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Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.

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Old 11-22-2004, 06:47 PM   #1
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MikeDavis7 HB User
Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.

So here's the deal...

I'm 35 and for about six months I've had a problem with Urine Dribbling, which means after I'm done there's just more that dribbles out for a minute or two and then it's done. No incontinence, but I was worried about it and thought it might just be an age thing.

So about two weeks ago, I ejaculate and PAIN. MASSIVE PAIN and I don't know what it is but I figure maybe I just pulled a penis muscle or

So a few days ago, I'm masturbating because I'm a I'm getting nervous...

Time to experiment. I masturbate yesterday. No pain. Okay, maybe all is well. More experiments necessary.

Masturbate again today. And PAIN...and on the tissue in the semen are two small orange hard crystal thingies. I'm flipping out. I start researching and they look and sound like Uric Acid stones and I meet the criteria as well. I east A LOT of meat and very little fiber.

So I masturbate again. I was another experiment. PAIN again and another even larger orange crystal thing.

Anyway, they appear to be Uric acid stones, but I can't find any info on the internet about these stones being passed during ejaculation. I don't have any pain when I urinate.

What's the deal? Anyone have any info on this? Are the stones getting stuck somewhere and only the power of an orgasm is flushing them out?

I'm worried. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Old 11-24-2004, 08:15 AM   #2
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Michelle66 HB User
Re: Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.

Well, urine and ejaculate pass through the same tube. I would get ahold of a urologist and let him know what you found out with your "experiments" and what is going on, if you still have the stones, save them and bring them with. Was there any blood in the ejaculate when you passed the stones??

It could just be that at those times the stones were just near enough to pass is all. I know I talked to my doc about sex and kidney stone issues and it was explained to me that because kidney are really a big muscle, when you have intercourse, those muscles are worked and so stones can be worked loose and therefor you tend to have an attack within days or weeks after having sex.

I have noticed that this is pretty true in my case, which kinda sucks cause then you just don't want to do it for fear of having another kidney stone attack! My poor hubby lol

Good luck, hope they find out what's going on with you!

Old 11-24-2004, 02:29 PM   #3
Senior Member
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tyler7 HB User
Re: Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.

Hello Mike,

First of all, you're not a loser for masturbating. Gee, only, um... just about every other male on the face of the planet does too... LOL The act is so inherently biological for us that we should never be ashamed about this (the best is when you have a female friend who knows full well that you do it -- oh, the conversations that can be

Anyways, about your problem. Not that I ever experienced finding stone-type things in my semen after ejaculating, but I have wondered the basic premise myself, if you can pass them that way, since I masturbate an average amount for a 28yo male, and I have had many kidney stone episodes over the last 3.5 years. In fact I'm in the middle of one now, being going on since July, but I'm finally having a procedure done next week to rid my body of them. Let me ask you real quick -- During the time of ejaculation (or even all other surrounding times), did you ever experience pain deep in your groin area and/or around your lower back area (referred to as the "flank", it's about the bottom 3rd of your back, each side, you have right flank and left flank)? I only ask that because, a very common sympton of normal kidney stone behavior is having building and then instense pain in the groin and flank area. Which side depends on which kidney you have the stones in (you could of course having them in both sides at once -- I've had that before).

But to perhaps give you a better direct answer, it has long been to the best of my knowledge that when you ejaculate, the applicable area basically closes itself off at that moment as to not let any urine come out. Forgive me, but as I write this, I'm trying to think in my head of all the correct parts of the anatomy,etc, that come into appropriate play here. I know that urine comes from the kidney, down thru the ureter into the bladder, then out the bladder, down thru the urethra and out the top of the penis. And obviously the final path that semen travels is also thru the urethra, as that's the only pathway out of the penis, but it's the part that connects to the urethra of where the semen is coming from, I guess that's the part I'm having trouble remembering right now.

You know what, I just remembered it was on this very board where I asked my question in the past that had to do with this. I'm sorry Mike, I hope I haven't confused you even more with my seemingly double-talk and being so wordy. Do this: do a search thru the Kidney Disorder board for my username, "tyler7", and among the threads that are brought up you should find where I posed my ejaculate question. There shouldnt be too many to choose from, as I've made the vast majority of my posts on the Pain Management board. (& I should've made the subject line blatant enough to be able to tell). I don't know, I guess I thought when I started to reply here that I'd had something better and more clear to tell you. But at the very least, it won't take you long to look up that old post, I remember that the person who replied gave me a simple and clear answer that seemed to make sense.

Actually, that part should be the very least that you do here. Because, and I don't mean to scare you here, but if you did indeed pass kidney stones in your ejactulate, that is rather unusual. Go get checked out, and good luck

Old 12-27-2004, 05:31 PM   #4
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j712345 HB User
Re: Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.


Did you ever find out what was causing your problem?

I ask because I too have had a very similar problem.
The difference with me was that I had severe back pain, as if I was passing a stone. It was excrutiating! A trip to the Chiro seemed to take care of it. He put the "electro-muscle stimulator" things on my lower back, and it seemed to help a lot. I could walk again, without having a spasm, and falling on my face!

When my girlfriend and I were "together" later that night, a couple of very small, orange colored, round particles came out, when I "arrived" (I had to squeeze them, out, as I felt them in the urethra.) They had the texture of wet sand, and were not hard. The next night, the same thing happened, but a larger piece came out. It was the same color, but more jagged. They caused a bit of irritation, but nothing too severe...not even close to the back pain I had. Since then, I have not had any severe back pain, nor has anything odd come out. I never passed anything when urinating either. My back is still a bit sore, and feels fatigued. If they had come out during urination, I would just chalk it up to kidney stones, but since it happened during ejacualtion, I am a bit concerned. I know that semen can get into the bladder sometimes, during ejaculation. I am wondering if the stone was just hanging out in the base area of the urethra, and the ejaculation kind of forced it out..? Any ideas?


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