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Ved123 01-31-2020 10:23 PM

6 years old High Serum potassium.
My 6 years old Boy, weight 26.5kg.
Everytime he has high serum potassium in his blood test. Sometime he has complain of chest pain and tingling sensation in legs and hands.His ped doctor says its normal.Chest pain could be due to acidity. But i don't think its normal. What could be wrong and how much serious it is? Following is his RFT test report.
S. Urea 29 mg/dl
S. Sodium 138mmol/l
S. Potassium 5.76 mmol/l
S. Chloride 102 mmol/l
S. Creatinine 0.65 mg/dl

He also has fulness of both renal pelvicalyceal system.

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