yellowish color and very loose so I don't expect any.

I was hoping someone could help me instead of me pulling another hypochondria episode where i end up in the ER for no reason.

Any help is much appreciated!

sjb 07-01-2010 02:01 PM

Re: Would this be IBS, or something worse...?
Hi :nono: while I cannot tell you what it is I can tell you a few things about better care for a persons body and brain. First of all the body does not like non-food and non-food substances so that means no drinking, drugging, smoking, caffeinated teas, coffee or chemical substances in the body.You need your brain since you are a college student!

thepuch 07-02-2010 12:05 AM

Re: Would this be IBS, or something worse...?
Thanks for the reply, but do you think the symptoms I have suggest IBS??

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