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rohit112 01-04-2013 09:44 AM

kidney problem
a month ago i had severe pain in the lower back to the genitals , followed by high fever and vomits . problem in urinating occured like itching and burning sensations . when i was taken to the doctor , by observing the symptoms he told me that its the kidney stone pain . diagnosis included the blood test , the urine test and a usg scan . the blood test showed increased uric acid in it which pointed towards problems in purification of blood through kidney . the urin test showed plenty of rbc and puss cells . reason behind the stone in the kidney while passing through the urinary tract scratched the urethra leading to infection . the usg scan showed the swelling in the affected right kidney known as hydronephrosis . the doctor gave me medicines which included antibiotics and a tonic with lots of fluid intake .
after 5 days the stone was passed away , may be when i was in my college . i couldnt collect it. after a week , the doctor scanned my kidney and it was fine .
now i dont have any pain but i feel like metallic taste in my mouth most of the time . and my face is little bit swollen . very rare inflammation while passing urine . n i need to urinate every night before sleeping .
is there any problem relating the kidney or it is common after having stones ????

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