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  • extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

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    Old 03-18-2007, 06:52 AM   #1
    NY 1009
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    extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    Is this a sign of kidney problems going on? finger, hand and feet swelling and sometimes my face, more so around the eyes?

    I had a possible kidney stone back in dec. It was very small if I actually was passing one. i was having problems with urination for many months before the incident and even had a cysteoscope preformed and all was ok.

    months went by while I was still having the problem. it hurt to urinate which felt like a sharp knife pain which I knew were not symtoms of a uti. I've suffered with uti's since teen hood so I know what they are like.
    I had to literally force the urine out by pushing and it would stop and then go. it was weird but I thought maybe was related to a hysterectomy a couple of yrs ago. I thought maybe scar tissue was stuck on the bladder.

    I'd get a deep achey feeling in my back right where the kidney lays. it hurt to put any pressure on it. I was leaning on a door way at work while standing up when I was conversing with someone onece and the pain became intense.
    then December came and one day when I went shopping to the mall for christmas presents. I had woken that morning with a subtle pain in my lower right pelvic area, right where the appendix lays. it got so uncomfortable that I went to the ER thinking I had appendicitis.
    they performed a catscan with contrast and blood work. the staff dr came back with the report telling me I have a moderately swollen right kidney and right urouter and that they wanted me to see a urologist the next day and gave me script for pain pills and sent me home once they saw I was not in pain anymore. they gave me pain medication while i was there.
    I don't have medical insurance due to me losing my job back in sept. so I cringed at the idea of what the bill was going to be like.
    before they sent me home they referred me to a urolgist but I used my own urologist who had performed the cysteoscope months before. I told the nurse I no longer had insurance and asked if the dr could help me.
    he did by the way.
    we just sat and discussed the test and I asked him if I really need to get a IVP performed like the radiologist recommended. he called the hospital to speak to the dr who read the scan and asked why they weren't sure if it was a stone or not. his reply was that he couldn't get a clear vision of inside becasue of the contrast that was used with the cat scan.
    because of having no insurance I asked my dr if he thought it absolutely necessary for me to pay the bill for an IVP or can I get away with not having it at all and if I have anymore pain to go back to him.
    he said being that my bun and creatine level were normal, he felt it could wait. that's all I wanted to know before i made the appt. whether I could wait or did I have to have it absolutely.

    it is now a couple months later and I haven't had the groin pain anymore or the painful urination but I am now being woken up the night with very painful and swollen fingers. when I wake up they are like little breakfast sausage links, puffy and unable to bend them. one of my fingers even went numb this morning when laying in bed which was so uncomfortable I just wound up getting out of bed instead of continue being bothered.
    I've never had swollen fingers before or swollen feet in the morning where I can't even slip my feet into my shoes. usually its' at the end of a day that my feet get swollen. which is common.

    long story but short question, has anyone here with kidney problems ever have the same symtom I'm having with the swelling of my extremities and I have had a very deep itching in my arms, upper thighs and back. it gets so darn intense that I can't stand it at times. I use a hair brush now instead of my finger nails so I don't leave marks. the itching is more intense after taking showers or when the sun hits my skin, or after using a heating pad.
    just want to know if anyone else has these symtoms and what was their diagnosis?
    I'd appreciate any input.

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    deedee1313 HB User
    Re: extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    My husband had all the same symptoms as you.His face would be puffy and his hands would swell.He had a hard time urinating.It would stop and go.He had the back pain and he was always itchy.He also had foamy urine and his blood pressure was high.He was also sick alot.He was in kidney failure.The doctor put him in the hospital to get his blood pressure down and that was when the kidney failure was dicovered.He had been seeing a urologist but he isn't the one that found the kidney failure.I'm not trying to scare you but better safe than sorry.You should talk to your regular MD or see a kidney doctor just to be sure.

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    NY 1009
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    Re: extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    thank you deedee for you quick response.
    I don't have medical insurance and can't go to the doctor just yet.
    just to walk thru a urologists door without even any type of testing is approx. $200-$300. This is what the medical secretaries told me when I was calling different urologists offices. especially the one the ER dr referred me to. here I am with potential problems with my kidney and I can't even go to the doctor. I"ve been trying to get a job now for months with no success. I don't qualify for unemployment because I walked off the job.
    I find it extremely difficult to work a full time job due to my frequent bouts of not feeling well.
    I now can't sleep thru the night solic for the past two weeks because of waking up in such pain in my hip of the side I'm laying on, or my lower spine,my arms, everything hurts me so bad. I can barely turn over in bed because of the excruciating pain.
    I feel like what ever it is that I have is getting worst, but you know how people can be. we put it off and put if off thinking maybe it'll get better
    and just go away. I just wish the medical teams would help people who don't have much money.
    sorry about my whining, but I feel at this point it's all I can do.
    I'm trapped and needed to know if others who suffer with kidney problems experienced what I am going thru.
    I thank you for sharing what your husband has gone thru.
    it does help my decision making.


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    Cora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB UserCora1003 HB User
    Re: extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    Kidney problems can often cause swelling in the areas you mentioned. How is your blood pressure? That also often rises with kidney problems.

    Good luck to you.

    Dxd T1 1966, 2001 dialysis, 2002 kidney transplant, 2003 insulin pump, 2008 pancreas transplant

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    duzford HB User
    Re: extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    Many of the better or teacching hospitals would classify you as a charity case and you can still get the treatment you would if you were paying your self or had insurance.

    Not sure where you live but contact some of the hospitals and check them out. Even though it is free care some REALLY nice hopsitals participate in the program.

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    NY 1009
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    Re: extreme swelling in fingers and in feet.

    Cora and 2plus1,
    thank you for your assistance.
    I have high blood pressure that is controlled with medication.
    been on it for a few yrs now. it was a very good suggestion though. thanks.

    and 2plus1,
    I never knew that teaching hospitals do this for the community.

    we do happen to have a very large teaching hospital in my county. I wonder why more people aren't made aware of this charity help.

    the hospital I went to back in december where they found the kidney problem, knew I didn't have insurance and I thought I'd get different treatment if the doctors knew this who were treating me, but I saw my thoughts were not true.
    when I finally recieved the bill in the mail, they knocked off such a large amount of the bill and on the bill it stated "charity".
    I was touched. I've never had to go thru the system without insurance.

    thank you immensly.


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