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  • Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not too concerned. Should I be?

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    MtnDude HB User
    Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not too concerned. Should I be?

    Just looking for some guidance. Since June 2nd Iíve been having weird gi symptoms. Pain, burning, diarrhea etc. also a subtle pressure on left mid back.
    I had a ct June 5th of my abdomen and pelvis to see if anything was wrong with my gi. Incidentally this was reported about my left kidney:

    Kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder: Small area of cortical thinning in the upper pole of the LEFT kidney most consistent with a small scar. Lymph nodes multiple small retroperitoneal nodes are seen in the periaortic and aortocaval regions. One of the larger nodes is seen on image 69 measuring 7 mm in short axis.

    Had two doctors look at this and nobody seems concerned.

    Had colonoscopy June 24th that confirmed gastritis, duodenitis and other gi inflammation. This was cause for my stomach discomfort and pain in eating etc,
    The biopsies from the scopes came back negative for any real causes although suspected to be related to ibuprofen I had prior to these gastritis symptoms.

    Since no real cause of gi symptoms were identified in colonoscopy, gi doc I was referred to wanted to do an MRI Enterography with contrast just to look closer at abdomen (intestines, organs, etc) just to see if there might be something else causing the gi troubles.

    July 10th I had this MRI Enterography and while the digestive tract looked ok other than mild inflammation from gastritis, my left kidney made itself known on the report twice:
    Kidneys and visualized ureters: There is an abnormal contour of the superolateral left kidney well seen for example on coronal image 19 series 19 and axial image 42 series 17. Kidneys are otherwise unremarkable.

    1. Mild cortical scarring in the left superior lateral kidney, likely related to remote infection or reflux.

    Gi doc and another doc looked at these results and didnít think there was any cause for concern. They think I mightíve had kidney infection at some point in my life resulting in scarring. My GP has been out of the office. I have called to ask his interpretation of the report but my gut tells me heís likely going to shrug it off too since he tends to think Iím a hypochondriac since my gi stuff started June 2nd.

    I had some weird pain in abdomen back in feb 2016 which prompted an ultrasound. They reported my kidneys then as follows:
    Right kidney: Normal.
    Right kidney size: 10.2 cm.
    Left kidney: Normal.
    Left kidney size: 10.8 cm.

    As it is now, my gastritis and gi stuff seems to be healing. Remaining symptom I have is this left mid-back pressure which is sometimes tender when leaning back. This started about same time as my gi stuff. Could this back tenderness be consistent with the kidney imaging findings?

    Any cause for concern here? Should I be pushing more for answers?

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    Re: Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not to concerned. Should I be?

    My personal opinion: If I were in your shoes I wouldn't push for more answers. I would feel lucky about their conclusions.

    What I would do is rethink the soundness of my dietary choices. For example: 1) Am I eating too much protein and thereby putting an undue strain on my kidneys? 2) Am I eating too many processed foods and thereby not getting enough fiber? 3) Am I drinking an adequate amount of water to promote proper kidney function? 4) Do I have a high percentage of body fat and thereby causing the inflammation? 5) Do I have chronic stress that's contributing to inflammation?

    Most medical doctors are trained to diagnose and treat, or not treat. It's not their job to ask any of the above questions. It's all left up to the individual. That's just the way it is. If a patient has a lifestyle deficit, they will keep going back until such time as something is found that can be treated with medication.

    Adequate fiber from natural whole foods is essential for health. It has to do with how your whole body functions, including your immune system. We all should try to get 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day, but not from supplements.

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    MtnDude (07-12-2019)
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    MtnDude HB User
    Re: Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not to concerned. Should I be?

    Thank you, JohnR41. I would love to not worry about it.

    I think ultimately, the worry I have is there could be something lurking that docs might be simply overlooking. Why would my kidney be misshaped. I can physically feel a tenderness right in my back where I think it might be. I've felt this since the gastritis started June 2nd.

    Pre-June 2nd, I was fine, i felt fine, no problems. could eat and drink whatever i wanted and had no issues. End of may, I had a suspicious mole removed and stitches. There were a few days where stress and anxiety ran through the roof fearing that my mole biopsy would come back non-benign.

    Also, through this same weekend after biopsy, i had been taking ibuprofen for the stitches pain and some beers over that weekend to take the edge off. Then June 2nd i had some major stomach issues followed by gastritis and GI inflammation.

    Shortly after this i could feel tender spot on my left mid-back. initially thought it was a bruise. It was tender when sitting back against a chair. Mentioned to Dr. and he said it was likely just a bruise or lypoma.

    Mole came back as benign, which should have been a relief, but the GI stuff was already under way. Mentioned gastritis stuff for doc, which he did a workup for: stool sample, CT, colonosopy/egd, blood work.

    Blood work came a back - a couple things were just a couple tests were a bit off. Doc suspected to be minor infection somewhere.
    Additionally he mentioned my kidney functions were a bit low at 80 - suspected to be dehydrated.

    The thing about gastritis and GI inflammation i had was that it made it very difficult to eat. Add on top of that, heavy anxiety. wansnt much of an appetite. Thankfully ive improved considerably and i'm eating again but i've lost about 26 lbs since June 2nd.

    Could the weight loss contribute to excess work for kidneys?

    I've had another blood test by another doc a week or so ago and my kidney level was 67. He said that level was fine. I mentioned i previously had GFR of 80 and he said its fine, it fluctuates.

    I know i've previously had GFR of 80 for the past few years. never thought anything of it.
    The source of concern i have is:
    -GFR dropped - Does it really fluctuate? Could be the amount of weight i've lost in short amount of time?
    -Had Ultrasound in 2016 showing kidneys were fine. Then two imaging tests (mri and CT) in June 2019 showing scarring and misshapen left kidney
    -can feel tenderness left-mid back.

    I guess just looking for piece of mind. If all is fine, then that would ease my mind. If GFR indeed fluxuates, then that makes me happy and I can move on easier.
    if these are things that should be concerning, i would love to ensure i'm getting a closer examination if warranted.

    Thank you again for your input.

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    MSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB UserMSNik HB User
    Re: Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not too concerned. Should I be?

    From personal experience I can tell you that duodenitis can be the cause of your back pain. This lower part of the colon can actually cause extreme back pain..

    I have had three or four CT scans as my issues wound up being gallballer related and on each of them they wrote about my misshapen and scarred kidney. I worried too- but after seeing 4 specialists, they all told me the same thing. As long as my kidney values on my blood work were normal, there is nothing to be concerned about. Did you have blood drawn?
    RRMS- dx 05

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    MtnDude HB User
    Re: Recent left kidney imaging findings. Docs not too concerned. Should I be?

    Thank you, MSNik.
    I did have blood draw just over a month ago. GFR was 80. Itís hovered around 80 for as long as I can remember.. for years. Iím fine with this number.
    Had visit a couple weeks ago with a doc that did a draw and eGFR was 67. This is the number that freaked me out.
    He could sense I was erked by this info and tried reassuring that numbers go up and down all the time.

    To ease my mind Iíve been thinking my diet has been so lacking, maybe Iíve had keystones which have been hard on my system. I really donít know. Seems to be a thing in keto community.
    I do know my back pains come and go, and shift around but there is a constant pressure/light pain right on my left flank where I think my kidney would be. Any pressure makes it worse. Itís been there for weeks.
    Been bumming me out.

    Thanks MSNik for sharing your experience. Youíre right in gastritis. It messes with everything.
    Thanks again!

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