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Old 10-22-2001, 02:32 PM   #1
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Carrollton, TX
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SabrinaL HB User

Since I was 7 years old I have always had bad stomach aches, diarrhea and the embarrassment of running to the bathroom. My mom has always told me it was IBS. My grandmother has it and I guess it was the best explaination. But I am not so sure. Can IBS be associated with certain foods? It seems if I eat things with MSGs in it, any fast food, greasy things, tomatoes, apples, pepper, other herbs and spices, pears, ice cream, or basically too many fruits and vegtebles I get 'sick'. Sick consist of running to the bathroom, diarrhea, sweating, and horrible abdominal pain. Sometimes after an attack I won't go to the bathroom for days like I'm constapated but then I have another attack. I hate having to carry around Immodium everywhere I go but the one time I saw the doctor he just told me it was stress. I don't think you can have stress for 12 years though. Can anyone help me? I know I need to see a doctor, I guess I am just scared of what he will say.

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Old 10-26-2001, 01:20 PM   #2
Katie G
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Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
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Katie G HB UserKatie G HB User
Re: IBS??

Hi, SabrinaL. I have suffered with IBS for many years as well. Although I have not had the formal tests to rule out other digestive disorders, my doc feels my symptoms are IBS vs. more serious illnesses. I've had my gallbladder removed in 1998, and reflux surgery for GERD in 2001. However, I think IBS is serious enough for the embarrassment it causes. I too get severe cramps, pass gas, and have diarrhea. I am currently taking 20mg Bentyl 2-4 times a day depending on how bad my diarrhea attacks are, as well as a calcium supplement to bind me up. Although I still get some diarrhea, at least I can make it to the bathroom. But I always need to know where the bathroom is - just in case! The diarrhea is worse during my period. IBS attacks can be triggered by certain foods that affect you (mine is too much caffeine, fatty foods, and overeating in general) and/or in my case, stress can also aggrevate it. Sometimes it will be a couple days between bowel movements, other times I'll have 5-6 within an hour. I just know it's a real pain to live like this, but I guess we all have our crosses to bear. Good luck.


Old 10-26-2001, 02:23 PM   #3
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Location: Maine, USA
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simby HB User
Re: IBS??

it could be stress related and it can last for 12 yrs. if not treated. i have ibs and anxiety/panic with depresson. also stress. i avoid foods i know make me sick (raw peppers for one) and take meds for anxiety and depression. i do not take bentyl very often as i have few real attacks. ibs is made much worse in times of stress and anxiety. also, if you have ever had food poisioning it is very likely that u have ibs.

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Heal with love.

Old 10-30-2001, 12:18 AM   #4
Laura Jean
Join Date: May 2001
Location: Maysville, MO USA
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Laura Jean HB User
Re: IBS??

I too have the abdominal cramps, gassiness, & diarrhea. I know how ya all feel. I took Bentyl & it didn't help me. I take Equilactin (over-the-counter but usually has to be specially ordered) & it seems to help bulk up my stools so I have a little while longer to wait. I go for a colonoscopy on Halloween & will try to let ya know what happens. Til then I guess we all must live thru this horrible disorder that needs a cure....and quick.

Old 11-01-2001, 07:25 AM   #5
Join Date: Jan 2001
Location: Upstate New York, USA
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Shell6678 HB User
Re: IBS??

Hi. I have suffered from IBS for 6 years. A terrible form of the diarhea IBS, it has always been embarassing and annoying, and painful. About a month ago I read a post on here where someone recommended taking Caltrate 600 plus. It's a calcium supplement with magnesium in it also. I started taking it on October 1st and I have not had any occurrence of IBS since. It has been totally amazing. I feel like a new person. I can even go out to eat now!! I now have a regular BM every morning. I feel great. I hope this lasts forever. I asked my doc about it last week and he said calcium is a bulk forming agent. I never really talked with my doctors about it because I was embarassed and didn't think there was a cure. If you haven't tried Caltrate 600 plus yet, I would buy it right away. Women need calcium anyway. Good luck and let me know if you try it and it works.


Old 11-02-2001, 12:12 PM   #6
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Carrollton, TX
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SabrinaL HB User
Re: IBS??

Thanks Shel I'll try that, I never thought of that, my grandmother once gave me some medicine that you stick under your tongue and they dissolve that is supposed to help with IBS but when I took them they never worked. She has the constipation type though. I hope the Caltrate works I hate taking Immodium everyday. I will definately go buy some this weekend. Thanks for all your response it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one with this. <IMG SRC="">

Old 11-03-2001, 10:56 PM   #7
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Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA
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Beckie99 HB User
Re: IBS??

Dear IBS friends,
I'm a female Gulf War vet. Over-the-counter drugs are your worst enemy because they "hide" your pain.

I'd also like to stress that "stress" is not the answer to your problem. The "stress" of visiting doctors who tell you that stress is your problem is creating stress on your colon, and every other vulnerable part of your lower trunk.

If you've ever taken antibiotics, your problem could be bacterial overgrowth. It exhibits itself as explosive gas, frequency in urination -- and not much more than a teaspoon at that, diarrhea, constipation, ripping pains across the bottom of the abdomen, raw stomach, raw esophogus, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness.

My advice to you is: whole lemon/olive fruit drink. That is juice of one fresh lemon (strain the seeds through a tea strainer), one Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and one cup of fruit juice of any flavor.

The lemon juice peels off the bacterial overgrowth in your colon (adjacent to your female organs). The olive oil soothes the wounds left behind. And the fruit juice makes it all palletible. This cocktail actually enhances sleep. So, I recommend you take it at bedtime for 7 days to see if it helps.

If it doesn't, try visiting a gastroenterologist regarding Giardia, the waterborne parasite that afflictst the weak. Treatment is Metronidazole for one week.

Let me know if these two methods don't cure what ails you. I'm the explosive diarrhea expert of seven years, and I've been cured for five years. If my advice won't help you, no one else can.

Old 11-04-2001, 08:08 AM   #8
Senior Veteran
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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User
Re: IBS??

Bacteria overgrowth --commonly called candida lives off of sugar as well as carbohydrate. I have found that by going on a low carb diet basically starves the candida overgrowth but it also has to be replaced with friendly bacteria like acidophilis found in yogurt or a capsule like PB-8 or Probiotica. I am not familiar with lemon juice gettig rid of bacteria overgrowth??? But, taking lemon juice is a healthy thing to do and I use it alot in water to aid digestion.

God Bless---Harry

Old 11-11-2001, 10:06 PM   #9
Join Date: Feb 2001
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Tee_76 HB User
Re: IBS??

HEy all,
I am an IBs sufferer also. I have been told to take all flora you can get it at a health food store. It helps control all the natrual flora in your body. It helped me with my UTI's and helps with the bacteria in your stool. It helps keep the natural balance in your body. It seems to work for all kinds of things. I hope this info helps!


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