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john571 07-31-2013 09:05 AM

ibs: ¿anyone tried to remove all liquids from diet?
hello everyone,

I've been suffering from IBS for 10 years.

I'm not going to bother you with the particulars because I'm no different to any other patient: many doctors, treatments, pills... and nothing has worked so far.

I got to a very critical stage 3 years ago and I spent more than 3 months eating basically rice, even for breakfast, cause there was nothing I could eat that wouldn't bring diarrhoea with it.

very slowly, I kept introducing some foods until i got a diet that was very limited but allowed me to eat other things like egg, fish, some vegetables and some fruit.

At that point, i followed this strict diet for more than a year, because after years sick all the time, I wanted some stability in my life.

Some months ago I tried something: I took all the liquids out of my diet. All means that I don't drink anything at all, not in the meals, not between the meals.

thanks to that now i can eat rice, pasta, bread, dairies, fish, some kinds of meat, some vegetables, fruit in general... and have no symptoms at all. I don't even go to the bathroom every day. I used to go twice a day, even when i followed the strict diet.

So... my question is... has anyone tried this radical approach? has it worked for you?

to be fair, I must say that i do drink a little. In winter, I'm never thirsty and when I am, i take some chewing gum or similar to refresh my mouth. If I'm thirsty, i drink in sips maybe 2 o 3 times a day.

In summer, I'm more thirsty and eat more chewing gum, and maybe drink 4 o 5 times, but they are really more drops than proper water, just to remove that nasty feeling in your mouth.

I know this is not the best possible way of living, but neither is spending the whole day in the bathroom or eating only rice. Actually, this way I can eat a lot of fruit (which has a lot of water)


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