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Tekkai 03-07-2012 06:56 AM

Testicle, Abdominal, Gas, pain, tingling sensation in scrotum.
Hello everyone ;).

im 16 - year old healthy boy. Troughtout my life, i've never had any operation's or any illnesses, and always been healthy.

In my easter vecation, i was being very lazy and laiying down on my bed and watching all sesong's / episodes off dexter, this persisted the next 5 days. in that time i've drunk around 6 bottles off 1,5 (l) soda, around 1 and a half soda bottle a day. and eaten alot off junk food. Also every day i've been masturbating b4 going to sleep, or at morning. (around 2 months b4 this, i had some burning sensation while starting to take a pee, from overmasturbation). Then after 3 days off being unhealthy, my left testicle started hurting, and later day after i got this pain in my abdom. Day after that the testicle pain, rotated and the right one started, so did the abdom pain. Then i started to have some gas, i took a shower, and cheaked my right testicle, it kinda hurt to touch it, i cheaked for lumps, but only thing i chould feel was my (epedemis) <-- i think its called.), I've had this kind of pain before, when i was younger, but it only lasted for 2 days. This time it has persisted for a week, i told my mother yesterday, and she said, if the pain dosent stop until monday (4 day's from now). She will take me to the doctor, she sais abdominal pain/testicle pain (if persisting longer then 1 week) anything less is not serious. today while doing self exam, like the other 3 day's i've been doing this. the left testicle that started hurting in first place, has kinda gone up like, when you take a bath in reaaaaly cold water, and kinda turned, this choulden't be testicle torsion i am sure, my right testicle, has dull pain, when i breath in it takes around 3 -4 secounds it starts to hurt, then goes away, and it keeps repeating, also, i have had some gas, more then usual, and when i only have abit pee in my bladder i have to go empty it, (also happends when i catch a cold). B4 i go to the doctor / urogolist, i would like some answears just to relieve myself, when i start stressing the pain seems to come, but when i oversee it goes away, also while waking up today i feelt nothing, 2 healthy testicles and no pain, however after 4 hours off straight gym today at school it was this Fotball cup thingie, they started hurting again. Chould this be due to my tight boxers, that i maybe have squeezed my one testicle? anyways, any respond is apreciated


Update: My testicle's have slightly improved (when the pain first started i masturbated once again and it hurt to much, so i was afraid to do it for a whole week), now after a week i masturbated again, when they were almost no hurting, but now i think i bruised them again, its berlynoticeble pain, but i feel their kinda bruised/not swollen. (and under my testicle's or behind my testicle's for that mather, i got this burning sensation. i have never been sexually active and im still a virgin.

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