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  • I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney disease???

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    Old 01-16-2011, 07:16 AM   #1
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    Question I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney disease???

    I'm 20yrs old weight in at about 150-160

    I also have high BP for some reason
    I'm began to worry about possible kidney diesese
    from various links
    I followed (I tend to be a hypocondriac)
    I take 25mg tramodol
    for my bp I also have random spikes in my bp and it can get up to
    even after I take my medication
    my BP has also been diffrent in seperate arms before
    above the normal 10mmHg mark
    i have dull pains int
    lower groins from time to time (not serious)
    I diagnosed it could be chronic appendicitis ?
    and rarely my mid back will hve a sharp pain randomly

    I don't have blood urine
    I don't urinate over frequently
    I don't have cloudy urine
    or any of the symptoms
    but could it be leading to it?

    ANY help would be greatly apprisiated!!! :]]]

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    montesflus HB Usermontesflus HB User
    Re: I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney diesese???

    I somehow doubt you have real kidney disease. Why don't you go to your regular internist and get labwork done? He/she may also order other tests too. That way you will at least get to know if there is anything out of whack and hopefully get some peace of mind, or treatment (if needed) instead of worrying without getting answers.

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    Re: I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney diesese???

    unfortunetly when someone your very young age actually has a high BP like you do, one of the things that has to be either ruled out or in as a possible underlying cause IS form of a kidney disease. just seeing your primary doc for labs and one UA can tell you whether or not your kidney functions are being affected. anyone who simply has any kidney disease will almost always also show protien in their urine too. its one of the earliest indicators of having any types of kidney disease that just are possible to have, even in someone your age too. there just are forms of 'congenital" passed/created kidney diseases possible to have passed on like was my case and then my sons too that just happen.

    are you certain you are actually taking 'tramadol"? or is it atenolol? i think you may have mixed the name of your med up there since the tramadol is a pain med and atenolol IS for high BP? there just are way too many meds out there with VERY similar names that you HAVE to make certain you always truely KNOW the names of any and all meds you are ever on. while the tramadol could have been given for your pain, if this is actually the ONLY med you are on, if this is actually correct, then you are not getting the 'appropriate' med for high BP at all there with only tram.

    just knowing if that med name is correct would help.

    the thing about the kidneys and high BPs is one can actually create or cause problems with each other or its kind of like the what came first, the chicken or the egg? only because the kidneys/adrenal gland that sits atop each kidney DO govern our BPs overall. so any problem with the kidneys can also impact and raise BP, and high BP of unknown etiology(no known cause) can actually create kidney problems too.

    so either way, just seeing your primary for the actual real underlying cause and ruling the kidneys in or out really IS important for you and your overall health. i am kind of suprised actually that your doc whos rxing you supposed meds to try and treat high BPs in someone your age esp, has not yet really even checked out your kidney labs or done that really critical UA just to check your urine for ANY even trace protien yet? it is just not normal for someone your particular age to simply 'have' high blood pressure. do you know if there is ANY family history on your moms or dads side of ANYONE actually having some form of kidney disease or problems or high BP history? if so, you just can possibly inherit whatever generated "their' particular kidney issues too depending upon just what type of kidney disease it is. i have a form that WAS passed on to me from birth and did not have a flippin clue til well after i actually passed it on to my son and he became gravely ill at age 12. i was around 39? years old when i found out i even HAD a kidney disese my whole flippin life. so anything IS just a possible here that needs some simple labs and that UA done just to see how the kidneys are or if they are even involved at this point.

    you also DO need to get that BP under good control in order to keep your kidneys in good working order here too since what i mentioned above about that real connection CAN create kidney issues if high BPs are not kept in good check over time too. but DO see your doc for the tests i mentioned. ultrasound done on those kidneys along with the other testing really IS the very best way of getting the very BEST overall picture of seeing the kidneys themselves as to how they 'look' and seeing how the functions just are with labs, along with that needed UA. this combo of basic testing really would show the way your particular situation truely 'is' overall with the kidneys.

    hopefully you only have the BP issue with no kidney involvement, just DO see your doc for that VERY needed knowledge. please let us know what you find out. Marcia
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
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    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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    Re: I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney diesese???

    First off Thankyou!!!!'. For the helpfull advice
    2nd off I'm sorry let me reiterate!!!!
    It's METROPLOL!!!' I take METROPOLOL!!!!
    I'm so sorry for that confusion
    ok I will talk to my docter about this an see!

    I'm on route to have an Ecg done and wearing a haltor monitor

    I have a stehiscope app ony phone and I've always been able to tell I have an irregular heartbeat I hope hope hope this will find me a diagnosis

    +I can't even sleep anymore!
    Everytime I try to my heart starts to race andy BP
    will spike!!!

    Agian TY for the advice it helps alot

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    Re: I'm skinny and young with HIGH BP possible kidney diesese???

    so, on top of the high BPs you also are experiencing what is called tachycardia too? the word 'tach' actually means fast? this all very well could be some type of real congenital type of condition as well, the combo of the high BP, and 'possible' underlying kidney disease along with heart issues CAN also be all interconnected in certain cases or not, depending. but 'something' most definitely IS impacting you in alot of ways here that DEFINETLY needs to be "properly" dxed as to what the underlying cause/condition this is, and the sooner the better in order to at least try and get this all under better control.

    just how old were you when all of your symptoms just started or were actually 'noticed' by you or your doc? the metropolol DOES make much more sense there M, lol. it just CAN be VERY confusing with meds. like i already mentioned, there just are soo many different meds that sound WAY too alike out there that actual Rxing mistkes can and have also occured too. and esp when people cannot recall the very 'exacting' name of thier meds? its always a great idea, if you just are on any meds at all, esp with your high BPs and a tachy heart rate to keep the name of your meds handy in your wallet(you can in some pharmacys or docs offices ask for a card that you can use for this purpose, they DO have them). just stating this is the meds i am on and then write down too what conditions you have as well? trust me here M, if there just is ever an emergent type of situation(ya gotta just be prepared) where either you simply cannot tell like the medics or an ER doc what you are on and what your condtions are, having that little card or paper in your wallet that simply 'speaks for you' can possibly save your own life. or at the very LEAST, make it soo much easier for the medics and the ER staff to simply know what you have and 'appropriate' treatments initiated much more quickly as well.

    back when i still had a life, before my spinal cord became pretty damaged from a surgery, i DID actually work as a FF/EMT for many many years and trust me, they DO check for any medic alert tags(i would actually obtain one of these once everything IS actually fully dxed) on you and look into your wallet or purse as the case may be, just to see if there IS any possible info on the 'whys' of what may have created 'your' medical emergency. and we LOVED that part since it did make initiating treatment even for us so much easier, then the ER staff automatically gets the medic report too. and the ER staff will also just automatically 'look' at that medical info too.

    i have had to do this myself since i just have a kidney and liver disease(polycystic kidney disease) that is creating huge organs and my R kidney, back in 2005 got soo freaking huge, it popped out of my back and now sits into the front of my body now. its an anatomical 'shift' that any medical personel also NEEDS to know about too kinda thing? but i also have other major medical problems too that they need to know. all you have to do here is simply list meds and what they are for, since "some' types of meds can also be used in an 'off label use' to treat other conditions as well at certain times too. its simply being 'proactive/just in case', ya know?

    i certainly hope that you just DO have a really good primary doc who really WANTS to know what their own patients possible conditions are 'really' all about. they are just MUCH more thorough than ones who are NOT like that? and they ARE out there, the lazy ones? so be comfortable with your primary to the point that you just KNOW he or she IS doing all the right tests on you and wanting to know the underlying causes of your overall symptoms. you would know this esp if with presenting with high BPs at your age, there simply has NOT been ANY actual real 'testing' done esp on those kidneys at all? if you have had to pee in a cup recently, then they HAVE checked your urine for trace protien already. if not, i would seriously wonder just how much your primary really truely 'knows' about kidney functions and how to recognize that very earliest indicator OF a possible underlying kidney disease simply 'being there' when you, at your age actually were even found to even HAVE 'ongoing' high BPs at all? it just truely IS that much of a 'no brainer' for any good knowledgable primary to simply have checked out at least with that UA done.

    while having one high BP would probably NOT right away, initiate that UA, ongoing high BPs just should have with any primary doc. and it is sooo flippin simple to do. quite honestly, and this just IS my own opinion here, if your primary, the day they decided to actually write that very first rx for treating your high BPs at your age, did NOT also at least start to check out your kidneys with UA, i would possibly consider changing primarys here. like i said, pretty much a no brainer type test with ongoing high BPs.

    one of the guys i used to be on the FD with actually started having pretty high and "uncontrolled by his primary" BPs at about your age, and becasue the high BPs combined with how they just impact the kidneys over time when they are consistantly too high, he ended up by age 26 needing a kidney transplant. his mom donated his new kidney. i am in no way saying that this is going to occur in your case M. just letting you really know how truely impactful 'consistanly high BPs" and if not well controlled, just CAN realistically impact a persons kidneys. they just ARE that interconnected to each other.

    one thing that i would really highly recommend to you is just researching the 'how the kidneys actually work in conjunction with the blood pressures" by the release of renin. it is the renin release that the kidneys and BPs tell the adrenal glands to release that even 'gives us' any blood pressures at all actually. while the heart IS involed in this process too, at its very base IS that release of renin that indicates how our overall BPs can be impacted.

    just even HAVING high blood pressure that you are dealing with here and the tachy heart rate, anything about how this whole process simply works and what CAN become impacted in your body over time really IS a great idea for you. the more real understanding of any medical conditions we may have simply allows us as patients to better understand what we are dealing with and what we ourselves can do to actually even 'help' our own medical situations too. this is also something i just had to start doing once my son suprised us one day with liver failure from our little PKD disease and then the transplant he had to have, then my many many medical nightmares started. knowledge of your own conditions just IS having some power and control over your own health and allows you to best understand what ANY doc is truely talking about when it simply 'comes' to discussing treatment options and other issues with any medical personel/other docs too.

    but DO ask your doc when you see him/her agin as to whether or not they ever DID any types of kidney testing on you. drawing blood is an indicator that at least "something' was tested for, but you may not know just what? but you should have been asked to at the very LEAST here at this point to have peed into that little cup for protien traces since this truely IS the earliest indicator of possible kidney disease. if none of this was done, be sure to TELL your doc that since you HAVE bothered to actually research wenough about the connection between high BPs and possible kidney involvement, you WANT the UA for checking for protien AND your kidney labs also checked right now. he or she can do this at your very next visit. and i would NOT leave that little room you are in at your docs til they DO this much for you since it IS pretty much a standard type of thing to do with esp someone your actual age to even HAVE high BPs. check out the kidneys first to rule out any potential kidney involvment possibly being the underlying culprit in even HAVING the BPs up that high. my friend that i just told you about had a stupid doc who never really 'tried' to get his BPs down enough and never ever 'bothered' to check his overall kidneys and impact til he was already going into renal failure and needing dialysuis. it just made me sick, still does since if "PROPERLY" helped, and or kidney issues actually treated could have prevented THAT from even occuring, at least THAT early in his life. so do NOT allow your doc to simply blow this off since you NOW actually KNOW there IS a very very real connection there between the two things.

    this is simply advocating for yourself when you simply DO know things that your doc is not doing or blowing off that CAN impact you, that actually NEED some checking out or attention too. i do hope this doc IS just on the ball here for you or you CAN walk out that door and seek out a much better more caring and knowledgable primary doc too. you hired this person and you can also fire this person as being in charge of your own health too. please DO keep me posted M, and good luck with all of this and your doc. Marcia
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
    11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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