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Duker5 07-18-2012 12:41 PM

Visit to hospital today, not good news :( :(
Had a 'routine' visit to the hospital today and they tell me my function has gone down from 46.3% to 34.9% since April (when I was first diagnosed as having Kidney Problems/and was started on the Ramipril tablets) I know they said Ramipril would have a negative effect on my kidneys but a 12% drop in function is bad.. And very worrying to me.

Creatinine is now at 201, which doesn't make sense does it? I would have thought if my egfr is now 34.9% wouldn't the creatinine level be much higher than that??

Either way I'm now in 2 minds whether to even continue on the Ramipril tablets and ask if there is an alternative, has anyone else had such a negative impact on their kidneys after taking Ramipril??

I ask that because I checked a message I sent to my ex boss in December 2008 and back then my blood pressure was 139/96 and I was never treated for it with bp tablets, I only started taking tablets for high bp this year in April, and according to my nephrologist I've had kidney problems for years not months, so could be linked to that maybe? I did mention this today but he said he thinks it's probably more my kidney problems have caused high blood pressure not the other way round.

Anyone any thoughts, as I'm really worried now, as losing almost 12% function since April is quite a major thing :( :(

Cora1003 07-18-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Visit to hospital today, not good news :( :(
Try to not get too caught up in percentages, and individual numbers. These can vary tremendously depending on how well you are hydrated, how much you exercised, and what you ate previous to the lab work. At this point, while your creatinine is elevated, it is not hugely so. Mine was about 900 before I went on dialysis.

Also, I would suggesting waiting for the next labwork before you panic about decrease in function. You need to watch this stuff over time and look for trends. The values will change all the time and will go up and down. Make sure you are hydrated before your next labs.

In the vast majority of cases (I've only ever heard of one person online who had problems) ACE inhibitors like ramipril will help kidney function. It will elevate creatinine a little bit, but it is helpful in maintaining kidney function in the long run and will often slow the progression of kidney disease. Give it a bit of time.

When are your next labs due? The doc may want to repeat this. Feel free to ask questions. I've kind of run the gamut of things that can happen.

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