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aprpier 04-05-2013 08:29 AM

Renal cortical thinning and increased renal mudullary echogenicity.
Over the past 6 months I have dealing with multiple symptoms and struggling to find a cause of my symptoms. Help – here is what I have been dealing with if anyone is good and putting puzzle pieces together.
Idiopathic hives/urticaria intermittent throughout my body, these have become less frequent in the last months but still occur. Joint swelling and pain, generalized muscle weakness and very fatigued. Raynaud’s syndrome in my hands, especially reactive to cold. I have episodes of reactive hypoglycemia and migraine headaches. I have abdominal pain and changes to bowel routine as well as weight gain and edema of my legs. In the last two months I have has two bladder infections (unusual for me prior to this the last infection was 14yrs ago).
I have had multitude of blood work completed (including ANA, glutaminase, CBC, double stranded DNA and more) all of my blood work has been within normal limits with the exception of my WBC which has be intermittently low over the last two years. Head CT for migraines - normal. Pelvic u/s – normal, echocardiogram – normal. ABD u/s showed nonspecific renal cortical thinning and increased renal medullary echogenicity, this concerns me but is yet another symptom and does not help me to prevent further damage from occurring.
The rheumatologist acknowledged my symptoms but could not make a diagnosis without changes to my blood work, she question an autoimmune disorder as a cause. I am frustrated and have seen three specialist and have appointments scheduled for two more.
I am functioning with all of these symptoms (I have missed only a few days of work) I know I could be much worse, I just want a diagnosis before I am not functioning well. I am cross posting this with hopes that someone will be able to help me.

ladybud 04-05-2013 11:15 AM

Re: Renal cortical thinning and increased renal mudullary echogenicity.
I would agree with your Dr that this sounds like an autoimmune disorder. Unfortunately, sometimes the symptoms of AI diseases start before the laboratory confirmation tests become positive. I would recommend that you get a new test called AVISE SLE that is more sensitive that the standard ANA. Your rheum office may have the kit, or the Drs office or you can request a kit be sent to you free of charge, which you then take to the Dr's office and lab. Lab will need an order from your Dr to run test. You can find the specifics for it online. I would also see a nephrologist for evaluation of what is going on with the kidneys, as that can be a part of autoimmune disease as well. ALL of your symptoms could be explained by an AI disorder. About 5% of people with lupus have negative ANA's, and many more get symptoms prior to ANA showing up positive. Many Drs will also treat patients based on a presumptive diagnosis so you can feel better and function better. I would discuss that with your rheum., and hopefully she will agree, since you have so many symptoms that are suggestive. Please keep us posted. Good luck and take care.

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