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The Purpose of life?

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Old 02-08-2011, 08:30 AM   #31
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Re: The Purpose of life?

Hello, I believe the purpose of life is to find joy in what you do have. At your age my life changed in a second and I lost almost everything I had, including my health. I had to pick from where I was and find joy in what was left. Be it love of those around you, religion, whatever; live your life to the best possible means with what you have.

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Old 02-24-2011, 12:59 AM   #32
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khatioli HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

i think being alive is important to every one that i love and to who loves me, life is so sweet to live and can't imagine losing it.
I live to glorify my Creator a lone and live to be the purpose He created me for.

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Re: The Purpose of life?

To be honest and real, and all I am and can be; to be neither higher or lower than anyone else, to be responsible for myself and to others.

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bl0ndie2 HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

Originally Posted by Sempron View Post
Hi all hope everyone is well,

Now im not sure if this is the correct place to post my subject so i appoligise if its wrong :/

Basicly im asking on this forum today because i know i can get a genuine responce from everyone here.

Ive had this thing playing on my mind for some time now....what is the real purpose of life? can i find out what my purpose of life is?

I feel empty im missing something or meant to be doing a lack of fulfillment,Yet i just dont know what it is and its simply driving me mad to the point of been constantly depressed all the time.

I know you guys cant directly tell me what it is that im missing....but how can i find out?
this may seem like a wierd post....but i hope you understand what i mean,I just feel like everyday is the same..

I just dont know what to do...or who to speak to.

Just some info on myself it it helps.

Im male...21yrs old,live in the UK,
I work 4 nights a week at a superstore.
I currently live with my parents still due to the prices of own places these days.

So yeah thats basicly it....hope anyone can give me some feedback,If not who can?

It is not unusual to think of these things. mankind has been thinking of these Q's and trying to explain them ever since the year .

Personally, it shows that you have character. It shows that you are looking outside the box that most ppl live in / stay in all their lives.

My answer to you is not a religious one. It isnt even necessarily something you will consider, but none the less i'd like to share it if not for my own selfish reasons of just sharing!

I believe that we are here to learn.

I believe that there are different dimensions and different aspects of time.

We come here to evolve spiritually so that we may help those who are still here when we pass on.

I believe we have been born before, some more than others. Also, as humans ( an animal ) we have senses, much like other animals... Over time most of us have lost the sense that animals around us have, the unspoken 6th sense.

You are asking yourself these Q's either because something has pushed you to... maybe a dream you have subsequently forgotten but was so real at the time it woke up your curious, evolving spiritual side. Or you have been experiencing 'da ja vu's ' the feeling that you know of a place or person from another time.

Don't shrug it off. It will only come back later and you would have missed out on some awesome opportunities to be shown another beautiful and sacred side to this existence.

Trust your instincts. Write down any dreams after you wake before you forget.

Be thankful. To be thankful brings positive things into your life. What I mean by that is to say in your mind your genuine thankfulness.

God isnt a religion. God isnt judgemental. You can only make your own hell and the hell of others.

What you make of this life will help you and others in the next.

Pain is what makes us strong. To make us angry and bitter is to have the pain in control.

There is negative and positive in all of us, and learning about this is what makes our journey here worthwhile.

Think about it. Magnets have negative and positive, all in nature there is two sides which help each other meet in the middle.

Where there is good there will be pain. Where there is pain, we can grow. You cannot have one without the other.

Notice some ppl are eaten up with anger. Forgive them so it doesnt eat you up too.

Things happen for a reason. There are cycles. Life comes and goes. That you can be assured of.


Old 02-27-2011, 08:58 PM   #35
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NC_guy HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

A very deep and so hard to answer question. It's what everyone wants to define but I guess nobody had reached that yet. So that you won't be bothered, keep yourself busy with things around you and maximize and utilize them well. Don't keep on thinking about it because it will just drive you crazy. Live with a healthy life, as long as you do what you think is right and good for you, I guess you met a little bit of purpose in life...

Old 03-18-2011, 12:34 PM   #36
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Krista2882 HB UserKrista2882 HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

The answer is God.

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jumprosel HB Userjumprosel HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

the purpose of life is to live happily

Old 03-21-2011, 08:59 AM   #38
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vgktl HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

Can I firmly and absolutely claim that my destiny has been decided by myself? Can I explain the aim of my life in absolute terms? I can’t.
At this juncture of my existence I find the aim of my life akin to the flowing waters of a river. Guided and determined by the almighty it has to mingle with the sea. I am to witness a life flowing within its jurisdiction and competencies to mingle with the nature in the last. The drive is always the pleasure and the destiny always the sea!

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Re: The Purpose of life?

Biologically speaking, our purpose in life is to reproduce successfully, and survive for as long as we can.

If we desire purpose other than or beyond that, we're clever enough to discover or invent such purpose.

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monaraph (03-27-2011)
Old 03-30-2011, 11:27 PM   #40
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Re: The Purpose of life?

My belief is that the purpose of life is to know, love, and serve God and to be happy with Him in the next.

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Lauriealix HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

Hello. I never even really took the time to read what everyone else responded to you. I Do kind of no what you meaning. It is like something is missing in your life and your just not sure what it might be. Well best thing for you to do is check many areas of your life and check out each one , One by one. For example. CHECK YOUR work life style are you happy with you job, Or is maybe your not making enough money, Check your personal life with your relastionship, how is things going. Or maybe your not married and missiing being alone. Do you have children and something is going on there. I would take a not pad and write down everything you can think of. And do a daily notes of what is going on and do this for about 3 weeks and see what you can find out. Sometimes reaching out to family or friends is not always best things to do, many people want to judge you and that is not what you need. WHat you have done here by posting is great. I hope what input I have offered with be helpful. GOOD LUCK AND WITH TIME IT WILL ALL WORK OUT> HUGGS to ya

Old 04-06-2011, 05:46 AM   #42
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Re: The Purpose of life?

Is there truly a purpose to life?

Through the luck of the draw, we were either born into a loving, caring, financially secure family, or we were born into misery, or..... to somewhere in between.

What we do, with our lives, reflects our own purpose for our lives. Our first purpose is survival. To some, who are born into misery (like throughout most of the world), the purpose to life is survival. In many countries, run by brutal, non-caring, or inept rulers; children spend long hours scavenging through garbage, just to eat.

There is also wide-spread brutality, abuse, enslavement, untreated medical problems, murder, starvation, etc. For countless billions, just making through another day is their "purpose to life".

Through the luck of the draw, I was born into a loving, caring family in a strong, freedom loving country. As enabled by this great, wonderful country; and protected by the blood and sacrifice of many who fought for my freedom, my purpose to life, from an early age, had been survival, followed by establishing a good career, followed by finding that certain someone with whom I could share my life.

Many have a "purpose in life" that is self centered and cares only about their own gratification. They will prey on others, take advantage of others, abuse others, steal from others, torture others, etc.. In other words, they lack basic human compassion and are more like animals of prey rather than like humans. They make life miserable for others, especially if they get into a position of power, either over their own children, spouse, or over a country.

Many others, though, do care about others and have compassion for others, and want to make theirs a better family, better community and better world, not just for themselves but also for others.

I believe in compassion towards others, especially towards animals, and also I have a great respect for our earth and environment. It's a sin how badly animals are often treated throughout this world!

I really enjoy HealthBoards, and it warms my heart when I read the post of a caring, compassionate member, here on HealthBoards, who is trying to bring some kind of relief to someone in pain or anguish. I wish all people in this world were just as caring and compassionate, but sadly, many are not.

The "purpose to life" is very much individual. Survival and happiness and success and love... the most important questions to me is whether or not each individual achieves their "purpose to life" with compassion towards others, while trying to do as little damage to the environment as possible and without hating others, and without preying on others.
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mihalis13 HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

Hi there in UK,

I am from Europe, but living in the States.

Volumes were written on your question, but here are a few simple questions you might want to ask yourself and give your own answers, because we are all different. What is your purpose would be different than anyoneelse's.

They say what we loved as children is our true passion, so, what is it that you liked as a child? What were your hobbies/ Did you play with bugs? did you draw? did you listen to your friends? or rather tell them your story?

Second, you are young and opportunities are opened to you. Did you think of volunteering for certain things you believe in? Or at least that they are good causes? It doesn't take a long time, a couple hours a month would do to give you a taste of what it is and if you'd like to pursue it further.

Finally, speaking to a counselor, if you find a good one, might give you some perspective. If that is not possible, there are so many internet web sites who cater to finding out what your special fits are. I am confident if you Google perhaps... best professions and personality, or personality tests or best jobs for my interests, or activities, you'd come up with a lot of tests.
Hope this helps a little, but point is we all have a purpose and ultimately the outsiders could only help you discover what it is, but you will give your own answer if you keep at it
Good luck. let me know how it goes.

Old 04-29-2011, 12:04 AM   #44
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stanleytapp HB User
Re: The Purpose of life?

Purpose of life is to just live it out man.... Cheerfully. If you can not help any one in your life than don't even hurt any one. That's it.

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capatga (05-20-2011)
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Re: The Purpose of life?

For me it is service to others ,anonymous if possible,

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