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dizzydi30 01-10-2013 05:34 PM

Helping kidney function (GFR) help.

I am new to the boards and from South Wales (UK).

I have not had an official diagnosis of Kidney disease as yet, but tests are on going. I am female aged 44 (white), not sure if this also comes into it but my height is just over 5ft 4, and weight at about 9 and a half stone.

I am on 2 lots of meds for high blood pressure, Adizem 180MG, prescribed this since about 2002, and almost 3 years on Perindropril 2MG.
Also since November 2012, prescribed Simvastatins 40MG for high cholesterol.
The above are family history.

Two years ago, my GFR (non fastings) was <60 GFR.
Last May (non fastings) <52 GFR
November 2012 (fastings) <50 GFR

As far as I know there is no history of kidney disease in the family.

I do not include salt in any food, and mainly a healthy eater, fruit, veg, hot meals are generally steamed. I do like the odd bar of chocolate now and again.

Please could anyone tell me if a fastings reading be lower on a GFR than that of a non fastings, because the kidneys are more hydrated as such on a non fastings test? Not that there is that much difference in the last 2 results really.

And does anyone know if Apple Cider Vinegar is of any benefit for kidneys at all please?

I do drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, more so in the recent months as i understand this is essential for the kidneys.

I will try anything possible to help the functioning, even though I do understand any damage cannot be undone, but can try slowing down the disease if this is the case.

My next fastings is due for next month (Feb).

Many thanks in advance.


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