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texaslady03 07-06-2006 01:56 PM

blood and crystals in urine
My first post here. Last October just before my insurance ended, I went to the dr because I had smelly urine and a dull pain on my left side. I thought I had a kidney/bladder infection. They did a urine test and found blood and crystals in my urine. She also gave me antibiotics for a possible infection since I had the smelly urine. I was not able to go back for further tests since my insurance ended. Since then, I have had a dull pain in my lower back near the last rib that radiates to my front. I will have insurance again in 2 weeks and plan to have a check up. My question is, can a kidney stone or crystals cause a constant dull ache? I thought you only got pain when a stone was passing. I have been constantly worrying that it is something terrible. Less than two years ago, I had my kidneys scanned during an exam when I found out I had gallstones. This time, the pain is on my left so I know it's something else.

I know the dr. will give me the best answer but I was hoping to hear somethign encouraging so I can quit worrying myself to death.

Thank you!!

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