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stargrave 10-29-2018 06:13 PM

GFR 82.9, but rest is normal, What does it mean?
I wat today for a general/deep check up with included an extensive blood work, with several kidney parameters included.

Health Background: 49 male overweight, with Asthma(6 yrs) Allergies(Whole life) (GERD and Hiatus Hernia 6yrs), High Blood Pressure (7 years), and Benign Prostate Enlargement (Detected on Nov '17).

Medicines: Pulmicort + Symbicort 1 dose each 2 Times per day, Montelukast 10 mg one a day, Omeprazole 20 mg 1 day, Finasteride+Tamsulosin 1 dose of each a day, and HCL+Losartan 50/12.5 a day.

My blood work findings, High Cholesterol, several parameters out of range, 105 fasting glucose(first time for me over 100), and the rest in range.

Mu Urine Sample came back clear of everything, proteins, bacteria etc.. just with a PH 8.0 out of range.

On the Renal part of the analysis. Urea is 29, Serum Creatinine 1.05, everything else in range aside form a 7.4 uric acid., so everything looks pretty normal EXCEPT FOR:

My Glomerular Filtration Rate GFR at [U][B]82.9[/B][/U], which the table reads normal range must be <90.

To be COMPLETELY honest, this is the FIRST time I've eve heard about this, and I've yet to find any prior test like this.

Not even when my creatinine got up to 1.74 last year, because of a urinary infection, which led to the discovery of my Enlarged Prostate, I have this parameter tested, don't know why.

But.. I did got an ultrasound scan, where they saw the prostate enlargement, but kidney wise, they were normal in size with no litiasis whatsoever, or that's what the doctor said.

Since that date, I've checked my creatinine two more times, with two more Urine tests, because I though those were the prime indicators of kidney trouble. GFR was completely out of my radar.

I point this out because on the creatinine side of the equation, my current 1.05 mark is the lowest since that 1.74 of last year, so there's a clear improvement there.

Sill this low(and new to me) GFR, got me worried, so I wanted to ask for some insight or knowledge on the matter, prior to my Doctors Appointment next week.

Thanks in advance for your kind response.

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