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white blood cells in urine, but no UTI? pulled muscle my foot!

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Old 08-05-2003, 10:56 PM   #1
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muslimlady HB User
Angry white blood cells in urine, but no UTI? pulled muscle my foot!

ok, all who have seen me post know i have had this So called UTI for over a month and a 1/2. been on four different infection medications, and still hurt and run low fevor and just feel very very tired all the time.
this has been going on for a while.
saw my dr today and said i still feel bad and it still hurts in my lower back and upper back area on my right side.
blah blah blah.

she said i have white blood cells in my urine, meaning i have an infection somewhere........but not a UTI being my culture did not have bacteria growth. she said it is a female infection of some kind and we did a pap smear (fun). and she said she will let me know. i then asked her if it was a female problem why then does my right side hurt in my lower back and upper back area on my right side? she said maybe a pulled muscle. i did not say much after this, but dont think it is a pulled muscle, and i dont think it is a female problem, i just had a check up with my GYN, she did not say anything about infection.....
so now she has me on metronidazole 500mg to get rid of this infection. (5th infection med i am on)
what do i do when i go back and the white blood cells are still there?
anyone know why white blood cells are in urine and not a UTI?
do i just ask her to run extra test on me?

help, its been going on for so long i am worn out by all this, and i am so tired all the time.
please give me advise.

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Old 08-06-2003, 05:36 PM   #2
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qwerty30 HB User

Hi! It is me again. I am still having the exact same problem. I went to my dr. today and my urine test showed that I had no blood or no protein but showed leukocytes WBC's. He said that now I have a bladder infection. He put me on Cipro. The other 4 antibiotics have not worked so why should this one? If I did not know better I would think we are going to the same dr. I asked again for pain meds just to get me through the night and he refused and told me to take 800 milligrams of Advil 4 times a day. It is going on six weeks now and I am tired of feeling this way and getting the run around. Have you tried going to the ER? Sometimes they will do additional testing. Keep me posted on how you are doing. By the way my dr tried to tell me maybe I just pulled a muscle in my back which I know is completely wrong!

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Old 08-06-2003, 11:14 PM   #3
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muslimlady HB User

oh god...........i am so upset about all this and the run around? why do we have WBC's and no bacteria growth?
i did go to the ER last time, but thing is my insurance nneds to have my dr approve it before they run test on me if it is not life threating. they only gave me reciprin shot for infection and ran a culture........when i went back to my dr this is when she said she did not know if it was a UTi because of the no bacteria growth on my culture. this is when she said it may be female trouble.
thing is i have searhed all over the net to find out white blood cells in Urine but no bacteris growth...and they all said it may because i didnt clean myself before i pee peed in the cup. NOT! what about the pain the fevor at low grade........the bring tired all the time.
i was wondering if you has msn or aol? so we can talk more about this? being we have the same trouble and i cant seem to get any information on line.
have u found anything?
i need to have an x ray with the die.......have u had this yet?
i will ask her if this does not work.
oh and by the way, i was on cipro TWICE at different mg. and nothing,,,it did not work.
you know u can buy the test strips in the store and test yourself? i saw this on line. its at most drug stores.

Old 08-07-2003, 04:51 PM   #4
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Location: abilene ,tx ,usa
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qwerty30 HB User

Hey me again,

I had to go the the Dr. again today because my fever was 102. This time my urine test showed that I had rbc's which my dr said was serious since I am bleeding from somewhere. He referred me to a urologist. My appt is Mon. I have had the IVP with the dye and a CATSCAN that showed no abnormalities. Whoever told you that your urine test showed that because you did not clean yourself has no clue what they are talking about. You have WBC's because you have an infection. It really doesn't sound like it is female trouble either. Your symptoms and pain location sounds like it is your kidneys. Of course I am no expert. I did not know you could buy those test strips at the drugstore. Maybe we need to go buy some and diagnose ourselves since the dr's are not doing much. Are you seeing a regular dr or a urologist? I am so tired all of the time also and run low grade fever during the day then it gets high at night. Have you tried the cranberry juice? I finally did and it did not help me much. I have yahoo. I wish we could talk more about this also. You are the only one that knows exactly what I am going through. Hope you get to feeling better. Keep me posted.

Old 08-07-2003, 07:20 PM   #5
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ginn26 HB User

Have any of you had a 24 hr urine creatine clearance test. This will tell how your kidneys are doing and how much they are functioning. Ask your doctor to give you one.

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Old 08-07-2003, 10:03 PM   #6
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Join Date: May 2003
Location: Oregon
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muslimlady HB User

thanks ginn, i will try to talk to my dr about needed test done the next time i go. which is about a week and a 1/2. i will mention this.

As for the cranberry juice, i have tried this, did not even do anything. but make my mouth purke like i was eating a lemon.! ha ha
I have only been seeing a General prac. i need HER to referr me to a urolgest (sp?) cant just go. for insurance reasons.
the infection medication she has me on is for female infection and I looked it up and it clears infection only in the lower bowel area and female parts.
also today, i was walking alot (went pick up my daughter from the airport)and my lower back side started to hurt ALOT! i was tired so so much. and then my urine was VERY DARK! so i know it is getting worse again......if it gets any worse i will wait until sat when the dr office is closed and just go to the ER.
i am glade to hear your dr is understanding you need to see a specialist. but i am sorry you have RBC's in your urine. can i ask how long you felt bad before you had the RBC's? because it seem your more advanced then me by a few weeks or so. and if this happen to you i can just wait and see it happen to me, it seems.
do you have upper and lower pain in your back side?
because i have it in my upper and lower right side. like right under my rib cage in my back side as well as my lower right back side? is this odd for you? or is it just me?
i wonder what is causing you to bleed if the catscan and the x ray showed nothing? what do you think it could be? what other test could be done?

Old 10-17-2003, 05:21 PM   #7
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OC HB User

Hi there,

Have read all these messages with interest as I am going through the same as you both right now. I live in UK, so I realise things are a little different over here, but I hope my experiences might help you in some way.

My urine analysis showed RBC, WBC and protein and my GP immediately diagnosed a kidney infection and started me on Augmentin antibiotics for 5 days. I returned 4 days into the course to receive my lab analysis of the urine test, and my GP explained that it was considered to be a 'sterile' sample i.e. the labs could not grow anything from my sample (nice!). She said is was called PYURIA and said this is usually due to one of three reasons:

1. The sample was delayed in reaching the lab, and exceeded the recommended 'freshness' limit.
2. If you were on a course of anykind of antibiotic when you gave the sample, it is likely that you will get WBC with no bacteria.
3. OR, and probably the least pleasant of the possibilities, that you might have Chlamydia (STI)

Thanks to the web I found this slightly more comprehensive definition & list of possible causes for pyuria:

"Sterile pyuria is the presence of elevated numbers of white cells (>10/cubic mm) in a urine which appears sterile using standard culture techniques":

The causes of sterile pyuria include:

* a treated urinary tract infection (UTI) within 2 weeks of treatment/inadequately treated (UTI)
* UTI with fastidious culture requirement
* renal stones
* prostatitis
* renal papillary necrosis (e.g. from analgesic excess)
* tubulo-interstitial nephritis
* genitourinary tuberculosis (always consider - do 3 early morning urines)
* interstitial cystitis
* urinary tract neoplasm
* polycystic kidney

In my case, I was taking Minocyline/Aknemin anibiotics for skin problems, so the lack of bacteria but presence of WBC was explained.

I have now been told to return for a repeat sample in 10 days time.

I (luckily) feel so much better just after 5 days of antibiotics. The chills and fevers have cleared up, and I no longer have the terrible pains that shoot up my back when I walk. I felt as though I had been kicked in the lower back, and had aches up my right hand side.

I hope you both will start to feel a lot better soon.
Best of luck, OC x

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Old 10-29-2003, 09:44 PM   #8
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feelingfroggy98 HB User

Ok~ I have gone to the ER 2 x in the past 3 days. I had 2 CT scans and both were read incorrectly... I have WBC's in my urine as well as bacteria. They said it was UTI, a Bladder infection, and kidney stones. Have you gone to a urinoligist?

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