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pa235 01-29-2012 06:54 AM

Can this IBS again?

I had IBS for years but the attacks seemed to get less severe over the years. lately they seem to becoming back again to the way they started. does any one else have these symptoms for days?

Severe upper and lower abominal pain
Bloating and gas
Can't lay on my sytomach due to the pressure.
Frequent B M's, small amounts at a time and never feeling empty.
Feeling nauseated at times when I lay down.
Pelvic pain

I had a upper and lower U.S.. in Aug, due to the pain and my repeat Colon in May. only a small polyp was found. Seems the bloating pain is worse when laying down or sitting, better when moving. The pain can move from under the ribs down to the prelvic area or be all over the area.

I have lept a food diary years ago but never found anything to trigger this, I can eat things and no problem eat the samer thing a week later and I am miserable with the symtoms.

You read about IBS and all it says pain below the belly button that subsides with a BM, mine sure does not and never did.

Thanks, Pa.

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