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campgirl1940 09-28-2011 02:52 PM

Constant bloating above navel
For over 10 yrs I've had this problem. Sometimes it feels as if little people are walking across my abdomen above my navel. Many times I feel as if there is a tennis ball on my right side under my ribs. It all started after I had giardia in 2000.

I had a colonoscopy last week and Dr. said I had a torturous colon and diverticulosis throughout the colon. SO his comment to me after the procedure was "you have a very long colon, some diverticulosis and IBS; have another in 5 yrs". Goodbye. When I got the report from medical records it showed Very Torturous Colon and the pediatric video colonoscopy was passed to the cecum w/some difficulty secondary to looping.

So I'm quite ****** that he did not take the time to explain more to me and is this why I am in constant bloat and sometimes look preg (impossible at 70).

I've tried diets, Drs., naturopath and hundreds of dollars on her products, and nothing seems to stop this constant feeling. I love a good piece of red meat once in awhile and some wine in the evening, plus chocolate. Alot of the diets for this condition say to stay away from these foods. SOB.

So after the colonoscopy I could not expel gas and cried, and the nurse and my SO had to put hot packs on my right side to get things started. And I think now that gas cannot get through me on a regular basis, but I have 2/3 BM each day w/o much effort to pass. I spend alot of time rubbing my abdomen.

So I've been searching the net and I found a web site that recommended Fennel Tea, which I'm trying now. I do not like taking drugs and the Dr. recommended Paxil, which I have not taken. Another Dr. 3 yrs ago recommended Dicyclomine 20 mg, but again afraid to take and this current Gastro/Ent recommended Hyoscyamine 0.125, which I've tried but doesn't seem to touch it.

So here I am on your Blog for any help or recommendations.

Thanks, Campgirl1940

solofelix 09-29-2011 02:37 AM

Re: Constant bloating above navel
I have Diverticulitis and I sympathise with you.
It can cause some really nasty symptoms.
I was told to increase my Fibre intake but as I also have IBS it can cause me to become Constipated. As it is I'm either one or the other. Like you I get very bloated and have learned that diet plays a large part in helping Diverticulitis.
I never eat red meat, wine is an absolute NO-NO as I have had an Ulcer. Chocolate was my passion for years (that's gone as well)...ARH!!
I cut out all pastry, white flour products and bread, instead of bread I eat organic oatmeal biscuits. I also eliminated sugar and replaced with (xylitol).
I eat Fish, Chicken, Fruit, Veg, Natural Yogurt and Figs/Prunes and make my own cookies using Almond-Meal and Xylitol.
This has helped a lot and is not difficult to get used to.
Diet certainly plays a big part in helping Diverticulitis. Solofelix.

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